Saturday, 1 February 2014


I do like to use clay mask to clean all the dead cells on my skin since I don't go for facial.  So, one have to take care of their own skin.  With the right products, one can actually have their own face spa at home.  i tried it and it is nice =0 .  Just that you will be the one doing it. =P
With the mask

I like clay mask and so I decided to just get this since my friend use this before and well it is cheap.  Yeah, the cheapo in me wanted to try this since I tried other high end brand clay mask before and they were just okay.  The clay mask smell of mint and lemon.  There is a cooling sensation when I applied on my skin.  It does help to clean the skin and reduce the redness on my skin but doesn't remove blackheads as effective as the Zamian Cacao mask.

The clay mask is quite dry and it is hard to press it out of the tube but I know I shouldn’t ask for so much from a very affordable clay mask.  However, it is very easy to wash off and I did not cause my skin to react to it.

I used hot towel or warm water to clean my face first before I applied this clay mask.  It is more effective that way.  I also use warm water to clean off the clay mask, applied booster and sleeping mask afterwards.

Comparing Zamian, TheFaceshop Baby face clay mask, Himalaya neem mask, Zirch clay mask and Borghese.  This is really affordable and it works.   Of course don't expect it to give you the same results of going to the professionals(doctors and dermatologist).  I have trouble skin and also sensitivity so I usually alternate some of my skincare to make them work better.

Products retails at RM15.90.   I bought them at Caring Pharmacy.  There were only two types left when I went in search of it.
Product is not sponsored and I bought it.  The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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