Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Gerai Chee Cheong Fun Anson Sam Siew Yeah 三小爷加料猪肠粉
Location: Jalan Bandar, Teluk Intan, 36000

Best Chee Cheong Fun in Teluk Intan
This is definitely the specialty of Teluk Intan. The taste is the same over the years and I am sure they maintain good quality control of the food. Nothing really comes close to the chee cheong fun from this shop and I am not the only ones that rave about it. It is soft, fill with generous amount of pork meat, turnip, dry shrimps and comes with vinegar green chilies. The taste reminds me of the old days and the hometown I grow in. The chee cheong fun will be wrapped up in newspaper. This is the shop to look for if you are looking for chee cheong fun with generous amount of fillings in it. It will only open after 6.30pm.

Price at RM3.50

Mastan Ghani

Mee Rebus
I usually take seriously about Mee Rebus because of the sauce. I guess this outlet of Mastan Ghani is really not delicious because of quality control problem. The one at the town is better. The Mee Rebus in this shop is a disappointment. The taste is nothing similar to the one I ate when I was 12 years old or when it was still under their grandparents hands. The quality deteriorates so much that I can’t hardly recognize the famous mee rebus anymore. The cracker was not crunchy and the sauce is badly made. I am sure that they pour the orange sauce into the plastic pail which cause the smell of plastic. The only good thing I can about it is warm.  Overall, I would buy or eat again from this outlet.

Food are not sponsored.  However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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