Friday, 14 February 2014


Xiang Guo Bakery and Cake House 香果屋Jalan Abu Bakar, Mersing Kechil, Mersing Town, 86800

The rolls is not bad. The cake is quite dry and smell of vanilla essence. It could be better if it is more moist. The icing makeup for it since the thin layer of icing is soft and not too sweet. Recently, they increase of price and also make the cake shrunk in size. However, this is one of the best cake shop since I find many patron this cake house for the cakes and the air-conditioned area.

I don’t like the service though as the cashier or rather the owner is quite rude. She actually pull out the money from my hand since I was slow in giving the money. Besides, I asked for a spoon but she didn’t give me any and pretend not to hear anything when I inquire about it. No receipt given even when you ask for it.
 butter cream chocolate roll

RM1.50 per slices

Since the increase of petrol, this green tea increased Rm1 per slice but the size is still the same. Moreover, they change from using the paper box to the plastic box which makes it look cheap. If not for this green tea cake, I wouldn’t buy it anymore. The frosting is nice because there is the red beans but the cake layer is a little dry. Red beans is not so soft compare to the one I bought few months back probably because they had change the type of red beans use. Overall it is okay to indulge once in a while but eating this everyday will make me broke for sure since it is RM4.50 for a small slices. I had taste chocolate cheese cake before and it was horrible so think that is why green tea is always one of few sold out cakes.

RM4.50 per slice

The egg tart crumbled at the slight bite and it is not as crunchy as I thought that it will be. The yellow is because of yellow colouring and not because of eggs. There is a lot of sweetened milk used and I am so happy considering the price. It is just too sweet for my palate. Overall, i wouldn't recommend this egg tart. RM1.80 per tart

 Bread is soft but it is empty inside and I think it is quite expensive compare to Kuala Lumpur. The topping were simple and not much as seen from the phot so I think it is just okay and edible. There weren’t much cheese and the sauce is really thin. Not much to say about this bread since I bought it when I was really hungry.

Donut is not cheap. It is soft but not fully coated with sugar. It is quite fluffy and taste okay. The donut is not that big I compare to the ones we can get outside. It is not too oily too but taste quite bland so I think it is just an average donut that I can simply find elsewhere. Overall, it is okay for tea and left no impression on me other than the higher than average donut price.

Food are not sponsored. Therefore the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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