Me    : Mum, i got the honey body shampoo.(telling from the room)
Mum : Ok, lets eat it with biscuits and bread for breakfast. (answering me from the kitchen)
Me    : ??? Please don't eat although it look like honey.  It is not food.

Wild Fern is one of the famous products in New Zealand.  Manuka Honey revitalising body wash contains pure Active Manuka AAH 650+ .  It protect and maintains the skin natural moisture balance, leaving it refreshed with aroma of honey.

The body wash lathered up with a lot of foam with just a little liquid.  I guess different people find the smell differently.  My family members love the smell very much as to them it is flowery and smell of manuka honey which they enjoyed very much.  250ml can last me some time as one need only little to create a lot of foam.  The body wash doesn't dry my skin and i don't have to use any body lotion.  Usually, dry patches will appear on my legs when i just any grab any body shampoo inside the bathroom.  I am not that fussy with the body shampoo unless they are really drying.

Apparently, now it is my brother's favourite body shampoo now.  He hog my body shampoo now and surprisingly bath more than i do to enjoy the "honey" .  In a good way, my mum don't have to check on him everyday.  On the other hand, i am worry about my pocket =(  .  I took it out of the bathroom once into the room to take photo and he was searching frantically for his"honey".  Amazingly what this shampoo can do to a little brother who dislike bathing(like a cat) and finishes his bath in 5 minutes.


Overall, i am in love with the body wash.  The only thing i don't really is the cap.  Bubbles tend to get caught in between the cap and the inner of the bottle.  Besides, i don't know how to get rid of those annoying bubbles without destroying the cap T_T .

Made in New Zealand.

Wild Fern Revitalising Body Wash 250ml retails at RM82

For more information, visit or follow them on Facebook

Press Samples by the brand. However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.


Every time i go into Watson, i always wanted to buy the Blemish Mud but is always sold out.  I have acne prone skin and preventing is of course important.  After all no one like breakouts.  I guessed it must be really good.

Last month, i joined in their facebook page and requested for their Blemish Mud Mask.  When they sent me an email telling that the mask in on way, i was waiting anxiously for it to arrive.  Of course i can't wait to try it out and review on it. ^^  There is even instruction on behind the 5g sample packet on how to apply and even picture to go along.

I thought that the mask is going to be green which someone will said i become 'mask rider' but it is actually greyish white.  It smell herbal, something like tree barks and tree leaves to me and it is soothing to my senses.  The first ingredient is Aqua and the second is Kaolin(natural clay).  The clay smooth is smooth and really easy to apply and also wash off.  I would say that it does it job of cleansing as my face really feel clean after using the mask.    I would say that it is really good for the price.  If i am not mistaken, it is lesser than Rm10 per packet and as effective as the more expensive mask available mask in Watsons.

Sorry, i know i don't look good.

When you look at the photo, my face was still red before.  The mud calm the redness down.  Besides, the also clean the face after just one application.  I would say this Blemish Mud is effective and improved my skin tone which is true.  It doesn't dried up my skin and i feel refresh after i wash off the mask.  I would definitely purchase this but Blemish Mask is always sold out * upset*.  Now, i know why it is always sold out.  =(  It is really good and cheap for the price.

MONTAGNE JEUNESSE masks are made in USA.

i got the 5ml sample from their sample event in Facebook.  However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

Updated: RM5.90 for a 10ml packet.  Once packet for a few usage.  You find them in Watsons, Guardian and also Caring Pharmancy.

For more information, please visit Montagne Jeunesse facebook fan page


Re-Gen Oil contains PCL liquid to help skin regeneration as well as essential ingredients including Vitamin A and E, lavendar, Calendula, Chamomile and Rosemary Oils.

I was very curious every time i passed by and see Re-Gen oil on the shelves inside Watsons.  Well, the appearance does look like the duplicate of Bio-Oil and of course i would wonder about the results.  Yeah, since Bio -Oil was a rave among my friends, i wanted to try this too.

The products help to minimize and provide solution for stretch marks, scars, dry skin and blemishes.  I applied it on my face and legs as often as possible ^^.  It smell soothing like rosemary but not strong.  The oil is very watery and not thick at all.  Comparing it to Bio -Oil and Palmer, i would say that Re-Gen oil is the one with very light thick texture.  It is something like water except that it is oil.

My face skin doesn't seem to absorb the oil like a sponge. > <  Wrong move.  On the other hand, my body loves it.  My hands and legs are dry since i don't care about them much at all.  I will just bath with whatever body wash and not apply anything after that.  To my surprise, my legs sucked it up fast and my skin turned smooth.

It is very moisturising for the skin after swimming.  It helps to prevent those dry patches on the skin.  Here is the picture of the scars which was bothering me as it does not disappear by itself  like i hope it would be.  It was there for few weeks after i got allergic caused by using the wrong body shampoo.  My gosh, it sound like i am always having allergic.  I thought that i am having special genes and do not have any skin allergic like the rest of my family but it turns out i am just the same T_T .


So, you can notice that the scars disappeared faster comparing to just leaving it to heal on its on.
The oil is really long lasting.  Even one packet of 3ml can last me few applications on my limbs and body.

Made in England

RM29.90 for 75ml. Products are available at Watsons and all leading independent pharmacies in Malaysia.

Products are sponsored by DKSH.   However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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Here is the 5g Biore BB  UV AQUA RICH WATERY BB SPF50+/PA+++.  It comes in form of cream.

Normally the bb cream i used before is more watery(for examples Maybelline clear smooth bb cream).  Biore bb cream is a bit thicker like a cream but really blend well with my skin.  It really feel like second skin once i apply it on my skin.  It just look so natural on me.  I don't even feel like i am wearing any BB or sunblock ^^.  It is not oily at all.  So, i don't have to worry about the bb cream disappearing from my face especially after few hours.

The colour really suits me well too as i am quite fair.  Some BB cream makes me look darker.  I don't even need to wait for it to set.  It is not sticky or greasy.  I guess it is waterproof as when i used tissue to blot, nothing came out which is good ^^.  As for whether it make my skin more even, cover dullness or brighten the skin, i am not sure since nobody seems to notice anything > < .

Sorry for the lighting.  i am not wearing blusher.  Both actually look natural > <

The coverage is quite light if use little but one can use a few more layer for better coverage or just dab in some concealer.  I would buy it again for the BB cream and also the sunblock since i need some coverage and also the sunblock when my skin is not that good.   I am lazy and having BB cream plus sunblock save me time for my morning skincare. I prefer the extra sleep.  Once good thing is it doesn't break me out.    I dislike anything that cause me clogged pores.  It is made in Japan ^^.  I am going to get it after i finished the sample.

Retailing at RM32.90.

For more information, please visit Biore Malaysia.  This is sample i got during their sample event from Biore Malaysia



THE bloop EQUATION: bloop = make up – (the fuss) + Fun x Your Imagination

The information are from HiShop Malaysia.

This cool and refreshing moisturizing gel consists of pure aloe vera extracts that whitens, hydrates, moisturizes and soothes your skin all at the same time. This leaves skin optimally hydrated, smooth and supple. It also protects the skin against free radicals and help you look younger.

The directions given was apply a small amount over dry, cleansed face.


Bloop Marine 4-In-1 Pure Aloe Vera Gel (35g)
This is the bottle.  It look really hygienic right?  Besides, it is easy to bring around inside your handbag since it is small.  Depending on how much you need to use, three pumps is enough for my whole face.  It smell a little like licorice.  The smell is very faint and will disappear upon application.  The main ingredient is Aloe Vera and the second is the licorice extract.  I find it really cooling on my face and really help with the healing process as i just break out again.  sob sob.  You can even use aloe vera as mask when you feel that the face is dry and need some hydrating.

I will just apply it on my face for 5minutes and let it dry up.  I am too lazy to it wash it off.  Sometimes, i even use aloe vera on those insect bites to help them heal up.  I think that it does help to lessen those itchiness.  Well, aloe vera is good especially after sunburn ^^.  Just apply them thickly and you will realise that the redness and pain will be reduce a lot.

As i just use it for about one week, i do not yet to notice any whitening effect on my skin but i don't get any darker as i use sunscreen most of the time XD  .  I don't know about anti ageing as i don't have any wrinkles yet.  However i love aloe vera and this is my favourite products as aloe vera is a very useful product even for emergency.  Of course even my family use them when they are "burned" after going to the beach.  Aloe Vera is one of those Must have products at home. ^^

This is one pump.It is clear greenish gel.

List of the ingredients- Aloe Vera, Licorice Extract, Aqua, glycerin, Propylene Gylcol,PEG-40 Hydrogenated castor oil, carbomer, phenoxyethanol, methylisothuazolinone,trienthanol,panthenol, CI 42000

RM28 for 35g.  Made in Australia.
Product are sponsored by HiShop Malaysia..  However the opinions here is solely mine and honest as always.


This is the 25g tube of Mycin

My skin is not that great to begin with.  I had perfect skin which i took for granted and end up with SEVERE cystic acne when i was 16 years old.  It was a full blown acne eruption that lasted for 10 years.  In the middle of all the eruption  I kept trying products after products to no avail. *that sound like many of us right?*   I can't blame my mum cause people during their time do not have acne even when they virtually don't use cleanser or anything at all.  Moreover, I took the wrong advices and end up having even worse skin than before.  Yeah, I do not have any confidence to meet people and make up is not an option since I am terrible at it.

When BB cream was released in Malaysia, I bought it and use it to cover up the blemishes and everything.  I kept being envious of all those Korean with really nice skin.  How not to be jealous since they have flawless skin?  Just recently, I managed to get it under control and also the reason I started this blog.  To keep track of my skin regime.  This products is one of the products I use when I have acne or the Korean called it trouble skin.  Great skin is what I wish to achieve of course..hahahaha.  My friend complimented that my skin now is 100 times better?  Maybe she did exaggerated a bit but I guessed my skin is now better?

This tube of Mycin is clear and smell a bit like T3.  I am using gel since my skin is combination and it works faster.  T3 Mycin is clindamycin which is an antibiotic.  However, stop using them when the acne heal as prolong usage of antibiotic makes it ineffective.  You don't want to have nothing to use later right?

If you want it to be effective, use it in the afternoon while at night I use something else.  You will need to change some of the lifestyle too and food intake.  Don't take any sugary food or milk especially those sweets.  You can check out the link below for some of the tips to reduce.  I believe diet, lifestyle and also your skincare does play a role and you can see it on your skin.

I still can't say i have flawless skin now but better i guess.  At least i can go out without BB cream if I am lazy now.  Do check some of the links I post up for the long winded way for a better skin.  Hope it will help you.

*a word of caution-don't pop your pimples or acne

T3 Mycin retails at Rm27.90 at local pharmacies like Caring pharmacy.  It is for light to moderate acne.

*updated 12/6/2016-someone asked me in email about what is the difference between gel and lotion.  Gel works better for combination skin and oily skin type.  Lotion works slower but it is for dry skin type.  Both are antibiotic for acne prone skin.

This is not a sponsored review.  I bought this products.

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Remember about the post about HISHOP MAY BEAUTY AMBASSADOR SURPRISE PACK  ?  So, i now i am going to review the Jelly Pong Bon Bon Lip gloss and cheek cream busher-macaroon.

Jelly Pong Pong cosmetic are all really cute (kawai).  If you are into cute looking cosmetics like Etude House, do try them out ^^.  Plus they are really handy as you get two in one and it is really light to bring around ^^.  Only 5.5g.  Besides, their cosmetics are multi-functional, made from botanical ingredients and is strongly against animal testing.

Jelly Pong Pong Gloss Bon Bon Lip Gloss & Cheek Cream Blusher - Macaroon Jelly Pong Pong

It is so kawaii(cute) right?

One side is the Lip Gloss and the another side is the cheek cream blusher.  It is really good for those that are travelling and still look good ^^.  I love the colour of the gloss,.  It looks really natural on my lips as well as moisturising. ^^  There is no really strong fragrance of any sort and the smell was acceptable to me.  The colour does last on my lips if i am not eating or drink.

It is creamy.I took out too much > <

It is peachy pink ^^


This is how i look like with the cheek cream blusher and lip gloss ^^

The cream cheek blusher colour is lovely.  Just don't apply too much ^^. It lasted whole day without smudging or fading off and looks natural too.  I prefer tint rather than those powder as their lasting power are longer ^^.

RM39.90 but they currently have discount so it is RM14.90. Made in Italy
Products are sponsored by HiShop's official website


Aquaswim is a special range for hair and body care for swimmers that are able to remove the chlorine inside those swimming pool water.  Ordinary shampoo could not neutralise the chlorine when we go swimming.  It is suitable for children as well.  There isn't any strong fragrance that can cause allergic and it is suitable for the whole family.

The sea is beautiful but does not make my hair beautiful by the end of the day > <.  My hair will look, feel and smell like dry wires after playing at the sea.  So, i am really happy to have these three products to try them out ^^.

orange cap:  Aquaswim Antichlorine Conditioner 100ml (RM14.15) ,  200ml (RM25.15)
blue cap:  Aquaswim Antichlorine Shampoo 100ml (RM14.15) , 200ml (RM25.15)
green cap: Aquaswim Antichlorine Body Wash 100ml (RM14.15)

Aquaswim Antichlorine Body Wash 100ml (RM14.15)

Just as the name suggests, Aquaswim Antichlorine Body Wash is to remove chlorine and chlorine odour from the skin and reduce dryness and skin irritation.  It contains natural aloe vera to help moisturise the skin. There is no strong fragrant or any specific odour which is too my liking. My skin always feels very dry after the swimming at the sea but this product is good.  It moisturise my "tree bark" skin.  It doesn't make the skin very soft but it does not leave it dry which is already good enough.  It is a lot better than those cheap Rm10 for 1litre that my mum always buy *sorry mum but i think she won't be reading this*.  For only Rm14.15, it is worth the price since one doesn't have to use "oil or body lotion" after the swim in the sea.

Aquaswim Antichlorine Shampoo 100ml (RM14.15) , 200ml (RM25.15)

I like the shampoo plus the conditioner. I wouldn't suggest you to just use the shampoo alone without the conditioner.  Do not just use the shampoo alone especially after swimming at the sea!!  The salt water plus the sun FRIED the hair nicely into unrecognizable Maggie MEE.  Unless you are fan of Afro style hair, try to be hardworking for the sake of your hair.  Swimming in the sea really damaged the hair a lot.  It is 10times harsher compare to the clorine in swimming pools.

Aquaswim Antichlorine Conditioner 100ml (RM14.15) ,  200ml (RM25.15)

I love this Conditioner. ( How many times had i stressed how much i love it)  The sea water plus the sun is really bad for the hair.  Coarse, dry and totally damaged. It makes my hair soft and repair it immediately.  It is easier to wash the hair too, entangles all the knots and leaves my hair soft to the touch.  I will put the conditioner on the hair first to soften the hair before washing the hair after swimming.  It may be weird but it works rather than keep tugging on the hairs to loosen all those knots.  Besides, one don't have much time if you are using the public toilet and it is uncomfortable to carry too many things inside those tiny cubicles.

My routine after swimming would be Conditioner on the whole hair> Shampoo> Conditioner on the end of hair> Body Shampoo> Face

Sorry, got no time to take picture of my ugly hair.  I don't think anyone want to see a crazy women. > <

Here is after using the shampoo and the conditioner.  My hair is shining ^^. It soften all those roughness cause by salt water.  Do try them out ^^.

Please don't mind my face > <  

Aquaswim Antichlorine Body Wash 100ml (RM14.15)
Aquaswim Antichlorine Shampoo 100ml (RM14.15) , 200ml (RM25.15)
Aquaswim Antichlorine Conditioner 100ml (RM14.15) ,  200ml (RM25.15)

Products are available at Watson, Guardian, Caring and all leading independent pharmacies in Malaysia.

Products are sponsored by DKSH but does not affect my judgement.

Lastly, here is some photos of the beaches.

tiny crab

Can you guess what is this?


HiShop is an online beauty and cosmetics store that only carry Genuine Products and they believe that beauty should be made accessible for everyone - anytime and anywhere. HiShop carries brands that are not easy to find in drugstores or beauty stores. Click here to see the full list of brands available at HiShop's official website  shop-by-brand . If you are stuck in a jungle like me, this online website is really important ^^.  *sob sob* at least i can do virtual shopping even before i am able to go to place of Civilization.  Sorry for exaggerating but this website is good when you just need something that are not available at your place or are just plain tired to walk out of the house to buy your daily needs.

So, here is my PINK LOVELY BEAUTIFUL GIRLY box ^^.  Lets check out what is it.

I love all the products specially chosen for me *LOVE*  .

Bloop Marine 4-In-1 Pure Aloe Vera Gel (35g), twistband and Jelly Pong Pong Gloss Bon Bon Lip Gloss & Cheek Cream Blusher

This is twistband and not a scrunchy.  They are made of soft elastic, thicker than regular hair ties and don’t leave marks in your hair.  Some people use them to adorn their wrists.  I love bright orange colour like this ^^.  i wanted them for a looooooooooooooooong time and they really sent in for my first box ^^.  I love it so much ^^.  The twistband really doesn't leave a dent like those rubber band and scrunchies do.  Their ranging price are from RM 16 to RM28 in a packet of three.  Made in US

Bloop Marine 4-In-1 Pure Aloe Vera Gel (35g)

I will do a review on this soon after reading that it will help to look younger longer and help my sensitive skin. ^^.  Besides, i heard a lot about this Australian brand.  I always stock up aloe vera as it is really useful ^^.
RM28 for 35g.  Made in Australia.

Jelly Pong Pong Gloss Bon Bon Lip Gloss & Cheek Cream Blusher - Macaroon

The next products would be Jelly Pong Pong Gloss Bon Bon Lip Gloss & Cheek Cream Blusher - Macaroon.  Jelly Pong Pong products are really cute and pretty.  I will also do a review on this soon ^^. I love macaroon and i hope this is going to taste like one too..> <
RM39.90 but they currently have discount so it is RM14.90. Made in Italy

Overall, i love all the three products inside this Surprise from HISHOP ^^.  There isn't a single reason i don't like any of the items at all ^^.  Love the products and  HiShop's official website so much ^^.  Do check out as they really have marvelous discount ^^.  I am really happy that they personally pick the products for us as i mentioned that i do not want any slimming products.  I am lost of words as this is my first box and i tore the plastic out the moment i got the box ^^.

To my readers (if there is any), you will get RM20 rebate for any purchases above RM100 from HiShop! Just key in the discount code: HI SURPRISE (Code expires 31 July 2013.

Get 8% off purchase with MilkADeal ( expires 30 June 2013) discount code MAD0613

Get 8% off purchase with ( expires 30 June 2013) discount code WHITE0613

Don't forget to show your love and support by liking HiShop's Facebook page too.

Be updated with HiShop's latest happenings, products and exclusive offers by subscribing to their newsletter and check out HiShop's official website. (Malaysia)

Products are sponsored by HiShop's official website


Only Beauty -a portal where they deliver free samples to your doorstep.^^  Yes, it is true.  Do sign up with them and you can apply for their samples everyday ^^.  What more can you ask for?  It is free, deliver to your doorstep with no attachment of contract of any sort ^^.

I was a student and having to battle acne, i need to search for the free samples to try.  There aren't any but i manage to find OnlyBeauty that is the only portal delivering free samples up to doorsteps in Malaysia.  Well, usually we need to get the samples at the counter and usually those BA will just "shoos" me off as they would not be able "extract" money from a student.

Inside the portal, we shared tips on battling acne and it was fun as there seems to many who shared the same  skin problem like i did.  So, i am so in love with this FREE SAMPLES to the doorsteps ^^.

For more information, please visit and register yourself.  No fees or charges ^^.


Local beauty and lifestyle distributor theSkintopic has opened its third kiosk as part of its expansion plans in West Malaysia. The new 200 square feet kiosk located at Hartamas Shopping Centre exclusively distributes New Zealand-made skincare and bodycare brands.

Established in January 2011, theSkintopic focuses on making available quality skin care products from New Zealand to its customers. theSkintopic believes in the wellbeing of mankind, a balance healthy body & mindset that contributes to the overall good of the community at large. The business aims to contribute to the development and advancement of skincare via the introduction of quality skin care products in Malaysia’s retail environment. At present, theSkintopic is the exclusive distributor of natural skin and bodycare brands from New Zealand such as Linden Leaves, Olive, Tebe and Wild Ferns, with plans in the pipeline for a fifth botanical skincare brand to be part of the assortment in June this year.

Skintopic is a privately-owned company with New Zealand-made beauty and lifestyle products. We focus on retailing selected New Zealand natural skincare, bath and body products and fragrance diffusers from Linden Leaves, Olive & Tebe and Wild Ferns. No harmful ingredients, parabens, artificial colours or preservatives are included in any of the products, and products are not tested on animals. With approximately 110 SKUs across 3 brands, product categories include botanical skincare, bath, home, fragrance, and gift sets.

Tebe Exfoliating soap Bar (the rectangular white bar)
Tebe Lavish Soap Bar (the oval white bar)
Olive Natural Soap Bar (the brown)
Olive Oatmeal Soap Bar (the brown with a little white) Sorry, can't see it in the photo

The Tebe hair and body care

Top: The olive range
bottom: Linden Leaves range

Linden Leaves range

Linden leaves aromatherapy synergy memories (blend of rose, genarium and ylang ylang to enhance emotional well being)

I hope they do not mind i put their photo up ^^

i got this Lavish soap for my sensitive skin.  It just smell so great.  It can be use on the face and body ^^.
Will review on this soon.

For more information, visit or follow them on Facebook


This shampoo really smell like oranges and other citrus fruits ^^.  It doesn't lathered up much and i need to use extra to put on my hair.  Whether it does help to repair the hair, i am not sure since i do not have coloured hair yet  > <  .  It does left my hair felt clean and my hair doesn't get oily that fast.  This is suppose to be more moisturizing and gentle for those coloured hair but my scalp is the oily type.  Well, i didn't get the volumizing one so this is also okay.

The deluxe sample i got comes in form of  plastic cap with metal bottle.  It is quite hardy as there isn't a dent on the bottle even when I dropped it on the floor few times.  It is good to recycle it back for travelling =P.  The liquid comes in milky clear orange colour.  This is an organic brand from France.  Dermatologist do recommend this brand too.  The shampoo smell of citrus fruits which I really enjoy.

I heard someone mentioned shampoo for the coloured hair is suppose to be more gentle and makes the hair shinier.  My hair is in okay condition since i don't usually dye it.  So, I am not sure about the shinning effect.  My hair wasn't any particular soft when I use this shampoo so I still need a little conditioner and mask to achieve that soft effect.

For more information, please visit Phyto Paris.

50ml Phytocitrus Restructuring Shampoo is from April Bag of love  .Thanks to The Butterfly Project-Beauty Blogger .

200ml Phytocitrus Restructuring Shampoo retails for  RM88

Have a great day =)