Cetaphil Oily skin cleanser 473ml

RM58.80 for 125ml

This is good if you have oily skin or if you find the gentle skin

cleanser not strong enough for your oily skin. However the price is quite expensive.

Cetaphil Gentle skin cleanser 473ml

RM38I use it when my skin feel dry and it always make my skin

return to normal. If you have dry skin you can try to use this.

in Malaysia, we can get in Guardian, Watson, Cosway or even small pharmancy.

Avene Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser 200ml

Avene Cleanance Soapless Gel cleanses gently,

without attacking or stripping skin. It really does get rid of sebum excess and it is soap-free. It love this too. The smell is nice and it helps me to get rid of pimples and heal my acne scars faster.

Purifying Neem Face Wash

Purifying Neem Face Wash is a soap-free herbal formulation that gently removes impurities and prevents pimples. Enriched with Neem and Turmeric.
Neem , well known for its antibacterial properties, helps in controlling acne and pimples, and their recurrence.

However, the herbal smell is quite strong if it is your first time of using it and some may not like it.

I do not own any of the images in this post.  Images are taken from brands official website.
I don't get any benefits from recommending these.  However, my opinions and views are honest.


Morning regime

1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Pat dry with towel. Don’t rub your skin like its some rough tree.  Not all the cleanser here suits everyone.  Some said the Avene Cleanance and the himalaya doesn't suit so check first.

a) (Cetaphil for oily skin cleanser) RM48

b) Cetaphil Gentle skin cleanser RM27

c) Himalaya Purifying gel cleanser RM20.

d) Avene Cleanance RM 50.

e) Akin sandalwood&neroli pure facial cleansing gel

2. Make sure your skin is dry before putting a THIN pimples gel on the pimples (pea size). I use:

a) T3 Mycin Clindamcycin Gel 1% M20. Stop using this if you got diarrhea as it may indicate you are allergic to it. Clindamcycin is a type of ANTIBIOTIC so not everyone can tolerate it.

b) If you want, you can use benzoyl peroxide by Galderma (RM14) IF you are using Clindamcycin. After 3minutes or when the Clindamcycin dried up, put a THIN layer over the acne area to dry the pimples up faster and so that the bacteria won’t build resistance. Some are allergic to benzoyl so check first before using.  I can;t use benzoyl.

c) T3 oil. It is actually strong for some skin and it can lead to more pimples popping up. It doesn’t work for me but some said it is very good.

d) Nixoderm(RM4)- It contains benzoic acid, sulfur and salicylic acid. It is cheap but the smell is quite offensive and it leaves a white residue. However I find it very drying to my skin.

3. Wait about 30minutes later if you want to moisturizer your skin. Only put a thin layer of oil free and non comedogenic moisturizer as thick moisturizer can CLOG your pores.

4. Put a THIN Layer of Sunblock on your face. Don’t rub or massage it into your face! It’s not mask. Try Cetaphil moisturizer with SPF. I am using LA ROCHE POSAY ANTHELIOS 60.

You can wear makeup if you want too. Just make sure it is oil free and non comedogenic as well as hygienic brushes. You can use BB cream if your skin is not that oily but it’s best not to use any make up for the time being.

Night regime

1. Pour more than RM 0.20 (2cm diameter) makeup remover to the facial cotton and swipe it over the face to remove make-up and sunblock.  You can actually pour more than that but since I am stingy sticking to 2cm(diameter) is just enough . XP

a) Avene non rinse makeup remover (RM80). When using non- rinse formula, don’t wash your immediately after cleaning off the make-up. Wait for about 5min.

b) Bioderma Cleansing gel

d) CetaphilGentle skin cleanser

2. Then clean your face thoroughly with your choice of facial wash.

3.  Make sure your skin is DRY before applying a THIN layer of Differin 0.1% all over the face (NOT MORE than PEA size.

DON’T SPOT TREAT(means don't just put on the place where got pimples). Use it on alternate night if you find it drying your face.

* Differin is not a drying agent or antibiotic. So, it would not cure your acne condition if use alone. However, I use it to keep the pores clean and bring out all those underground pimples. However, your face will appear worse the first few weeks. Keep on using and you can see the results around 6-12 weeks. DO NOT USE DIFFERIN IF PREGNANT OR BREASTFEEDING

4, You can use moisturizer without SPF but only after 1 hours of applying Differin on the place that u find very dry. Apply a pea size.

5. NO sleeping mask or any sort of mask.

6.  NO whitening products.

Extra Steps

1. Drink lots of warm green tea (buy the ones with leaves imported from JAPAN).

2.  The one in bags don’t work. Cold green tea won’t work. I had tried many types of green tea and still find the one from Japan work best to reduce the toxic from the body. Twice in a week is enough or you can have it once a day if you are hardworking. Don’t put too much as it will be very bitter.

3.  Don’t use facial blotter. Use tissue paper to just pat on the oily area.

4.  Even when your face is already clear, continue the regime for one or two more week and you will still need to retain the same facial wash and moisturizer.

5.  DO NOT keep trying other products if you have the one suitable for your skin.

6.  Lessen sugar in your food. Go for fruits instead of sweets.

7.  Drink one cup of lemon juice every morning before breakfast.

8.  Avoid peanuts  and peanut butter.  They contain so much of thing that will feed the acne.

9.  I use aspirin mask to get rid of acne on time when I don't use differin.  Don't use differin with aspirin mask together.

However, if you have severe acne, it is better to see dermatologist. Some skin doctor are not charging expensively.  At least they will be able to find your skin type and prescribe suitable products for your skin.   Do not try to eat all sorts of hormone, pills or collagen to control your own acne.

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1. Use soap on the face.  This worsen the condition.  One should only use soap below the neck. ONLY BUY the facial wash that is SOAP-FREE.

2. Did not take out waterproof sunblock using makeup remover.  It had clogged my pores slowly without me realizing.

3. Under the sun without sunblock.  It caused my fair skin to break out.

4. Simply apply products meant for the skin allergy.  Later, I know that steroid in allergy creams had cause my skin to be thinner, not curing the acne and make me more sensitive to sun.

5. Too much of moisturizer can cause clog pores.  Sometimes, being greedy and hoping it will work well will end up in disaster.  Just using about 20 cent of a size is enough for the whole face.

6. Popping acne will cause more to appear.  Use pimples gel to get rid of it.  You can go here for the OTC pimples gel products which I find more useful than some expensive products.


Don’t use products for acne skin if you already have nice skin

If you do not have acne or just one or two, don’t try to use products meant for acne skin especially those herbal ones cause it may cause you to have terrible out break out.

Using too many Over-the-Counter products

-do not keep trying products and products to get cure for the skin.  It takes time to get rid of acne.

Do not use whitening products

-don’t try to use whitening products to cure the acne scars if you still have erupting pimples as it will worsen your condition

Do not go for facial just to get temporary fix

-it does not work for me over the long term as spending too much of money for facial is ridiculous for my tight budget.

Do not use anything with kiwi in it

-I realize that using facial wash with kiwi make my acne worse

Do not use Benzoyl peroxide ALONE
-what I realize was over the years that benzoyl peroxide is only a drying agent and can’t kill the can bacteria fast enough.  So, it won’t work if you are just using it alone.  Benzoyl peroxide will just dry your skin and make more pimples.  Dry skin and sensitive skin will cause more pimples.

Triclosan does not work for acne

Triclosan doesn’t help with acne.  Besides, you will wash the cleanser properties off your face, so it doesn’t help.

Not everyone is suitable for herbal products
-Not everyone suits herbal products.  Some herbal products are stronger than those chemical skin care products.  Some people couldn’t tolerate certain ingredients in the herbal products so it might worsen the acne.

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My skin the past:

-full with blackheads


-acne scars

-box scars

-pigmentation on my cheeks

-huge, small pimples all over my face even on my hairline

My Skin now:

-haven’t achieve the porcelain skin.  However, it is just much better than “my skin in the past”.  I was switching from one product to another hoping for miraculous cure for my acne-prone skin.  Due to this and using too many products, my skin became sensitive as well.  Hoping with my new regime, my skin will achieve better skin.

Have a great day =)