My dear readers,

Just made this Korean pancake for breakfast because I am bore with the usual pancake I have.

This is a Korean pancake.  You can change the filling according to your preference.
I just change a little by adding the sausages on top of the pancake for fun. I like adding a little meat. *hahahaha*

Korean Hotteok has sweet fillings such as brown sugar or honey and is eaten during winter.  It is one of the street food but well you can always make it at home yourself =) .  It is actually easy and not difficult at all.

1 cups of wheat flour
1/2 cup water
milk (you can add a little milk powder if you are not allergic to it)
1tbs sugar
1 tbs yeast
1.  Mix the water, milk (you can add a little milk powder if you are not allergic to it), sugar, yeast together.  Stir well.
2,  Add in the wheat flour or you can use all purpose flour and mix it.
3.  Let it seat for about 1/2 hour and then knead it a little.
4. Leave for another 10 minutes.

two leaves of cabbages cut into strips
1/2 carrots strips
2 stick of sausages cut into the circles shape

You can create your own fillings.  I am health conscious so the traditional fillings as brown sugar or cheese is too high in calories for me so I decided to just use vegetables.

1. Mix all the vegetables together.  You can either mix the sausages together or leave it aside.

Make the Hotteok:
1.  Just knead the dough together again and then make it into 4 balls.
2. Then just take the ball and put the fillings in the centre. Then knead it into a ball.
Okay, here I cheated because I am lousy in kneading it into a ball so I actually separate the balls into two. Then put the fillings in between the two dough and sealed the side. *embarrassed*
3.  Then heat the pan and cooked the hotteok.  Press on the hotteok and turn to another side when the bottom become golden brown.
4.  Serve it hot.

I think it is good for tea or for breakfast.  Try it yourself at home.

Food is not sponsored.  The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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Ever try opening twenty browsers or more everyday just to check on discounts? If you are in the same situation as I am ,then you would understand just how difficult to hunt for discounts. That if our laptop doesn't hang from opening too many browsers > <. Besides, we also use so much time to just hunt for one best bargain.


Introducing to you this iPrice website that has trusted e-commerce shops in Asia. iPrice is not a seller or website that sells things. It is a website that put together trusted e-commerce shops in Asia so that you can search for products or bargains easily without going through 20 websites or use more than 2 hours just for searching one product.

You will only need to just go into the iPrice  website and just type search for the particular one thing that you want. The search results will offer you many brands and models.  Then, when you click on the item, you will be brought to the trusted e-commerce partners. There you can just do your shopping like normal.

I think this is a good website to make shopping so much easier since iPrice offers many trusted ecommerce websites that has good reviews to avoid from scams. I know that a lot of people were talking about the danger of shopping online in Asia. With website like this, it makes shopping much more secure and easier.

Generally, there are lots of categories inside this website so feel free to browse around looking for the best deal. They have fashion, electrical goods, beauty and even men’s. You can find renowned labels like BCBGMAXAZRIA, Nike, Nicchi, Vincci, Panasonic and many more. 

Use the iPrice coupon here for more discount

There is also a coupon sites in Malaysia that showcases different coupons from Zalora, Lazada and others. These coupon code allows online shoppers to get an additional discount upon their purchase.

As of today, iPrice is available in Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam and in the Philippines.

  For more information, please visit official iPrice  official website, iPrice Facebook Malaysia, iPrice twitter, iPrice Pinterest .

No products recommendation here.
The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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Out of curiosity, I got a Worthy Book and this is the ladies editions. If you are person who loves discount and love shopping, this is really worth to get.

Add caption


The discounts are divided into categories-skincare/bodycare/ haircare products, travel, spa/massage/facial. Waxing/hair removal, welness&health, hair saloon, eyebrow/eyecare, bust care, clothes/bags/shoes,manicure/pedicure, welness&health and online purchase.


The discounts offer are vast and depends on the brands. There is wide selections on the brands and most of the brands are rather established so they will honour the discounts unlike certain brands.

I like that there are discounts for brands that always use such as Himalaya which is buy one free one! It is really worth it. There are also online discount such as Body Shop-RM10 off+free delivery for first purchases which can applied to everything except the RM50 vouchers. I think it is like huge discount compare to normally buying without discounts.

I sure like is Zalora discounts! 15% discount storewide compare to the usual 10% .

I would love that there is more online discount as now most prefer to purchase things online and it would be great if there are more discount online. It is rather hard to just purchases the products in store when brands such as TNS skinlab, Shills and Muse already have their online stores. I mean isn’t it hard for us who are never in KL to purchases things and couldn’t get the same benefits as other consumers.

I feel you my dear readers who are just living far from civilisatioan and the only thing we can do in purchases online or wait very long to get our beauty products. Now, would you excuse me while I go and enjoy my Zalora haul thanks to Worthy Book.

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Product retails at RM25 per book.  Available at Popular book stores.
For more information, please visit official website and like their Facebook page. Product is not sponsored. However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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What to do if you really want a good colour contact lens but don't know where to buy it?

Of course is really important to use a certified contact lenses even if it is just for a few hours for Cosplay or theatrical purposes.  It is also important to buy from website that can be trusted and PastelNoodles wesbsite is one of it.   It is a Korean website that sells authentic contact lens and also korean cosmetics.  They ship worldwide and transactions are done with paypal. Rest assure that they have superb customer service.

So, there are few types that I would wear and I think Geo medical is one of the brands that I like if I am going to wear lenses to enhance the eyes.

Geo Medical Fresh Gray From Pastel Noodles.
Geo Medical Fresh Gray From Pastel Noodles. The hair band is a free gift

This grey contact lens is from PastelNoodles wesbsite and it is a Korean website.  So, rest assure that their shipping fees is very reasonable. They have standard shipping and Fedex.  The price is all there so it is really transparent on how much you need to pay for it.

This Korean webiste has very good customer service.  As for the contact lens prices, I think their prices is very much cheaper than some website.  Contact lens such as Geo medical last for a year which is really worth given the quality and comfort.

PastelNoodles even send in the extra gift along with your contact lens for every purchases  That is what I love about service from Korean seller.  Love the cute hair band! =)

The website is easy for navigation too.  What is really tempting is that there is free gift for every purchases.  You will also be given points for every purchases and redeem it.  There is also points for recommending your friend.

Here is the current free gifts:
Buy 1 : Circle Lens Container & Tweezer
Buy 2 : [Etude House] Collagen Eye Patch x 1
Buy 3 : [Etude House] Princess Eye Lash - 2nd Step x 1
Buy 4 : [Etude House] Styling Eye Liner - Black x 1

Geo Medical Fresh Gray From Pastel Noodles
Geo Medical Fresh Gray From Pastel Noodles
The contact lens comes in a beautiful white and fuchsia box . beautiful.

Geo Medical Fresh Gray From Pastel Noodles
Geo Medical Fresh Gray From Pastel Noodles

 So, here is my circle lens and tweezer.

Geo Medical Fresh Gray From Pastel Noodles
Geo Medical Fresh Gray From Pastel Noodles
 It is written in Korean language since Geo Medical is a famous brand from Korea.

Geo Medical Fresh Gray From Pastel Noodles
Geo Medical Fresh Gray From Pastel Noodles
 The expry date and manufactured date are printed on the bottle.

Geo Medical Fresh Gray From Pastel Noodles
The power is printed on top of the bottle Geo Medical Fresh Gray 
Sorry cover up my power because it is embarrassing to show it XP .



Origin : South Korea
Diameter : 14.2
Graphic Diameter : 13.7
Base Curve : 8.6
Life Span : Yearly

The contact comes in air tight container so the product is safe.  PastelNoodles even wrap the box of contact lens with thick bubbles wrap to ensure the product arrived intact.

The contact lens are really comfortable even when I was wearing it for 8 hours.  The contact duration of usage is for one year so it is really worth to get it.

The colours are really great too!   As it is a form of circle lens, it has an enlargement effect but it will make you look fake.  In fact,  I don't have to put up heavy makeup because the colour tend to blend in with my dark brown eyes making it look really natural.

Here is the before and after.

Sorry because no matter how I took it, there is still this 'watery' look on my eyes.


Here is how I look with the contact lens. *sorry* my makeup skills is sure lousy. > < 


Do you like it?  Head over to PastelNoodles to get them.  There is also Etude House products in there and the prices are really reasonable.

Products retails at Original Price: $28.53.
For 10% discount use discount code:Welcome at the link Here

For more information, please visit PastelNoodles wesbsite  PastelNoodles facebook  PastelNoodles Instagram. Join them to know more about Seoul.

Only product is sponsored. The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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Hi beautiful,

*what to do?* I am out of post and since I have already did the post about those essence, serum and another post about masks, I might as well do one for the cleanser.  I think there are people that find choosing a cleanser as confusing as other sort of skin care.  Besides, not many people would really bother about choosing a cleanser for themselves too.  Some might just choose whatever their mother or family are using.

However, I think it is important to choose a suitable cleanser according to your skin type and preference because some certain cleanser can aggravate your skin conditions especially when you have skin problem such as mine.



Foam cleanser is usually for oily skin or for those who love lots of bubbles or those that can withstand harsher treatment. Those with acne prone skin or sensitive are recommended to stay away from this as it can hurt the skin. Cleaning too much can be harsh to the skin. They are generally cheaper than other type of cleansers too. There are so many of them but generally cleanser is just to clean the skin so all those benefits are just down the drains once you wash them off.

Klavuu Pure Pearlsation Revitalising Facial Cleansing Foam


This type of cleansers usually suits all sort of skin. It is generally gentle to the skin and there is less friction on the skin. I find acne prone and combination skin suits this type of cleanser as it cleanses the skin without being too dry. It is good to use it during winter or summer too. Generally, there is not much foam and some doesn’t foam up at all.

A'kin Sandalwood & Neroli Pure Facial Cleansing Gel
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser ,
Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash


This cleanser is usually for dry skin type. It is for double cleaning which means using oil to remove makeup or sunscreen and then use another water based cleanser (foam, gel, milk). There are skin that doesn't like double cleansing.  Alsojust like any other skincare products, there are some people that cannot use oil cleanser with mineral oil in it.

Sulwhasoo Gentle Oil cleanser
Dr.Lewinn's Essentials 4 Fusion Cleansing oil
Hada Labo Gokujyun cleansing oil
skii facial treatment cleansing oil
Kose Softymore speedy oil cleanser


Balm cleansers are for dry skin or aging skin which lack moisture and oil. It cleanses the skin and softens the skin. Balm cleansers are usually more expensive for the effort put into manufacturing them. It comes in form of jar and one might find it troublesome to use.
Antipodes Organic Grapeseed Butter Cleanser
Banila Co Clean it zero cleanser


This is a no brainer because I am sure everyone came across this. Normally, it is use for the body or for face. Some bar soap are handmade and generally the soaps are less harsh but then the soaps are more expensive than the one in drugstore. Generally, soap bar comes in form of a square hard bar and will foam up with water. It is hard to say but generally I recommend staying away from soap for those with sensitive and acne prone skin.

Seri Emas Facial Soap Savon Visage Tonique 
Tebe Lavish Soap Bar 
Vivtoria Sweden Egg White Facial Care Soap (LANOLIN-ÄGG-TVÅL)


Water cleanser suits most skin type. The mechanics of attracting the dirt away from the face makes it interesting and makes removing the makeup so easy. Gone are the days when women have to tug on my skin to get rid of those eyeliner and waterproof mascara. Water cleanser doesn’t have the greasy feeling of oil cleanser.  A cotton pad with the solution is enough to remove all the makeup.  Make sure to also rinse your face after using the water cleanser.

Tips: If you have expired micellar water or one that contains ingredients that break you out, soak your cushion puff in it overnight and your cushion puff will be very clean.  Oil cleanser never works to clean the puff enough for me.

Kicho Water Recipe Cleansing Water
Bioderma sensibio H2O cleanser 
Uriage Thermal Micellar WaterAvene lotion Micellaire
Onalovivi purevivi cleansing lotion


This is usually for very dry skin. Usually, it is cleaning the skin without using water. It works well for dry skin type because it doesn’t remove oil. I personally have only tried it once and don’t really like it because I like have different skin type as well as I like to use water so don’t trust me on this.

Simple Kind to Skin Purifying Cleansing lotion
Avene Gentle Milk Cleanser
Uriage cleansing cream ( I do like this as it use water)


This is not a cleanser but an exfoliating product that are use to remove dead cells from the top of the skin. Sensitive skin or skin that can’t tolerate harsh scrubs will normally use this to get rid of the top layer of cells.
Cure peeling gel
Pyunkang Yul peeling gel

Massage cream is actually a type of cleanser that is moisturising to the skin. Some has brightening and even anti aging process. It is usually meant for dry skin type or during winter.  How massage creams are used? After cleansing your face and neck with your cleanser, applying A a little amount of the massage cream on the face. Then massage your face and leave it for about 5 minutes. Then just rinse off with lukewarm water.  After that, apply your usual skincare.

Lamy Cosmetics Lafine Vegetable Deep Cleansing Cream
Lafine firming massage cream
THEFACESHOP Rice Water Bright Massage Cream
Innisfree - Olive Heating Massage Mask

This type of cleanser is usually powdered and there are two types:one for daily usage and one for once a week or twice a month.
It is great for all skin type since it is very gentle.  Both cleansers are powdered and it is great to bring it along for travel since it is not counted as liquid at airport.  Usage is easy since you can mix it with water and wash your face with it.

Daily usage cleanser is usually very gentle and made of very fine powdered cleanser. The ingredients are usually very simple and stable given that it is powdered.  The exfoliating powder are usually one of the choice for light exfoliation for dry skin type.

SRB Stabilized Rice Bran Enzyme Powder Wash
The Herb Farm Kiwiseed&Zeolite exfoliating powder (once a week for sensitive skin)

Next time,  if you get catch yourself thinking *what to do* and wanted to blame it on your other skincare, do check if it is because of your cleanser. Also, many said to choose a low ph around 5.5 to 6 as high ph can destroy the skin mantel and cause skin problems like acne.

Updated: 11/8/2018

I am not a professional dermatologist or skin doctors.  What I wrote here are from my experiences and view of skincare products.
The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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500 years ago Leonardo Da Vinci commented that when drawing portraits, the facial shape was the most important indicator of youthful attractiveness. He favored the proportions of the V-shaped face, as seen in his renowned painting of the Mona Lisa. Da Vinci`s aesthetic preference has since been reinforced by researchers who have concluded that the v-shaped facial contours, typically seen on famous celebrities such as Kate Moss or Madonna, are the most beautiful.

Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to have been born with the picture-perfect V-shaped jawline, and even if we were, aging can cause the skin to sag, giving the face the appearance of a broader base. But, no need to worry, Swiss line`s newest, highly innovative skincare product, Cell Shock Overnight “V” Mask, can help you rectify the situation. Comprised of the Sculpting Patch-Mask and Lifting Infusion-Mask, the two-part Overnight “V” Mask addresses facial architecture and volume like no other anti-aging product. It acts not only as a shape transforming facial mask, lifting the facial contours where needed and sculpting where puffiness or sagging has compromised the oval shape of the face, but also as a night cream. Welcome to the new era of facial architecture!

Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask
Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask


Swiss line, a revolutionary, anti-aging Swiss skincare brand with both a consumer and professional range, combines a proud heritage in the field of cellular therapy, a paramedical approach to beauty and a penchant for innovation. The Overnight “V” Mask is the newest product to join the Cell Shock collection, a results-oriented, cellular skincare collection launched in 1995 to combat the visible signs of aging.

Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask
Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask

Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask
Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask


As we all know, one`s facial shape, contours and proportions impact our perception of beauty. While you cannot alter your bone structure, unless you opt for invasive surgery, you can impact the shape of your face by sculpting the contours and lifting the skin with Swiss line`s Cell Shock Overnight “V” Mask, a two-part system including The Sculpting Patch-Mask and Lifting Infusion-Mask.

Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask  The Sculpting Patch-Mask and Lifting Infusion-Mask
From the left: The Sculpting Patch-Mask and Lifting Infusion-Mask


Formulated to drain and “slim” the facial contour areas, the roll-on, amber-colored Sculpting Patch-Mask is easily applied as you gently roll the applicator along the jaw line and under-chin areas.

Cellactel 2 Complex, Swiss line’s signature ingredient, maximizes cellular turnover.

V-Slimming Complex: This powerful toning and slimming complex, comprised of two synergistic botanical extracts: gingko (Gingko biloba) and butcher broom (Ruscus aculeatus), activates microcirculation, helps stimulate tissue oxygenation and fight free-radicals, soothes the skin, and drains it to fight water retention.

Swiss Snow Algae extract:
 This rejuvenating and protective active ingredient utilizes the latest anti-aging strategy of caloric restriction. Various studies have established a link between lower calorie intake and lifespan extension. By mimicking the effects of a “diet” on the skin, the extract of Swiss snow algae offers the benefits without the discomfort! This extract activates the longevity gene, klotho, and thus increases antioxidant defenses and cell repair.

Collagen Chrono-Protector The point of this polypeptide system is to preserve the integrity of collagen fibers by limiting the degree to which they become rigid. This is due to an anti-glycation effect that in turn preserves the elasticity and compactness of the tissues along the jaw line and under the chin. 


Acting like a “second-skin,” the Lifting Infusion Mask delivers facial transforming benefits throughout the night.

Cellactel 2 Complex, Swiss line’s signature ingredient, maximizes cellular turnover.

Cell Longevity Booster Slowing down the expression of the senescence factors and limiting dermal degeneration, the Cell Longevity Booster has been shown to favor the synthesis of SIRT-1 proteins, involved in cell longevity. It operates on a molecular level, effectively reducing the total number, surface, and length of wrinkles.

Oligo Catalyst Complex Uniquely designed to respond to the nutritional needs of overtired, stressed skin, the Oligo-Catalyst Complex has the ability to stimulate cellular metabolism, boost the synthesis of intracellular ATP, and increase cell growth. It is an optimized association between a physiological vector (“transporter”) and molecules of sodium, magnesium, zinc and manganese.

Hyaluron-Skin Film Comprised of sodium hyaluronate and liquid crystals, this film helps preserve the most important characteristics of youthful, healthy skin, such as suppleness, elasticity and tone. The multi-layer liquid crystals network, which is formed around each oil droplet, replicates the structure of the human skin and contains similar components, including phospholipids, fatty acids and triglycerides.

The Overnight “V” Mask may be applied two to three times per week, or for an intensive cure it can be used every night for as long as needed.  Cleanse and tone the skin as usual, and then follow with serums and/or ampoules, eye care and neck care.

1. Use the Sculpting Patch-Mask roll-on applicator to dispense the product along the jaw line and under-chin areas, while applying gentle pressure to the tube. Only a small amount of the product is needed as the gel forms a “patch”. Smooth the gel with the fingertips as needed to even-out the application.

2. Apply the Lifting Infusion-Mask over the entire face, neck and décolleté. When removing the mask from the jar use circular movements with your finger so as to “melt” and activate the “second-skin” film texture, making the application of the mask even more enjoyable. 

The Overnight “V” Mask belongs to a new generation of masks which work while you sleep… it should not be tissued-off or rinsed-off like a common mask.

If you feel the need to apply your usual night cream on top of the mask you can do it, but this should only be done in the case of very dry skin conditions.

I know many have already underwent some sort of surgery to get the V shaped face but I don't have the gut nor the money to undergo such kind of procedure.  Jaw line trimming is one of the TOP 10 most dangerous procedures in the world.  Now that I going to be 30 years old soon, I am getting worried about my sagging face and fine lines because that is sure not something that I don't think any women would be proud of parading it to anyone.  I was extremely ecstatic when I got this and can't wait to share the result with beloved readers.

Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask ingredients
Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask

Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask ingredients
Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask

 Here is the list of ingredients.
I noticed that there is Arginine which is a critical building block of skin collagen and hair keratin, synthetic versions of this wound-healing amino acid are found in anti-aging topicals.  This is super good for my skin!

Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask
Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask

 The products need to be finished within 6 months.

Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask sculpting patch mask
Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask The Sculpting Patch-Mask 

Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask sculpting patch mask
Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask The Sculpting Patch-Mask

The Sculpting Patch-Mask has amber like liquid in tube.

Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Masksculpting patch mask
The Sculpting Patch-Mask
 There is the ON and OFF which you need to turn (anti clockwise / turn to the right) when you are going to use it. You can hear two clicks.

One only needs a small amount of the sculpting patch mask. Press enough amount and apply on the jaw line using the roller.  The scent is nice but since you only apply it on the jaw, you won't be able to detect any scent at all. The sculpting patch goes on the jaw line without feeling heavy at all.  In fact, I can't even detect the anything but it is there helping to lift the jaw line without the discomfort.

Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask Lifting Infusion-Mask
Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask Lifting Infusion-Mask

Lifting Infusion-Mask is in an elegant frosted jar because we need to activate it by using the heat from the fingers.  Love the packaging as the golden mirror alike which doesn't fade and remains in the same beautiful state shows how much of effort are put into their packaging and their effectiveness of the products.  The frosted glass also feels heavy and luxurious. The soft light cream has a heavenly soothing relaxing scent  that lulls me to sleep.  Every session with the lifting infusion mask just makes my heart flutters =) .

After using it for a month, my face feels more lifted and there is this beautiful glow on my face.  Even many were asking what I am using because my face has a healthy glow but it is not oil.  My skin is also soft to the touch.  I am really pleased with the results and of course can't wait for the launch soon.

Here is the results after using it for a month.

Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask
Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask
Can you see the glow?  My face is not oily and I already bloat all the oil away so what you see here is really my skin. =)

Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask
Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V”

Love the results? I sure do!  =)

Feel free to read more Here to know about the range of products offer by Swiss Line.

Launch Date: End of March/Beginning of April 2015

Suggested retail price at 195 CHF (RM768 ).
You can buy it at ShopSwissline for world wide order. Do check if it is delivered to your country.
As for Malaysia, Swiss line is available at Deftness Professional Beauty Centre (03 2698 5008 / 012 378 2684)at 3rd Floor, Pertama Complex (Jalan TAR)

For more information, please visit Swiss line official website , Swiss Line Facebook and Swiss line twitter. Only the products are provided for my consideration.  However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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Hi beauties,

I know Chinese New Year is very near and even my family is making preparation to celebrate it and this involved making a lot of cookies and food.  One thing I always look forwards during New Year is food because I get to eat many kind of traditional food.  One of it this Nian Gao. It means New Year cakes.

This is sure a heavenly made New Year cake that I only get to see once a year making the suffering long wait really worth it.

Nian Gao

It is called Nian Gao in Mandarin, Kuih Bakul in Malay, Ti Kueh in Hokkien.  I don't know what it is called in Cantonese.

Nian Gao

The real traditional one has the banana leaves wrapped around it.  I don't like the plastic one because it taste far away from the real Nian Gao.  It is already hard to find now knowing the effort and time to make it is really long.

The ingredients are simple and it is actually white in colour before cooking.  So, if it doesn't turn red brown, then you have failed in making the Nian Gao.  It is not an auspicious sign if that happens and the reason why many prefer to leave it to the expert.  A real Nian Gao can last months without changes in taste or cause food poisoning.  I personally have eaten one which was already one year and it tasted so GOOOOD.  It taste really good sandwich in between yam and sweet potatoes.  The melting of the caramel Nian Gao can rival some chocolate lava cake or praline chocolates.  The taste is just superb provided one know how to cook it right.  Done wrongly, you will lumps of inedible burnt Nian Gao which is such a waste.

The Nian Gao comes from an incident done during a war.  The family made a wall full of Nian Gao bricks.  Since it is a wall, no one would think that it is something edible.  Years passed and family were run out of food supplies since there was a war.  One of the family members  suggested that they eat the 'brick'.  They cut away the outer layer of the bricks and just steamed them.  No one dares to eat it at first but once they ate it , the taste was so good that they decided to share it with the neighbours.  The name came because it was New Year and they have that as their food.

Now, it has become a traditional food for the Chinese community and eaten during New Year.  I love it very much. Did I say how much I love it again?

So yummy that I wonder why I have to suffer so long and yet only get to eat a few each year?  Too many Dinosaurs at home and I eat slower than all those Dinosaurs

Do love Nian Gao or do you have traditional food that you like too?

Food is not sponsored. The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.
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About Swissline

Founded in 1989 in Zurich, Switzerland by Prince Michaël Massalsky, the company traces its heritage back to Switzerland’s Clinique Lemana, a pioneer in the field of cellular therapy. The original Swiss line products were developed in partnership with the clinic. The current products, developed and manufactured in Switzerland with an updated cellular complex, stay true to their legacy.

Developed and manufactured in Switzerland in accordance with the highest quality standards, our results-oriented products contain scientifically advanced ingredients, bio-mimetic growth factors, and potent actives. A high concentration of peptides, polysaccharides and vitamins are found in all of our formulas. The products often contain more active ingredients, always the same percentages as featured in the efficacy tests.
Swiss line is a luxury, anti-aging Swiss skincare brand offering age preventative and restorative products. A visionary within the marketplace, the brand has achieved worldwide recognition thanks to its proud heritage in the field of cellular therapy, advanced biotech ingredients, deep understanding of the market’s needs, and a desire to stay ahead of the competition.

Swiss line was developed to bridge the gap between science-led skincare and cosmetic skincare. The cellular-based medical-grade anti-aging formulations offer the discerning customer not only measurable results, but also luxurious textures and sophisticated packaging.

With six consumer ranges to choose from – Cell Shock, Cell Shock White, Force Vitale, Ageless Purity, Anti-Redness and Water Shock – Swiss line has something for everyone.

Cell Shock
Cell Shock, a results-oriented skincare collection developed to combat the visible signs of aging, is the very heart of Swiss line. Launched in 1995, it has withstood the test of time and consumer scrutiny and emerged as a leading anti-aging collection amongst discerning women worldwide. Cellactel 2, the signature anti-aging complex in all Cell Shock products, is formulated to accelerate cellular metabolism and increase collagen and elastin production. Together with other actives, including bio-mimetic botanicals that metabolize on a cellular level, the Cell Shock products deliver impressive results.

Cell Shock White
Cell Shock White, a results-oriented whitening collection launched in 2010, merges the best in anti-aging cellular therapy with the most advanced whitening technology. An off-shoot of its namesake collection, Cell Shock White combines scientifically advanced actives, bio-mimetic botanicals and cosmetic ingredients found in the renowned Cell Shock collection, together with clinically proven skin pigmentation lightening ingredients, including an advanced peptide technology, Rumex occidentalis extract and Vitamin C. The products are designed to visibly lift, firm and revitalize the skin while whitening it.

Force Vitale
Force Vitale, a botanical anti-aging collection inspired by the Alpine ecosystem, combines potent botanical extracts with proven efficacy value together with powerful natural antioxidants to visibly smooth, moisturize and protect the skin against the signs of premature aging.

Ageless Purity
Ageless Purity, a niche anti-aging collection, addresses the specific needs of adult skin prone to acne, blemishes and oiliness. Bio-engineered formulas have been expressly developed to fight the factors leading to impure skin and premature aging.

Anti-Redness, a niche anti-aging collection, is designed to counteract allergic reactions, inflammation and flushing associated with poor microcirculation, topical stress, chronic skin sensitivity, and intolerance to cosmetics.

Water Shock
Water Shock, a paraben-free, silicon free and allergen free collection of cleansers, toners and an eye makeup remover, was launched in 2012. Consumers can select their cleanser or toner according to their skin type and texture preference.

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The information and photos found here are from Swiss Line official site.

In Malaysia, products are available through selected beauty spa. As for other countries, Here is the website for online purchases.


Hi beauties!

Just want to share with you what I bake for Chinese New Year and before chinese new year, it has already goes down into my stomach.

Peanut cookies are one of my favourites cookies but too bad I can't eat them too much or my skin has to suffer the consequences later.  For those having acne prone skin, better avoid eating too much peanuts.  It is actually cheaper if you make it yourselves and generally it is cheaper than you buy outside.



So here is the cookies.  Does it look delicious? I used the straw to make the pattern.

Here is the recipe:

200g blended peanuts
150g icing sugar
150g vegetables oil
200g flour (Blue key brand if your are in Malaysia)
a pinch of salt

1. Pour all the blended peanuts, sugar, oil and flour into a bowl and just mix together.
2. Then just mold it into a round shape.
3. Glaze with with egg yolk for a nicer colour.  I don't use it because am afraid I will burnt it.
3. Put in the oven and cooked it at 180 celcius for 15minutes.

*I am using a medium Khind toaster oven so if you may need to change the temperature and time according to your oven.

So it is really easy to make it right?  Why not try it yourselves at home?

Food is not sponsored. The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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Hi beauties,


I wanted to write about this for some time. Since I have the time now, it would be better for me to share my views.

Depending on people, some people prefer to spend on skincare products for a smooth canvas for their makeup while some prefer to use makeup to cover up all their skin problems. Most people think that having makeup is important but it is not an excuse to neglect the skincare part.

Here is my opinion on why it is important to invest in a proper skincare routine and really put effort into choosing skincare products rather than getting the latest limited edition cosmetics.

You do not want to scare the daylight out of the husband or boyfriend-I think some might think that the husband might not mind it but most men want to see girl's bare face. The huge differences can scare men away and the reason why some men like to say 'natural beauty'.

Neglecting your skincare can age your skin- I mean who wants to look older than their real age? Using a lot of makeup and not bothering about skincare can lead to clogged pores, pigmentation, acne and wrinkles in the long run. Of course makeup can temporarily cover that problem but it won’t help the skin in the long run so there is a need to use different targeted products to help combat the sign or aging and other skin problems. Even makeup can’t cover up wrinkles.

Skincare can save you lot of money- Using the proper skincare products can save you a lot of money, time and tears in the long run. You won’t be having low confidence, having to try so many products and to pay a lot of money to ‘fix’ your skin problem. At least you would feel happier looking into the mirror without those wrinkles or acne staring right at your face.

Makeup is to enhance your looks not cover everything- Makeup is not to cover all the flaws but it is suppose to enhance the features so having a good skin makes most makeup products work easier on your skin. It is also very much easier to choose products on less troublesome skin than to use so many concealer and whole lot of other products to cover oozing acne skin.

So overall, I think investing in using proper skincare products is more important than buying lots of makeup product because to tell you the truth I am just one lazy bum and rather go out bare face than having to put on layers of foundation before I am able to go out. It is always best to start having a proper skincare routine before problems start to arise. Most people start using makeup early but then do not have a proper skincare routine thus the skin problems later.

It does not mean using the whole lot of 20 products but a simple skincare routine such as cleanser, moisturizer, serum and sunblock are really important to save the trouble later in life. You could read Here on how to get flawless skin.

What do you think? Do you prefer to spend on skincare products or makeup?

The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.
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After watching this Korean beauty show about exotic food for beauty, I was inspired and decided to discuss the kind of food Asians or in my country people actually eat for beauty.


I mean it would be interesting to show what kind of food that people here eat and some always swear that is the secret to their flawless beauty. Please take it with a pinch of salt because I personally tried many of it and truth to say eating that alone without using skincare products or healthy lifestyle is sure not going to make your skin flawless.

1. chicken butt
I am sure where this comes from but many people swear by eating the chicken butt, one face can be flawless and smooth.  I don't know but the friend who told me about eating the chicken butt has super soft and smooth skin.  She said she only use water to wash her face???? Okay. I tried it and it didn't work on me. It only helped to increase the size of boobs and my waist too!  Lucky the effect was temporary because I sure do not want increase in waist line.  I don't know where goes wrong but I heard there is a method to eat the chicken butt to get the best out of it.

2. chillies

This is my mum's" method" of having flawless skin.  To her, the spicier the chillies the better.  Her theory is the chillies kills all the acne bacteria.  She can't eat her rice without chillies in soya sauce everyday.  Her skin doesn't have such problem like I do.  Too bad, I just can't stand her level of spiciness and maybe that is the reason my skin is having the acne problem.  I don't know if it is true but my family members who love spicy food don't have such problem except me. I can't help but break out in sweat every time I have to dip my meals with spicy curry.  Not to mentioned my lips swell in size which is not a good thing to look at.

3. sea horse soup
Sea horse is to said having a lot of collagen and cleanses the blood well which leads to making one's  skin flawless.  Personally, I think it didn't help much because I was just relying on it alone and it was cruel of me to drink such cute creatures up. =(  I mean I personally feel that way but you can try if you really want. I since stop eating or drinking such thing already.

4. Sting ray
This is one of the Korean exotic food for beauty which they happens to eat it fresh. It smells like toilet or ammonia so can't be eating it in 'sashimi' form.  I rather throw it away! Here, it is common for people to eat it in form of "asam pedas" meaning cooked in lots of chillies and Garcinia atroviridis to get rid of that stinky smell.  I don't know about the effect on skin but it is good for those who likes sour and spiciness.

5. chicken feet

This is also my favourite and I think it is common for people to eat it here.  Some people cook in soup but Chinese will cook it black making it has the dark brown colour.  It taste like chicken wings but of course with a lot of bones.  There is the collagen in there and it is good for the skin since there is no fats at all in the chicken feet.  Well, collagen minus the fat right!  Double good for the skin!

6. Sharks
No, not shark fins.  It is cruel to just eat the shark fins.  We decided to eat the whole shark into the stomach.   It is not easy to clean the black colour shark and the whole house will stink of fish.  It is said to cleanses the blood and the skin from toxic.  I am not sure how true it is but it taste good to me. I like it with lots of dry chillies and onions.  It is not the same shark as the one people eat for shark fins and by the way, I don't eat shark fins.

7. Pig trotter 
*non-halal* (not for the muslims)   .  Many non muslims eat it because it contains high level of collagen.  Expensive though to eat it weekly.  The amount of time and the effort to cook it are also enormous which makes it becomes a rare thing.  Usually the one cooked in black vinegar, black beans and ginger.

So, what do you think?  Is there any food that people in your countries eat for beauty?

This is not a food recommendation.  Please read for a laugh or just for information purposes.  The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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Have a great day =)