Kawai right?  So cute that i just got to try it.This is pudding flavour

I was so happy to receive gift from Kiss Me Malaysia.  Their products are really pretty ^^ and kawai.  Yeah, moreover it is from Japan and the Princess adorn the products.  Yes, no matter how old you are, you can still be a princess.  That is why i love girly products ^^

Alright, lets move to one of the products ^^.  It is the Chupa Chups lipgloss.  I was figuring out what is this and someone told me this is eyeshadow???  Everything is in Japanese and i can't understand a single word .
> <

There is actually a series of this lip products, some lip balms (in pots) and lip gloss.  It is the collaboration between Kiss Me and Chupa Chups and  they are limited edition.

The lip balm comes in Fresh Green Apple , Cola, Pudding, Strawberry Cream, and Cherry. The lip gloss comes in Mango x Kiwi x Pineapple, Melon Soda, Strawberry Cream, Cherry, Caramel and Grape.

So, that is why i keep wondering about my lipgloss.  I guess this is really limited edition as the one i got is the Chupa Chups pudding which comes in form of a lip gloss instead of balm.  =)  No wonder i was unable to find the name of the flavour and the hint is only the picture of pudding around the Chupa Chups logo.  =P

really look like Chupa Chups

This is the stick applicator.quite easy to use

Before using the lipgloss.  nothing on lip.  Sorry for the dry lip.  My lips is not beautiful.=(
This after using the lipgloss. ^^

Overall, the lasting power is quite long.  It stick to my lip even when i drink or eat.  Smell really like pudding but tasteless in reality.  So i do not feel like licking it.  Even after licking it is still there. I usually use lipgloss at the bottom of my lip as my lips is really big and thick  > <  .  It is good if you are the type like me who doesn't like to keep reapplying.  

The colour is really light- almost invisible peach.  I think it does plump up the lip but i couldn't find any ingredients online.  So sorry for that.

I heard that it is RM29.90 in Watson.  I am not sure whether if they are still there.

product are courtesy of Kiss Me Malaysia

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Boosting the Confidence to Bare
Dermalogica®’s treat and protect routine for smooth, healthy skin

It is impossible to stop age and environmental elements carving their marks on our skin, but that does not mean we have to spend the rest of our lives hiding or living with it. Continuing its Get Naked campaign, Dermalogica® is advocating for treating and protecting the skin after cleansing and moisturizing to achieve skin that needs no concealment.

With the tagline “Great Skin Has Nothing to Hide”, Get Naked is Dermalogica®’s initiative to encourage Malaysians to gain confidence through true skin health.

For example, the Dermalogica® Skin Hydrating Booster is a super-hydrating fluid concentrate for even the driest of complexions. Used with or before the prescribed Dermalogica® moisturizer, this booster works to smooth out fine lines. 

Relief on environmentally-sensitized skin also comes in a bottle of Dermalogica®‘s Gentle Soothing Booster. An ultra-soothing complex of botanicals and healing honey, this oil-free formula calms and hydrates irritated or sensitive skin.

 To restore thirsty or prematurely-aging skin, look no further than the Skin Renewal Booster from Dermalogica®. Its exfoliating complex of hydroxy acids works to loosen dead surface debris, while soothing plants extracts smooth and improve the texture of skin.

For those seeking a healthy glow from within, the Dermalogica® Extra Firming Booster is the solution. This rich fluid of firming botanicals strengthens the skin’s internal structure with vitamins and proteins, leaving skin visibly uplifted and smooth. 

While powerful boosters heal and treat frazzled skin of the face and throat, let’s not forget that delicate areas around the eyes are especially vulnerable to dark circles and fine lines. Thus, protection of the area using Dermalogica®‘s Total Eye Care SPF15 is highly recommended, as the advanced eye treatment cream with skin-smoothing alpha-hydroxy acids help conceal dark circles and retexturizes to help reduce the appearance of puffiness and fine lines.

Dare to bare great skin that needs no cover-up today! Visit any Dermalogica® skin care centre or AsterSpring outlet today for a free skin health consultation to identify the products that will best treat and protect your skin.

information is media release by Dermalogica


I have been checking on the website and found  a lot of people are talking about using aspirin mask.  I heard a lot of good things about using aspirin as mask to get rid of the pimples.  However, i was really dumb thinking that aspirin is not available in Malaysia since people here use parcetamol aka Panadol as painkillers instead of Aspirin.  One day, as i was walking and checking everything inside the Watson, i saw aspirin hiden away at one small corner.  Well, they called it Dispirin.  This is how it look like.

sorry for the blur matter how i take it is still blur > <
Basically, the Dispirin word is engraved on the white colour tablet.

Each tablet is seal individually with foil like wrapper.  Once, you open you would have to use it.

This is how it will look like after you put water in it.  

I usually use the 2g container and just fill in with the water.  Then put the aspirin inside.  It will look like those Panadol Soluble that melt in contact with water.  If you want to use hand, the amount would be (Dispirin)1:2 (water) .  Try not to put too much or it will be too watery.

This is how when i put it on my face.  At first it is a little watery but will turn powder or harder when it dry up.

Only leave it on your face for 5 minutes.  Don't wait until it really harden or it will rough for you to remove later.  Basically, it really does reduce the pimples i have especially those underground one.  You can use two tablets if it is for your whole face.

Aspirin is actually acetylsalicylic acid.  It help to reduce inflammation which is acne when I applied which I hope i am not mistaken.  How high is the concentration, I have no idea.  So, do not use Differin together with any retinol or it would not be effective.

Thanks for visiting and have great day ^^.  Hope it will help.

You can find Dispirin at local pharmancy like Watson, Caring or Guardian.  RM1.90 for 8 tablets.

This is not a sponsored review as i bought this.


photo are from Senka Malaysia: Senka Hoshitsu Lotion R

Lotion S white cap =  oily to combination skin
Lotion R pink cap = normal to dehydrated skin

This is the famous Senka Honshitsu range. Senka is an affordable range under Shiseido Japan. If you like their Shiseido brand, a big chance you might like this range too. According to Senka Malaysia, 2.5 million bottle sold in Japan for the first three months!!

There are actually two types of lotion in this range.

Senka Hoshitsu lotion S (white cap) is for Oily to combination skin

Senka Hoshitsu Lotion R (pink cap) is for normal to dehydrated skin.

So, pick the lotion according to your skin type ^^.

The lotion act as a moisturiser, lotion and serum. So, you can just skip the normal toner. Good for lazy bum like me.

This is some of the info i found on the senka website. It is actually in Japanese so i just google translate .> <

"Micro Moisture manufacturing method" ※ freshness and moisture of class moisturizing cream.

Rich moisture to penetrate to the skin layer, without being sticky,
With hyaluronic acid (moisturizing) ※ 2 royal jelly GL and (moisture retention) ※ 3 combination
No fragrance, no coloration, allergy tested
(allergy does not mean that will not happen to everyone)
※ process to extra-fine into micro size 1 moisturizing
※ 2 acetyl hyaluronic acid Na, hyaluronic acid Na
※ 3 royal jelly extract, glycerin

This is the photo from Senka Malaysia. They basically cut the card by hand. So nice of them ^^.


Here is the picture of the 20ml Senka Hoshitsu R lotion. It is colourless. 

The texture is like lightweight water. Well not as runny as water since it contain hyaluronic acid. There is smell of alcohol but not that strong. The smell disappeared right after I pat it on the face. Preferable patting it on the face with the cotton pad on the face or you can pat it with your fingers ^^. It is lightweight and does not make my skin feel oily. I like the silky feeling when the lotion absorb into my skin. It is moisturising too. I guess i would try it out as mask later when i buy the bigger bottle.

However, if you are allergic to hyaluronic acid please do not use this.

Just like some people who could not tolerate tea tree(like me), there are certain ingredients that your skin may not be able to tolerate since our face is more prone to sensitivity.

Again, Japanese lotion can be use as mask also using the table mask. I bought my compressed table mask from Watson for around Rm6(i can't really remember the exact price) for 15 tablets. Don't have to soak for a very long time. Just wet the compressed mask enough. Do not have to wet until it is totally dripping, just medium wet will do. If it is dry, it basically won't help your skin.

I haven't try other compressed mask as most of the time, i just use cotton pad and use it as mask. ^^

This is not a sponsored review. I got it through a contest.

update on 18 April 2013 11.30pm : i did some correction to the type of lotion for different skin types from the information received from Senka Malaysia.  Please do read the lotion suitable for different skin types ^^.

another link for Senka Hoshitsu Lotion S


I am one of the lucky blessed with a slim body (Thanks to my mum who take care of our food when I was  young).  She taught us a lot about enjoying food but at the same time notice what we eat and to be healthy.  So, i do not have to go for slimming course.  Well, beauty is hard work.  It does not mean i don't work hard to stay slim.  Maintaining being slim is even harder.

Many do ask me what i eat to be so slim.  My waist is 23 inches.  In any case i don't do crash diet but i do follow certain rules when it comes to eating food normally but of course once in a while i break the rules.( like when it is buffet time) =)

When people said that you would have to take a lot of vegetables and fruits, the amount and the time you take it is also important.  However, today i would like to talk about the amount of meat that you take everyday.  It is very bad if you actually skip meat totally cause the body will have lack of protein together.  Our muscles need protein and if you don't feed enough of it, then your skin will be sagging and this is not good even if you are thin.  Of course you DO NOT WANT SMALL WAIST BUT SAGGING FACE RIGHT?

Believe it or not your DNA need cholesterol to create another health cells.  And good cholesterol comes from protein such as lean meat and beans.  So, if you don't eat anything protein, how can you have healthy and radiant skin?

How much protein is enough?
I follow this rules so to not stores too much of protein (convert to fat) inside my body.


picture are from goggle image

This is basic guide i follow since as long as i can remember.  So, if you have bigger palm, means the amount of protein that you need is also bigger compare to those with smaller palm.

Size of Palm for Fish Meat: As much as you want.
Size of Palm for Red Meat: Never bigger than two palm
Size of Palm for chicken:  Never bigger than one palm

This is because the extra protein will be change into fats and keep inside our body.  So too much of extra fats stores inside your body does make you bigger size than others( sorry, i don't mean to be mean).  Besides, it is not easy to convert back the fats into energy.  You need work out out a lot to just change a spoon of fats.  So, that is scary.

So, that is also why Koreans are thin as they do not take much meat as meat is really expensive there and they can't have meat everyday for every meal?

So, how much of meat do you have per day?

This is just my opinion and search on my own and not mean to criticize any party.  It is my own unprofessional way of taking care of my diet based on my own experience and i would like to share it just as a guide.


I am sure that most of beauty enthusiast love to care for our skin as much as possible. Sometimes, the love is over the TOP that your skin suffocated from the love that you tries to give it.  However, you screamed at how much your skin does not love you back.


So here is some question to ponder upon before you strike a cross over how much you hate your own skin.

  • Do you use cotton pad to swap your face every day? (swap is different from patting)
  • Do you use face scrub every day? 
  • Do you use clay or mud mask everyday?  
  • DO you start too fast with your new shiny skincare products?  
  • DO you start using using all the actives without building up your tolerance first?

If you answer YES to any of the questions and develop breakout with painful red skin, chances are you have over exfoliating your skin. Yes, it means you are over enthusiastic and hardworking that you actually 'over cleaned' your skin. Your skin is very much irritated, red and sensitive. Much that we love squeaky clean skin, we do need some good bacteria on our skin to maintain the normal structure but over cleaning make your skin sensitive. You even killed all the good bacteria that help to maintain the balance of your skin and expose it to all the radical damage it can get. A skin that is sensitive is more prone to 'break out' more and here goes all the erupting volcanoes- A problematic acne prone skin.

It is common as 99% of us develop allergies to certain things that we do not even know. Sometimes we ignore it as we tell ourselves that we can't have it. Well, we do develop allergies as we grow older-more allergies in fact.

Even if you are using sheet masks especially those whitening ones, don't use it every day or you will end up with a really white ghostly face. If you can see the green veins, it means you are too white to be considered healthy. Healthy glowing skin is what we want to achieve but not paper sheet white skin. There is no use of bleaching your skin to look like a ghost. > < . Besides, exfoliating mask are meant to use few times a week and not everyday.

Try to look into the mirror. If you can even see veins under your skin, it means you already over exfoliated. If you are using cotton pad to swap your face, give your skin a break for two days by not swapping it after 28 days. The skin structure cycle is 28 days and giving it a break in between the cycle is actually good and healthy. Much to loving the feeling of cotton pad, it does cause trauma to our skin. It is just that using toner reduce the amount of trauma but it is still bad for the skin if your skin is already very thin and fragile.

If you are having acne or sensitive skin, try avoiding beads type of scrubs on your face. There is no need for your skin to received more trauma. Your acne cream will already do all the enough exfoliating. The ingredients such as AHA and BHA will already help you with the exfoliating and you will need to give your skin some time to heal. So, stop being so harsh to your skin.

Treat the skin like it is the skin of a soft eggs and it will thank you if you for being gentle.

The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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Just plain tin case

plain opaque white

I used this Nixoderm to try to get rid of the pimples.  This is quite good compare to Oxy for my skin.  The only set back is that it does make my face white so I can only use it at night unless I want to look like a ghost or for Halloween party.  Yeah, no kidding as it will make you look as white as the painted white wall!

There is the smell of sulfur but it is acceptable to me.  However, do not use a lot or else it will the skin will be peeling like crazy and be very dry.  You will end up like a red lobster if you use it too much.  Nothing comes from over using it.  It does sting at first so a little is really enough.(about two pea size for the whole face)  and it is for oily skin.  If your skin is dry...I wouldn't suggest you to use this.  Someone said that their face burn and sting so much when using this so try to use only very thin layer.

Use according to instruction too.  There are instruction inside the box and do read it up.  This is cheap and works for me but of course it is not a miracle.  It need some time for the results to show.  I don't think this product cause the purging effect cause sulfur is suppose to kill the bacteria inside so no purging for this.

Anyway, if you are allergy to any of the ingredients do not use this.  As for me, it is my cheap pimples care.  Make me look like a ghost too >_<

active ingredients is Benzoic acid 6%, Salicylic Acid 2.5% and Precipated sulphur 4.6% .

RM8 for the 17.7g and it is made is Malaysia.

This is not a sponsored review.  i bought this with my own money.


BIG APPLAUSE *clap clap* to Butterfly Project-Beauty Bloggers with collaboration between Bag of Love & Delectable Su for April's project!

Look at this delicious cakes !  Who do not want to be surrounded with all these cute and salivating dessert!  I immediately raise my hand that i want to be there!!!

Oops, almost out of my mind just thinking about Bag of Love + Delectable Su.  The combination of beauty and also food!  Yeah, i am weak when i see food and beauty products.  Even when my mum said that i can't help myself when i see skincare products and food.  Never ask me to go on diet cause i would definitely choose food over size!!

I want to review the April Bag of Love! How much?  Just like how much i love food!  If i get to choose between my size and Bag of Love! i am willing to be fat! *please please*



YEAH,  Bag of Love won!  Bag of Love is full of so many fantastic products and definitely no so much of teeny weeny kind of sachets samples that is really worth the money for just a mere RM39.90 per month!  The bag itself is so pretty and practical.  Oh, i want review Bag of Love.

I really wanted to go to the Unboxing tea party so badly but the world just want to crush my dream.  i was told i got to work on every Saturday this month????

Why ME?  *wanting to cry*  I was practically jumping up and down even at the slightest Prospect of getting an invitation(i know i am dreaming) when i was told by my colleagues that we got to work every Saturday until the end of next month! T_T

Then, i saw that there will 20 bloggers that will be selected to review without going to the party!  Yeah!  I just hope that i will one of those lucky bloggers.(continue my sweet dream and hope it will come true).  Kind Fairy Godmother, please make my dream come true!

I am a Cinderella in this miserable place where i couldn't even get any proper skincare, clothes and shoes.  Nobody believe that I am in a place where i don't see Kate, Avene or even Kanebo.  The brand can only appear inside my dream.

Waiting for my Prince Charming to sweep me off from this place??? IF he manage to find my glass shoes. T_T

Please Bag of Love, can you make my simple dream to review your Fabulous Bag come true?  I am a poor miserable Cinderella that are unable to get even proper skincare and clothes.  I need those to look beautiful and pretty.  T_T I am desperate and working on every Saturday make me even more unhappy.


Thanks for visiting. ^^ Be happy and pray for my dreams to come true (so greedy).


This is what i normally use when i pop my pimples because of the rave that benzoyl peroxide get rids of pimples.  Most said that its kill the acne bacteria.  I can't help myself when i see pimples and my hands will just pop it.  Yeah, i know it is bad but i can't help it  =( .

However, i realised that my skin heal very slowly when i am using this(the scars that ones get after the pimples are gone).  For me, benzoyl peroxide is just drying the pimples out.  It does not really address the problem if use alone.  If use too much, it will cause me so much of irritation and also my skin will have one patch of redness and i have to find ways to heal that red patches.

Do not use too much as it will cause the skin to become very dry and more pimples will pop up.  Maybe it is my skin but i have to use it with T3 Mycin if want it to work it faster(the normal T3 pimples gel just does not work for me at all  =(   ).  Do not spot treat.  Apply one pea for the whole face.

Anyway, do not use Oxy 5 with retinol, Differin and other anti aging skincare together.  Treat your acne problems first.  If you got cystic pimples like me , it is better to see the dermatologist for Duac or Differin.  Another option would be Mycin by Hoe.  Mycin is an antibiotic for skin.  I will do a review on Mycin later.

Another option is to use the aspirin mask once a week.

Benzoyl Peroxide bleaches hairs, pillow covers and clothes.  So, do not use too much on your skin.  Of course you don't want to have patches of white discoloration on your skin right?  So, if you plan to use, a little will do.  Personally, i don't really like to use it alone.

i bought this product .RM 3.50 for 15g

This is not a sponsored review.  i bought this with my own money.


Thanks to Ma Cherie Malaysia, i got samples to try.  The one i applied for is the Air feel.  i have oily scalp that gets oily fast.  Yeah, my hair will become totally flat that stick to my scalp and when it is oily and of course it is horrible > <  .  Ma Cherie is by Shiseido.

Even the samples for this packaging is so pretty!

This is the Air feel packet shampoo.

This is the Air feel conditioner packet. Pretty right?

This is how the shampoo look like.  Clear pink and smell flowery.
It is comfortable as it smell great and it does formed enough foam for the hair.

The Air feel conditioner is white and smell of cherry.  Quite thick but not sticky
Smell sweet.

Before: Looked at how at my flat hair is!

After:This is my hair after shampoo and conditioner.

Overall, my hair became really airy after using the shampoo and conditioner.  The shampoo had made my hair feel really airy and my hair was not as flat as before.  Sorry for the picture as I really need a hair cut after this as i am starting to look like Tarzan.  Yeah long unruly hair.  

i Love the flowery smell but the only thing was the conditioner smell too strong at first but after washing the conditioner off, the smell was just perfect.  Not too strong.

I love this shampoo and would get it in the future when i finish my other shampoo.

It is available in Aeon Wellness Mahkota Cheras Selatan and Guardian, Midvalley. Do let me know if you spot that it is available already.

Thanks for reading ^^ .

Product is sample from Ma Cherie Malaysia



Snake serum???  How scary is that?  I am putting snake serum on my skin!  Well, jokes aside.  They do not really use snake to create this serum!  But still it is interesting though because this year is suppose to be Year of the snake. ^^  

This is suppose to be instantly tighten and lift the saggy skin around the skin to make you look 10 years younger.  Even celebrity like  Anne Hathaway and Gwyneth Paltrow used this range.

This is like a Botox but without the surgery.  In the snake serum, there Glamoxy snake mask RM340, Glamoxy snake serum, Glamoxy snake serum pen.  

Sorry, no picture for the effect as i do not have any wrinkles so you won't be able to see the effect >_<  .  I can feel it freezing my skin.  The lasting effect is only about 4 hours on me.  I can feel the tightening effect instantly.  However, it return to the way it is after the 4hours.  Something like a Cinderella effect.  

Well, at least one can look younger when for a special day or for a special dinner right?

Products are available in Parkson pavillion, Isetan Klcc, Isetan the Gardens, Robinsons the Garden and Beauty Science BSC.  You can get from too

Product is courtesy of juniper journal

Have a great day =)