This is my current skin.

This my terrible skin in the past which is actually quite good compare to 10 years ago.  I didn't take photos of that time cause i was just so ugly that i do not want any photos.
Please do not get shocked

I do not have that great skin but at least it is better compare to when i was in my secondary or college years. At least I do not have any humongous erupting volcanoes now.  Maybe one or two small will pop out once in a month.  Comparing to years ago, this is so much better.

Well, i tried everything and every month i would go to Watson or Guardian and spent a lot on skincare products.  When I started working, i used SKII before.  It does help but not totally.  I almost gave up and decided to see a dermatologist to get a better skin.  However, I had changed my mind when i saw that a friend whom went to see a dermatologist but still have a bad skin condition.  Besides, I do not have the money to go for peels, microdermabrasion or for facials that cost few Ks as I was a poor student back then and still do not really like facial.

Yeah, i became my own dermatologist and used my own skin to endlessly keep trying and trying for the "right" products.  I do envy people now that they can just google up and check the response for a product compare to me 10 years ago when i do not even own a computer.  Last year, i manage to finally get some few products suitable for my skin by accident or through recommendation. I wish i have found them much earlier so that i don't end with some dented and pit scars on my face =(  .

Yeah, I pop all the pimples out even if there is no pus leaving scars behind.  Who don't right?

So my current regime is just simple and there is certain things that i do to keep it clear.  Who doesn't want a beautiful skin right?

1. Less sugar.  If it is possible, try to lessen sugar in your daily food. (avoid everything written 'diet')
2. Drink Japanese green tea
3. Eat yogurt
4.  Sleep before 12 at night.  You might not see the benefits of it but long deprivation will cause hormone imbalance
5.  Use a gentle cleanser such as Cetaphil or A'kin or Himalaya Purifying gel cleanser
6. I use only  differin at night for pimples gel(when i break out)
7. Always use sunblock(especially if you do use Differin or you will be looking like a lobster)
8.  Use a moisturiser
9. Drink enough of water(include any soup or juice)
10. Do not use any whitening products when you are using products for acne.
11. Avoid anything with Kiwi.
12.  Avoid peanut butter and peanuts.

I hope this will help.  I have horrible skin last time and recently my friend said that my skin has change a lot. Yeah, I hope it will continue looking great. ^^  Have a nice day and good luck ^^

Thanks for reading.
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If all doesn't work at all, chances is it might be your hormone imbalance and it is time to go see the dermatologist to get better advice. =) Look for a good dermatologist and no the one making the money out of you.

Do share any tips to care for acne prone skin or get crystal clear skin with me.  Love to hear from you.

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Have a great day =)