MY KUALI HOKKIEN PENANG PRAWN NOODLES- I add my own egg and vegetables

I wrote about the Famous Penang White Curry and  I am back with another review after seeing this in the Giant. I am not a person who likes to eat instant noodles but when I saw the title of the instant noodles, it pique on my interest which is food. I might look like I have strong control over my eating habits but in reality it is hard if and I tend to break my ‘strict diet’ few times in a month. After all, I am just a normal human being after all and the word Hokkien Prawn Noodles is just screaming that I have to try it and I ended buying it without remembering how I took it at the first place.

I guess it has been long since I ate prawn mee. Hokkien is actually a dialect and not a race. There are a lot of Hokkien style of cooking but well I can’t remember as I will just eat them as long the food taste good. In the South, Hokkien noodles means the long black colour noodles but in the North, Hokkien noodles means prawn noodles. I know it is difficult but even I have no idea who makes the rules for the North and South version of Hokkien noodles. Overall, do take note of it because food in the Northern region and the Southern region of Peninsular Malaysia are different from each other.

Penang Hokkien Prawn noodles is actually spicy with prawns. Of course there is no fresh prawn inside this instant noodle but there are dried shrimps as well as fried onions which are good. The soup is very fragrant with prawns and the sambal.

The Hokkien Penang prawn mee might shock you into thinking that your stomach will do the somersault but it won’t unless you can’t tolerate even a little of spiciness. The spiciness is just right and I love the tangy noodles. I would say that I like this prawn noodles way better than the white curry which does not leave any much impression on me.

Well, at least My Kuali Penang Hokkien Prawn noodles will satisfy me when I am pinning for northern prawn noodles.

Products retails at RM7.90 for packet of four. It is available at Giant and other supermarket or you can even order online now.

For more information, please visit official website My Kuali . This is not a sponsored review.  However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.


A'Kin Skincare products

TNS Skin Lab is pleased to announce the introduction of A’kin, a leading natural skincare brand from Australia, at all its retail outlets in Malaysia from July 2014.

A’kin skincare products are well known for their “Power of Purity” – products with a high concentration of purest natural ingredients uniquely formulated to maximize the benefits and effectiveness on the skin. A’kin skincare products are rich in natural antioxidants, vitamins A, B5, C & E , and essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6 & 9) to deliver truly effective anti-aging benefits to the users.

A signature ingredient in A’kin skincare products is Echium Oil – the richest plant source of omega-3 fatty acid on earth, which is highly anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, thus an extremely potent and effective skin rejuvenation and anti-aging ingredient that is suitable even for blemished and sensitive skins.

A’kin rosehip oil is a leading rosehip oil brand in Australia, owing to its effectiveness in combating facial scars and wrinkles and creating a radiant and even skin tone. This is a result of using the super-critical CO2 extraction method to obtain the purest and freshest rosehip oil possible.

The flagship product in the A’kin skincare range is the Cellular Radiance Serum, which is a pure natural blend of echium oil & rosehip oil, combined with elastin boosting amaranth and powerful antioxidants from pomegranate and seabuckthorn, to deliver exceptional anti-aging benefits - clinical trials results in 2011 confirmed that this serum can improve skin texture by 84%, skin radiance by 69% and wrinkles by 22%.

Finally, all A’kin products are beautifully and delicately scented with the purest essential oils to complete a magnificent skincare experience.

Press release.

A’kin skincare products are available at all TNS Skin Lab outlets nationwide, and online at
For more information, please visit official website.



I wrote about the differences between skincare products Here and thank you every readers who love that post.  I really appreciate your support and thank you once again for all your lovely comments.

So, someone asked me this question about "whether she needs serum or essence" so I think why not I write a post about it.

Normally, even a skincare junkies like me would normally just use one whether it is serum or essence  at one time as I am not a person who loves to layer 10 products on my face.  Well, it is because my skin can't handle too many products with active ingredients in it.  I have sensitive skin so it is best not to aggravate it with too many skincare products.  Another reason is because I am plain lazy and thrifty.  I am trying the best to get best out of all the products and to keep track so I know which product can cause me allergic.

Okay so back to the question whether should one use serum or essence alone or use both at the same time.  I think I will break down the question into few parts.  I hope that it will answer or help you in your decision in buying skincare products.

The question here is whether you need to add serum or essence in your skincare regime.  You will still need the cleanser and moisturiser so don't take out of your skincare regime =)

Get the Serum
Serum is generally more expensive than essence but again it depends on your preference.
Serum has many varieties ranging from hydrating, anti acne/trouble skin, brightening and popular ones would be the anti-ageing type such as Vitamin C or retinol. They comes with heavier texture such as oil or gel but serum penetrate faster as the base is different from essence.

I am not sure about others but most of my friend above 25 years old are mostly incorporating/adding serum into their regime.  This include the ones that went to see the dermatologist as most anti-ageing products are in form of serum.

I have sum up the reasons here:
1.Willing to spend more money
2.Your skin can handle serum with higher concentration of ingredients
3.You prefer dermatologist advices-derm will normally recommend serum than essence
4.You want fast results (it won't be as fast as Botox, fillers and other cosmetics procedure though)

Normally, serum is for night as the skin can absorb the ingredients better.

Get the Essence
Essence is generally cheaper than serum so the concentration is also not so high.  You will need to be patient to see result from using essence.  It will take longer to see result in essence than in serum.

However, do not think that it doesn't work as it is not the same as moisturiser.  Generally, people who just start with skincare products or have never use serum before would be recommended to use essence.  I think generally someone in between 16-25 would use essence instead of serum in their daily regime.

There are many type of essence (brightening, anti aging, acne/skin trouble&hydrating) available in the market and also the texture range from watery to oil type so do not be shocked if the essence is in form of oil.  From my experience oil based essence works faster than water type.

I have sum up the reasons here:
1. Essence is cheaper than serum
2. New to skincare products&never use serum before
3. Water type essence could be use as essence for mask.
4. Your skin can't handle serum
5. You prefer 'slow and steady' kind of results

Can I use serum and essence at the same time?

As far as I know, most people WOULD NOT use essence or serum at the same time because both contains active ingredients and it might cause allergic to your skin.  You could still ignore my advise and try at our own risk.

We normally use essence in the morning while serum at night.  That is the common way of using skincare products.  Besides that, why use essence + serum when you can just use one product and save time?

Unless you are using the essence as mask which is a different story altogether, I would not recommend to use serum and essence at the same time.  Another thing is to make sure that your essence and serum is from the same brand and same type(anti-ageing) if you do plan to do layering. Make sure that the texture of the serum and essence are different from each other (oil essence and oil serum doesn't work together).

Do I prefer serum or essence?
I think both has its good points.  I use essence during the Day and serum at Night.  That is why it takes time for me to finish the products.  One only need a few drops of essence and also serum so they are really worth the money as they can last quite long.

Well, at my age, there is no choice but to start using serum and essence to actually help my skin condition.  After all, I am worry of looking older than my age and my skin is not easy to take care off.

Choose the serum and essence according to your skin condition and skin types.  I always stresses how important it is to know your skin types because it really helps to choose products for your skin condition.

Again, I am not a dermatologist, medical doctor or professional chemist and my opinions here are based on my past experience as a skincare products junkies.  I am just sharing my opinion here and please do not shoot me with a rifle if there is any changes to the world of skincare products in the future. XP

The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.


Marks & Spencer (M&S) has just opened its new outlet in the heart of Johor Bahru which is the first-ever outlet outside of Klang Valley. Now, Johoreans will be able to experience shopping at Marks & Spencer.
main entrance

blue harbor


ladies' wear

men's wear

Spanning a space of 10,000 square feet, M&S Johor Bahru is located at Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak (KOMTAR), JBCC. As one of the trendiest hotspots in the city, KOMTAR JBCC brings fresh and innovative retailers to the forefront of the Johor Bahru scene, so that Johoreans can delight in a refreshingly new shopping experience without having to travel farther to do so.

Highlights at M&S KOMTAR JBCC include clothing for both women and men, food hall that showcases the outstanding quality food of M&S as well as a wide range of M&S bath and beauty collections.


Make Up is the tool women use in order to prep up their look every time they are going out. Make up allows women to feel confident and it is a secret kit for them to cover any unwanted spots or pimple before stepping out of the house. Another benefit of make up is that it allows women to change up their look from naturally blushed to super cute to dramatically sexy. Going for sexy look is not that easy as there are certain steps of make up tricks which women have follow.

The first one to create a sexy look is to target the eyes. Women could start exploring the multiple colours in the eyeshadow pallete and experiment a smokey eye look. 

1. The first step to get a sexy smokey eye look is by wedging black creamy eyeliner into the upper and lower lashes of your eyes. 

2. Then, soften it up by rubbing it in gently and layer a black coloured eyeshadow on top. 

3. After that, apply a shimmery grey eyeshadow colour on the upper lids and blend it together. 

Once you are with the eyes, let move to lips that look supple and moisturize naturally. Women should never look down upon the nude natural lip look as it looks sexier then you could ever think of. To get a natural moisturize lip is easy! 

1. First, apply some lip balm onto your lips to avoid dry cracked lips and then select a lipstick colour which matches your natural lip tone. 
2. Browse through the lipstick colour shade selection and choose the perfect one for you. 
3. After all that is done, top your lip with another layer of lip balm or add some shine with lip gloss. 

Other than that, having a blushed cheek will definitely make you look adorable and fresh. As different women have different skin tone colour, choose a blusher which is suitable for you. For the fair skin tone ladies, a pink colour blusher will be perfect for you to show off your sweetness. While the olive and darker skin tone ladies, could opt for a golden or copper coloured blusher. 

1. Apply it on your cheekbones and swab it in the corner of your eyes and tip of your nose for a naturally blushed look. 

2. For women who can’t wait to try out these simple tips, check out ZALORA as it offers customers with a wide range of cosmetic products online. Purchase new make up products and start creating your feminine look. 


Do you notice that there are many advertisements promoting flawless skin that sound more like "mission impossible"? Well, no doubt that there are few people who just have flawless skin with very simple routine like using plain water to wash the face but majority of us are not blessed with such skin especially once we hit puberty. I really dislike bursting everyone’s bubbles that some of these advertisements are photoshopped or edited to look flawless.  Even some certain claims by some are actually not true but I can't mention it here because I am sure going to get sued or might not live until tomorrow.

So, here I am sharing some of these secret of flawless skin.

1. Really strict diet
   I guess this is a no brainer.  Well, one can eat everything but there is a need for a balanced diet.  A smooth skin usually consist of a lot of vegetables and fruits.  There is very little processed sugar in food as sugar that is well known for clogging the pores and cause the loss of collagen making a person look old.
Of course eating a ice cream once in a month is not going to hurt your face but eating it everyday will sure do.  Even if you do not get diabetes from it, your complexion is sure going to hurt and you will look older.

Of course don't make it that you will only eat vegetables and fruits which is really crazy because we are not herbivores and therefore we do need protein in our life.  I mean a balanced diet is good for the face in a long run but try not to be extreme.

A healthy complexion is also a sign that one do eat a balanced meal so if you are unsure what is a balanced meal, do check the food pyramid.  Don't just eat vegetables with rice because it won't get you look 10 years younger.

Just eating certain supplement will make you look 10 years younger?  DO you certainly believe that kind of bullshit?  Please do check if the REAL person do look like that all the time and if it is not,  the photo certainly edited.  There is not a single product that can actually make you look 10 years younger if you eat it for only 2weeks!  If there is, why is there is a need for Botox??

It is a supplement and one should also still have good balanced diet to maintain your looks.  Maintaining the looks is not easy and certainly not a one day MAGIC.  If there is, do let me know because I am sure interested in this.

2. Good genes
Well, if you have genes that makes your skin as smooth as it is .  We start with a good skin until puberty creates havoc in our hormones.  Well, if you have good skin that is not affected by the imbalance of hormone, then it is one of the reason your skin is good even even with just water.  As we age, our skin get clogged up but it will won't happen until we hit puberty.

The rest of us commoner with no good genes will have to just find ways to just tone down the skin from break outs and can only dream of flawless skin.  I understand this because I do not have good  flawless skin' genes in me and I always envy my friends who does not need to even use anything at all. Do you believe it when she said she doesn't even remember if she washed her face but have flawless skin?

3. A good dermatologist
Well, a GOOD dermatologist does make a differences in your skin.  It doesn't have to be a real expensive one but the price is not on the consultation but the products and medicine that comes with it.  So, do a lot of research before going to any dermatologist.  Not every dermatologist is the same.  Some are good and some just want your money.

It would be more expensive if you are going for procedure such as laser, fillers and peels. Generally, one would need to visit the dermatologist a few times before you can actually see results and of course nothing is miracle.  Well if all the Korean celebrities owe their beautiful skin to their dermatologist, so you can also save up for it.  Of course, beauty comes with a price.

In Malaysia, laser usually cost around RM15k++ , peels around RM400++ and other procedure will cost you around RM400++ so just be prepared with that amount of money.

4. Good skincare products for your skin type
This is one thing that people like me could do for ourselves considering I am not rich to run to the dermatologist all the time.  Please check out the type of skin one has before thinking I want this this this this this and the endless list goes on for you. Of course everyone want a flawless skin (who don't right?) but the first step of knowing your skin is to know the type of skin you have and your age.  Do not just figure out your skin type just from one opinion.  Please get a professional help and what I mean is see a dermatologist if your are really unsure of your skin type.

What I mean by good skincare products NO, you DO NOT NEED to use 15 products a day.  Depending on your skin type, using a few products is more than enough.  No use of 'drowning' or force feed your skin.  Combine with a balanced diet and lifestyle, your skin will change its type soon.
Not every brands is good for everybody so you will need to do some research first before actually trying it out.  Don't just run and buy the products just because everyone raves about it.  Trust me, I have been there and I do felt 'cheated' so it is better to wait and research on it first. After all, you only have one face and skin.

No product sponsored here.  The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.



Are you into Korean trends?  It has been few years since snail secretion Hit the world with it healing properties and it is still one of the favourite skincare ingredients besides the bicarbonate soda which is in trend now.  It helps to moisturise and heal the skin from the scars.  Many that had tried snails products and mask were amazed with the results and that is why it is among of the favourites.

Of course, do not think of snails crawling on your face as there is no slimy or smelly feeling with snails products.  So, let's get to know this Deoproce snail mask =)  .

This Deoproce Snail Paper Mask with Snail Secretion extract that is effective for skin cell regeneration, repair and promote skin elasticity and smoothness while working together with collagen and elastin inside your skin. It is recommended for all skin types.

A great way to nourish tired and rough skin is to apply facial masks, specifically facial mask sheets. The function of face masks is to provide an intense nourishment of essential ingredients to help your skin become younger looking, soft and smooth.

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Here is the list of ingredients.

Here is the direct link to the product.

Applying Facial Mask

· Cleanse your face with Deoproce cleansing foam and rinse your face with lot of warm water.Even if you don't put on makeup, your facial skin is still exposed to the dirt and pollution in the air which will only clog our pores.

· Good idea to open the pores so that when you apply the facial mask, all the nutrition is immediately absorbed into your face.

· Open by peeling the sachet and apply a face mask sheet by pressing it across the face, avoiding sensitive areas such as eyes and mouth.

· Wait for of 15 to 20 minutes for the nutrition to absorb in the skin.

· Remove and gentlypatting or massage your face with the remaining essence to enhance deeper absorption into your skin.

To soothe and maintain your moist and nourished skin, apply plenty of Deoporce moisturizing cream or lotion
For better result, the frequency of mask application should be around every alternate 2nd or 3rd day.


So here is the results after using the mask.  I find the mask helps to reduce the redness and the dryness of the skin especially my skin since I get burned easily.  Of course one mask is not going to produce results that is even more amazing than going for cosmetic procedures so you would need to use it diligently to see results.  Do look for snail mask that is beneficial to help the healing of your skin. Snail mask is suitable for all type of skin and there is no icky or any weird smell to it.  In fact the mask has a nice scent to it =) .

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Deoproce Face Mask-Snails 20g at RM4.90  Here   .   Made in Korea.
Products are sponsored by HiShop's official website. However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

Have a great day =)