Monday, 24 February 2014


Ee Lo Restaurant 一而海鲜烧腊饭店
No. 10A, Jalan Dato Mohd Ali, Mersing Kechil, Mersing Town

kangkung or water spinach in English

This restaurant serves liquor but I don’t order beer.  I notice that tourist from other countries would order  beer here since this is one of the few that sell beer.  It is also just next to a cake house so there is choice of food.  It is very near to hotels so this shop is quite convenient.  However, on a busy day I would see that many would need to line up and wait for food.  So to avoid that, I usually arrive on the time they opened which is at 6.30pm or one may need to wait 1 hour for food.  I don't like to wait and this is the only shop that I see many would do that consider this is a tourist spot where many would come here for Tioman Island.

The plate of rice is really little so I would usually need to add on.  I do like the crunchy kangkung(water spinach) as it is fresh and cook with belacan which is tasty.  The spiciness is just right as it goes well with white rice.  The plate size depends on the amount of people as I asked for 4 person so the price will change according to the size of the plate.

sweet sour pork

Sweet sour pork is really nice and tasty.  It is very crunchy on the outside and the meat is still soft and juicy inside.  The meat is fried with flour and it is not oily at all.  Just that it comes with a lot of cucumber slices which I don’t like at all.  There are some pineapples and onions with it.  The sour sauce that comes with it is just nice and because it is serve immediately, the sauce doesn't soften the meat.

RM 22 Sweet Sour pork
RM7 water spinach with belacan
Rm1.50 per plate

Food is not sponsored.  However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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