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I hope everyone is having a nice day.  I was so surprised when I saw the extra samples from Honeyz Cube.  To tell you the truth, I am just a normal consumer and money constricted people so trying before buying is important for us but ... we don't get samples even when we asked for it at shops right? I know that kind of feeling that they will give us when we ask for samples.  Usually the answer is finished or they don't have it right?  Can blame me for prefer to shop online or at drugstore where we can browse to our heart content.

So, that is why I prefer to shop online or get samples from website that offer free samples.  One of it would be Honeyz Cube.  They offer samples and what is good about them is that redemption is base on points collected and on 'first come first serve' basis.  I think it is fairer than the 'lucky draw'.  They always have amazing products and of course it was redeemed off like 'hot cakes'.  There were SKII samples, full size hair products and body shampoo. Really, I am not kidding!  Where can you get free amazing high ended samples delivered to your doorsteps?

Hahaha, enough of raving about it or you would think that I get money or other benefits from Honeyz Cube.  I just feel the need to introduce such website to you and be a better consumer =) .  I don't earn or get anything at all XP .  Not every bloggers get everything and I usually buy, redeem or win it from somewhere.  It is just some was sponsored and I am truly grateful when that happens.

So, here I am to review it since I am sure many of my friend would be truly disgusted at mentioning snail.hahaha
the sample

behind the sample.  I can't read a word ><

here is the snail cream which is more gel like texture

Here is the direct link to the product

Here is some details about this snail cream:
· Contains high concentrations for high effectiveness
· Dries out pimples in one day
· Skin is smoother and moisturised
· Reduces all irritations and fine lines

Skin regeneration effect + minimize skin irritation + skin trouble care
The Snail Vital Mucin Mask Cream contains 90% of Snail Secretion filtrate that prevents and treats skin problems. Skin is regenerated, moisturised while scars and blemishes are reduced. Say goodbye to pimples, redness, irritations and fine lines and wrinkles, say hello to beautifully natural, glowing, healthy skin! Rich in collagen, elastin, proteins and Glyolic acid this animal byproduct has everything your skin needs to stay stunningly preserved and flawless.

Of course it doesn’t smell anything yucky at all.  In fact, it smell floral and it is quite nice.  The cream doesn’t feel slimy at all.  The snail slime is quite thick but absorb immediately into my skin.  The texture is more gel, it sure doesn't have the thickness or oil or a typical cream.  It is more like gel that immediately turns into serum when applied on skin.

 My skin is sure is more hydrated the next morning.  It also calm my redness and I really like this cream.  The price is a little shocking but I won't hesitate to buy it again because it really help me with the healing.  It doesn't break me out too.  I am not saying good things just because it is free.Besides, it is only 3g of samples.

I think snail skincare is suitable for those with pimples but if you are afraid of snails, there are other alternative out there such as green tea and mud.

It is price at S$64.90 at Honeyz Cube or at HKC plaza .Made in Korea. For more information, please visit The skin shop official website or  The Skinshop Facebook.

Do go and check their website and Honeyz Cube facebook as they always have competition and free samples to redeem!  They also have a shop and they sure give lots of free samples =).

Product are samples from Honeyz Cube where one earn points by just reviewing products or voting for products =).
However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.


  1. Thanks Yue Rain for your wonderful review of our samples and website. Really appreciate the shoutout. Also, thought you might be interested to know that THE SKIN SHOP Premium Secret Snail Vital Mucin Cream is now available on our Cube Store at SGD48 only! You can see here for more info - THE SKIN SHOP Premium Secret Snail Vital Mucin Cream

    Meanwhile, keep up the good work and thank you for your support!

    - Juliana of


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