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Have there been a time when you are so desperate to find remedies for acne that you are so willing to try anything? Here are some weird acne remedies.  Skip number 1 and 2 incase it gross you out.

1.   Hydrogen peroxide
I tried using this before and it only irritates the pimples further.  Hydrogen peroxide is usually use to clean wound and thus I don't think it will treat the problem of pimples.  So, don't use hydrogen peroxide on the pimples and hope that it will disappear overnight because it won't.  Hydrogen peroxide might also upset the skin balance and thus more pimples will appear later.  Worse if the skin become dry, peels, irritated , blotches with patches of colour.  So, don't use this on your face!

2. .Calamine lotion
The pink lotion apparently contains zinc and iron oxide that can calm the skin from rashes or skin allergy. It is usually very cheap and available over the counter. However, this pink lotion does not treat or get rid of your acne problem. Rather it just calm and get rid of the itchy feeling that one has. At least the acne won’t be so red after applying it. I tried it before much like applying mask and it does sooth the redness. So don’t expect much from this calamine lotion.

3 Using allergic cream
Allergic cream will thin the skin making it look less noticeable temporarily but prolong of using allergic cream will make the skin very thin and more prone to breakouts. Really, I tried it before and this is obviously not for breakouts.

4. Snail cream
Oh, this comes from the Korean. Although it is already few years since the snails product came out, it is still one of the favourite skincare ingredients for the calming and moisturising effect on skin. It also fasten the healing product.  I do like their snails mask and cream as it works especially for anti aging.   I haven't got the gut to try the snail facial yet because it looks uncomfortable with snail walking around the face?

5. Urine therapy
Yes, using your own urine to treat acne. Using the first urine in the morning to apply on the face and wash it off after few second. Personally, I know this is gross and downright disgusting but many said that it does work. Someone told me before and actually I had tried it because I was so desperate that I was willing to do anything, anything at all (as long it is not too expensive) to ‘cure’ my acne.  It was so disappointing as my skin was still as bad as ever. X  So, this doesn't work for me. Perhaps if you are daring enough, then you can try this and let me know the results.


They said leave it 3minutes to liquefied and apply to the skin. Well, I don’t dare to try this since I don’t want to be using someone else semen out of desperation! Besides, this is so embarrassing unless you are using your own. Ermm, gross! I read some people do use the semen of a male bull but I don’t know about the results. Probably, using our own urine sound better than semen.

The opinions here is not to defamed anybody or anything.  It is just my views.  The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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