SORRY, this is really off topic from my normal entries but so here it is.

Yeah, to have flawless skin one should be eating more vegetables like Panda.
Pandas daily menu consists almost entirely of the leaves, stems, and shoots of various bamboo species.

So, this MR. Panda.  He is so sad =(  

He got sick of the his daily bamboo diet since his wife Mrs. Panda only cooks bamboo shoots everyday. Look at how sad he is??   She thinks that it is good for him since he keeps gaining weight and insists him to go on diet.  He wishes that he could order delicious food from foodpanda but the wife said NO.

So, one day Mr. Panda couldn't take it anymore and he went for a walk.  He ended up here:

Yes, Mr. Panda went into the restaurant after looking at the design.  He decided to order some food.  Look at the menu he ordered:

Then after Mr. Panda gobbled up his food, he:

He fired twice into the air

"Why?" the confused waiter asked Mr. Panda.
"Well, I'm a panda," he said at the door. He throw a badly punctuated dictionary at the waiter and said "Look it up."

The waiter turns to the relevant entry and finds an explanation:

"Panda. Large black-and-white bear-like mammal, native to China.  EATS, SHOOTS AND LEAVES

Do check out foodpanda's website.  There are lots of restaurant for food delivery ^^.
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I was so surprise when i got a parcel from The Bag of Love and i thought that they had made a mistake and was about to message them.  hahahaha.  Then, i checked in their Facebook page and saw the announcement that they had sent the May bag for the winner of April Bag of love from The Butterfly Project-Beauty Blogger.  That was totally unexpected ^^.  It just made my day.*dancing*  Lets unzip this bag and go through them.

This month team is Best of Beauty.  So far, this is the heaviest as in volume because of the Dove Body Wash 200ml.  This time around, they are really careful and the shampoo and the Dove body wash is sealed with plastic bag securely.  The bag itself look bigger and really luxurious too.  I love it as now i got extras bag that i can use to store my skincare products when i go travelling ^^.

Mimi is so pretty and classy now

Dove Beauty Nourishing Body Wash, Full Size,200ml  RM6.90
Keratase Bain Oleo-Relax 30ml RM9.36

See that they are all in plastic bag?  They take extras measure to wrap it up this time.  I love the Dove body shampoo so much.  I used it immediately after i found it inside the bag =).  Didn't take picture before i used it first.  So eager to use this body shampoo.  It smell divine and milky.  I don't even need to use any body lotion after that.

Calvin Klein Eternity EDP 1.2ml RM6.09 and Eternity for Men EDT, 1.2ml RM5
 Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum 7capsules RM37

Both of the perfume are for men but the EDP smell unisex so i don't mind using it. XP
Will try the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules soon since the name sound like it can make me look 10 years younger.  Yeah, i am getting worried about aging now XP .

Crabtree&Evelyn Somerset Meadow Hand Therapy, 25g Full size RM30

This smell so good.  Smell really like the freshness of grass.  It also make my hand so soft and silky to the touch=) .  Saw that the second ingredient is macadamia oil.  I just love to eat macadamia and the oil on my face is so good!!!  Sorry for the dent on the tube of hand cream cause it came like that.  Nothing comes perfect and a little dent does not affect the product anyway.


Complimentary Amante basic manicure worth RM38
Manicure and it is free!

Crabtree&Evelyn Lavendar body lotion 5ml
I have not try this yet.  Saving it for travelling or swimming at the sea where my skin will just crack into million pieces and put this to test.

Keratase Nutritive Oleo-Relaxhair masque for dry rebellious 15ml X 2packets

I can't wait to try this masque as i have coarse hair.  It look nice but not to the touch. XP

Calvin Klein and Crabtree&Evelyn 20% vouchers

The whole bag cost RM 94.26 and does not include the price of those extras! I love this month products too as i think the mixture of body care, hand care, fragrance,  hair care and also face care are really good.  The mixture of products from the first debut bag until the third are really vast and allow us the time to try all those products.  Besides, all the products are all from different brands and it allow us to try all kind of products plus the beautiful customised bag every month.  Customer service was good as you know my previous bag was soaked and they tended to me immediately ^^ and i got my next bag so fast.  Overall, the items i love the most are the Dove Beauty Nourishing Body Wash and Crabtree&Evelyn Somerset Meadow Hand Therapy.

Debut bag: Brush, Cleanser, hair treatment, foundation, fragrance
Second bag (The Green Bag): Sleeping mist, BB cream, Shampoo, body lotion and moisturiser
Third Bag (Best of Beauty) :  Hand cream, face serum, fragrance, Body wash, shampoo and hair mask

What do you think of this months bag?  Would you prefer some makeup in the next bag?

The price of the products in May Bag of Love

Crabtree&Evelyn Somerset Meadow Hand Therapy, 25g Full size RM30
Calvin Klein Eternity EDP, 50ml Rm254 and Eternity for Men EDT, 50ml, RM209
Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum, 60 capsules, RM320
Dove Beauty Nourishing Body Wash, Full Size, RM6.90
Keratase Bain Oleo-Relax, 250ml, RM78

For more information and to subscribe, please visit their official website of Bag of love and also their facebook Bag of love .With subcription of RM39.90 permonth, you will get 5 deluxe samples size beauty products ^^.
Thanks to Bag of love and The Butterfly Project-Beauty Blogger for giving me such opportunity.


The last i wrote about Senka Hoshitsu lotion R which is a great product.  Now, i am going to write about Senka Hoshitsu lotion S since they were so nice.

Senka Hoshitsu lotion S is the one with white cap.  It is for combination and oily skin.  Lotion S is more watery compare to lotion R.  Lotion R is a slightly  thicker.  Both lotion is clear with no fragrance.  When i apply it on my skin, Lotion S absorb much faster compare to the Hada Labo hyaluronic acid  moisturising lotion.  Besides, it left me with a cooling feeling.  Hada Labo doesn't have that cooling feeling.  Overall, more lightweight, cooling and absorb faster into the skin.  I don't even need to pat so many times into my skin.  The moisture last on my skin the whole day.

You can even use it as mask.  Those with combination would prefer Lotion S as it is really more lightweight like water but the moisture last long on the skin.  Lotion R may feel a little sticky on combination skin like mine.  You do not even need to layer other things on the skin after using lotion S.  I love to use it as mask cause it really cooling and comfortable. Considering that it is 220ml for only 39.90.  Isn't that cool since you won't need to buy toner + essence + serum + moisturiser + mask ?  Save you a lot of money in the long run too.  If you have dry skin but got the Lotion S, it is okay as you can just pat more or leave the cotton pad on the skin for 1min to let the moisturise seeps into the skin.  Personally i prefer Lotion S than Lotion R.

It is a great product for travelling.  If you are into whitening, you can try the Blue bottle which is called whitening lotion.  I am not really into whitening/brightening products since i have acne prone skin although i want fairer and brighter skin.  Who doesn't want porcelain skin right?

The good thing about product like Senka Hoshitsu Lotion S is it save the effort to bring so many things when you are travelling.  I have a hard time thinking of what to bring for my skincare each time so one bottle that does all are really easy.  I prefer to travel light and not carry many things.  If i could, i don't even want to bring any makeup for travelling.

Made in Japan Shiseido
For more information, please visit official website. is from Senka Malaysia .
You can find them in selected Watson stores.  Retails at RM 39.90 per bottle (220 ml)

Product are courtesy of Senka Malaysia


Thanks to the Butterfly Project-Beauty Bloggers Only Beauty and Nature Republic , i got to try this fabulous Blackhead Brake 3 step kit.  Do visit the  Only Beauty website(an online portal in Malaysia) or Onlybeauty facebook to apply for the many fabulous samples to try.  They are delivered to your door step for free! Yeah, i am not pulling your legs.  It is free ^^.

From Earth~ Nature Republic. Based on Mother nature's Law, is a new cosmetic brand, created by combining both state-of-the-art technology as well as natural subtances of the utmost quality. It includes such a various medical plants, flowers and seawater from around world and natural prescriptions from ancient times.  This products are from Korea.

Anyway, lets go to the three products.  Here is the short description of the products from Only Beauty website.

Product Description

Blackhead brake 3 step kit purifies the blackhead that is made by excess sebum and dirt in pores. It helps to purify the skin, manages dead skin cells, provides nutrition, and protects skin from further damage. Improves various troubles of pores and makes look bright and clean. Deeply clean the pore and leaving your skin clearer with less visible pores with no irritation. It's suitable for all skin type.

Nature Republic Blackhead Brake 3-step Kit includes:

Pore-opening toner (30ml)

Step1: Use it right after cleansing your face as it helps open up all your pores on the nose to drag out the blackhead.

The lotion is watery clear which smell like herbal.  I am not sure whether it does open up the pore but overall it is okay.

▶ Sebum-cleaning nose pack (50 ml)

Step2: Apply it all over your nose just like applying a normal kind of mask. It helps absorb the blackhead in your nose. Just wait for 10-15 minutes to get the job done. Tear it off when the time is up.

This smell a bit stronger than the toner but the smell disappeared after a while.  The texture is white gooey.  Yeah, something sticky and soft. > <   Apply more as it will help with the removal later.  Remove it when it is really dry.  Tear it from the bottom of the nose.  It will remove more blackheads and do not pull hard.

▶ Pore-tightening serum (30 ml)

The tube

the pore tightening serum

It performs the post-skincare function after removing the blackheads as your pores would be enlarged after the removal. This serum helps tighten and refine your skin on the nose.

This serum smell the same as the pore opening toner.  It is gel type and cooling to the skin.  Not sure if it does shrink the pore as i feel that my pore is still the same.

The result:
Overall, i think it is okay.  I do not notice any blackheads on the nose pack as i do not have blackhead problems.  Besides, i only use it once so the result may not be that obvious.  I need to use it more times to see the results.  Will update on that soon.

Update on 12 Jun 2013:  I did notice that my pores on the nose were slightly small when using it ^^.  i guess one have to use it once a week to notice the difference.

Some information are found from Only Beauty website

Please visit Nature Republic facebook site and the Nature Republic official website for more information on related products ^^.

This is a sponsored review from Nature Republic and Only Beauty.


This is one of the products i got from the Bag of Love April 2013

This deluxe comes in tube.  I was a bit skeptical as i do not use cream moisturiser since i got combination skin but since this Decleor smell so nice, i just couldn't help but put some on my face.  It is moisturizing though and does not make me feel oily. I only use pea size for the whole face since it will be too oily if i use too much and it is better not to waste good things.  15ml also cost around RM80.  I would consider buying if it is seriously make me look 10 years younger .  > <   Well, after all who wants to look their age right? 

Decleor is brand that comes from France and it is know for the organic products and Hydra floral is one of their latest range.  They are also famous for their AROMESSENCE which is a form of aromatheraphy facial.  Their latest range would be the Hydra Floral Multi-protection.

This is the cream.  Looks a bit thick.  See my dry hand?

This after applying the cream.  It looks transparent with hint of translucency right?

Overall, the smell is nice, moisturizing and really comfortable.  I do not use much as my skin is combination and sensitive.  I just love the smell very much that i couldn't help with it.  About whether it makes me look fresh, smooth and supple i am not so sure since one can only notice that when using it for one month.  I do not believe any fast track for a good looking skin.  If there is, please tell me(without breaking my bank)  cause i am really one lazy bum.  Who doesn't want magic right?

This cream doesn't break me out but it is a bit oily for those that doesn't like cream.  I only used it as my night cream.  I will look really oily if i use in the afternoon. The hydration provided by the cream does last quite long.  Since it is cream, it suits those with drier skin compare to my combination skin.

For more information please visit Decleor website.
15ml Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturising Cream is a deluxe sample from April Bag of love  .Thanks to The Butterfly Project-Beauty Blogger .

Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturising Cream, 50 ml for RM271

Thanks for visiting and Good luck ^^.



TT Swallow's Nest Flawless Whitening Mask


Swiflet's Nest Extract, 3-O-Ethyl-L-Ascorbyl Ether, Tranexamic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Hyaluronic, Anthemis Nobilis(Chamomilla) Flower Extract

Swiflets Nest contains properties that helps regenerate skin and prevent premature aging. It makes skin smooth, glow radiantly and stimulate cell growth where it reduces visible signs of aging, fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

m-Tranexamic Acid is medically used in prohibiting bleeding issues. It is proven to have highly effective result in reducing melanin growth and pigmentations. m-Tranexamic acid is capable in reversing and inhibiting dark spots to fight mild inflammation.

Hyaluronic Acid is non-toxic that serves as the most important space filling substance in the human body. It holds water in the skin Hyaluronic Acid is non-toxic that serves as the most important space filling substance in the human body. It holds water in the skin to keep collagen hydrated and provides a youthful look. Hyaluronic Acid has moisturizing capabilities on skin’s structure and is very important in controlling tissue hydration.

Chamomile is known as both a pretty flower and an ancient healer. Not only is it an ideal ingredient for various skin problems, including acne, irritation, it also promotes granulation and cell regeneration. Chamomile contains phenolic and azulene derivatives which soften the skin, making it an effective in anit-aging, and helps reduce puffiness and cleanse pores of impurities.

Use after face cleansing.
Remove plastic film; adjust mask to adhere entirely over the skin contours positioning openings for eyes and mouth.
Stretch the sides to hang on ears.
Lift the bottom chin part and hang on ears.
Remove mask after 15-20 minutes and gently massage the remaining essence into skin.
Post cleansing is not needed. Apply skincare products thereafter to lock in moisture.


Moisturizing, Whitening, Brightening, Clarity, Reduce wrinkles, Increase elasticity

Information are from TT mask malaysia.



The mask smelt really nice and soothing. There is this ear flap where you put the flap on the ears and to provide the firming results. It was a bit of struggle for me since i had to keep tugging to make it long enough to reach my ears. =( a bit of pain too.

It does brighten my skin but as for the firming benefits i am not sure since i do not have sagging skin yet. it does not break me out though. So okay i guessed?

The mask is RM10 per piece.

for more info do visit TT mask website.  It is not a sponsored product.


Taking care of skin is really not easy especially when we do not have good genes to born with.  Yeah, of course i envy those people that only need to just use plain water on their face and still have flawless skin!  Of course, i wish my skin that my skin is flawless, soft and porcelain but unfortunately no. *sob* .

So, besides doing all the skincare routine and using the skincare suitable for skin, i do avoid some certain food like eating too much of meat.  I still love "fried chicken" though.  So, here is some food that i found out should be avoided eaten in large quantity.  Well, taking everything in large quantity is never good for our body right?

Well, milk is good for babies and our bones but not our skin.  Apparently, high consumption of milk can cause acne.  It will cause the skin to create more sebum and thus cause more clogged pores.  So, when the pores are clogged up, acne pop up.  So, just drink 8glasses of water everyday and do not overload your body with milk.   Your skin hates milk.


Processed sugar can cause a lot of problems for our skin.  Not only sugar can cause diabetes and cause acne and also make you look older!   High consumption of sugar will break down the collagen inside the skin.  So, if you want to stay and look younger than your real age, you would have no choice but to reduce the consumption of sugar but do not skip sugar totally.  Opt for fresh fruits if you need any sugary treats rather than gobbled up the whole cheese cake.  Well, who could resist dessert like macaroons once in awhile right?


Apparently, consuming white bread, rice and pasta and in large quantity cause the body to release insulin and  also cause the hormones that cause pimples to wake up as well =P  .  Bad for the skin.  Yeah, recently that i stop consuming so much of rice due to aging(i can't eat as much as i did ) i do realise that my skin wasn't so much pimply as before.  White is also not good for those that wanted to stay slim as well.  Go for wholemeal bread for breakfast instead.

There is no evidence that chocolates cause acne unless you love those with milk and sugar inside.  I love dark chocolates and eating a lot of them does not ever cause me to break out so i guess the myth about chocolates causing acne is not true at all.

Thanks for visiting ^^.


The bottle comes in a dark plastic bottle and with a spray nozzle .  It smells really nice.  There is smell of camomile and jujubile date extract. It smell really relaxing and fantastic.  I can't help to sniff the bottle even knowing that i will get very drowsy.  Just sprayed it on the pillow before going to sleep.

If you notice my April Bag of love , it is the reason that this bottle is specially pack in plastic bag for extra protection as my first bag was totally soaked in it.  I already expected it after reading that some got leaky bags.  I do not blame them though as this is not the first time i receive roughed up packages.  Once i received my envelope torn and the contents inside the envelope can be seen  T_T  .  If it wasn't for me being at home, I may just received some empty envelope XD.

Okay, enough of rambling.  Continue on with this Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist, this makes me very drowsy and i just doze off without any dream.  It is like just fainting off the moment i hit the bed.  > <
Now, it has become my father's caused he needs it to help him to sleep everyday.  It belongs to him now.  My mum on the other hand was very skeptical even when I told her it is natural and botanical since to her this potion is like Sleeping Potion in the Harry Potter movies or like some Ninja moves to make everyone sleep.  +P

For more information, please visit Body shop official website.
60ml The Body Shop Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist (RM39.90)  is from April Bag of love .Thanks to The Butterfly Project-Beauty Blogger

The Body Shop Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist retails at RM59 for 100ml


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It claimed to : Unifies, diminishes the appearance of darkspots, beautifies, moisturizes and suitable for all skin types.  Ideal as a makeup base.

I had never heard of NUXE BB cream yet.  I heard that it will only be launching in Malaysia this month.  So, those getting this bag will be one of the first to try the BB cream.  Nuxe is a famous for the Huile prodigieuse  so i can't wait to just try this since i love the Huile Prodigieuse.

Here is the swatch of the bb cream.  Look really orange on my skin. =(
Personally i do not really like the smell.  It smell like some plastic even after several hours.  i guess because it is really organic that there isn't any fragrance added thus smelling like that.  However, if you are someone really into organic things maybe this is for you.

This is the photo of before and after.  The lighting is the same but my skin tone look really different right?

The orange colour just doesn't suit my light skin or it oxided on me =(  .  Nuxe BB cream provides medium coverage for my skin since i can still see the red pimples.  It does moisturise my skin and last on my skin for few hours.  It is waterproof but not sweat proof since when i blot, some of the bb cream came out.  As for oil control, i am not sure since i will blot with tissue even if i do not look into the mirror.

I think Nuxe bb cream is more suitable for those with tan skin compare to light skin like mine. > <  I just look darker with this BB cream.  I am not sure if they will come out with different colours but so far there is only one colour for everyone.

Overall, if not for the smell and it doesn't suit my skin tone, i would like it since it is organic?  I just couldn't accept the smell that makes me feel sickly each time i take a sniff at it =( .  Sorry but this is just my honest opinion.  Have you tried this  NUXE BRIGHTENING PROGRAM BB CREAM SPF 30 PA+++ before?

15ml Nuxe Brightening BB Cream SPF30/PA+++ (RM120/30ml) are from April Bag of love  .Thanks to The Butterfly Project-Beauty Blogger .


IF YOU WANT TO DELIGHT SOMEONE, GIVE THEM A GIFT. This saying is a driving force in the gift and premium industry. The art of gifting has been practiced on a personal and corporate level. Companies present gifts and premiums to show their appreciation to their customers and partners as well as for branding and incentive programs.

MIGP Expo 2013 is making its comeback as the 3-day intensive business gathering for gift & premium suppliers to showcase their latest range of products to potential customers from the corporate and public sector. It is the event where potential buyers visit to source for new gift ideas and meet the industry suppliers face-to-face.

For more information visit

Malaysia's International Gifts & Premiums Expo (MIGP Expo)

Date :13 – 15 May 2013 (Monday – Wednesday)

Visiting Hours 10.00am – 6.00pm

Venue Hall 4, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre is located in the Kuala Lumpur City Centre, fondly known as KLCC. Stylish, functional and flexible, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre is amongst the world's best when it comes to hosting exhibitions, conferences, meetings, seminars or special events 

Admission: Trade Visitors aged 18 and above


Thanks to Tammy Lim, founder of The Butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers , bloggers that helps in sharing about the fabulous news on your blog, twit & fb, there will be chances for 1 or more blogger's dream come true.
Are you drooling like i do????

1 Grand Prize - A Blogger's Wish Come True
9 Consolation Prizes - Shopping Spree / Sephora Goodies Hamper


Here is my wishlist. ^^  Yeah, i know i am greedy! > <


Remember about the post that i said that i wanted so badly to attend but can't go?  Well, Fairy Godmother The Butterfly Project-Beauty Blogger had indeed answered my wish and make my wish come true!  Well, of course seeing all those competition and wonderful blog entries had me feel very inferior.  Mine was not even a video a, no editing of photos or beautiful amazing photos is in..=(  (inferior complex).Well, I almost give up on checking it when the result was out but "the just in case" came into my mind!.......

I am so glad that i did check on it or i would miss it!  
For April in conjunction with Earth Month the bags are made from eco-friendly material and the products are natural, organic or contribute someway to the environment.

Sorry for this really late post.  The post handling was quite rough i guess, i got mine totally soaked in the Body Shop Mist T_T  .  Not even a single drop of the body mist is left in the bottle... Sad... T_T  my whole room smell good though ^^.  Anyway, customer service was really fast as they attended to me almost immediately after i pm them.

So, here is the content of the bag ^^.  This is the new bag that the had sent to me.  It was really fast as i told Bag of Love about it on Tuesday and i received my Bag of Love on Friday itself.  That was fast ^^.

The one you see wrap up is the Body Shop Quiet Night Dreamy Pillow&Body Mist ^^.

How nice are them to send me the whole bag again.  I am really grateful for the bag ^^.

Decleor voucher for Signature Aromaplasty Facial for RM98

15ml Nuxe Brightening BB Cream SPF30/PA+++ (RM120/30ml)
15ml Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturising Cream (RM271/50ml)
60ml The Body Shop Quiet Night Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist (RM59/100ml)
50ml Phytocitrus Restructuring Shampoo (RM88/200ml)
6.5g Burt’s Bees Richly Replenishing Cocoa & CupuaƧu Butters Body Lotion (RM62.80/170ml)
Definite Contour Brush, Full-Size RM88

So after calculation, the products (not adding the facial &bag) is worth RM200

Well, for just RM40 you will get 5 deluxe samples per month and they comes in pretty cosmetic bag every month.  So, do wait for the review of some of the products soon. ^^

Products are courtesy of Bag of Love and The Butterfly Project-Beauty Blogger 


I am sure everyone do love freebies right?  I know i do.  hahaha *greedy*  it is one of the website in Malaysia that does share about the latest giveaway ^^.

If love freebies as much as i do, do visit Freebies Land Malaysia

They are sharing about Free Sample Giveaway everyday, Buy 1 free 1 Promotion & Contest Information in Malaysia.
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The Body Shop: Travel Size Shower Gels @ RM1 only

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Have a great day =)