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While I think Valentine Day is probably a day where couples get together while singles stay at home because we couldn’t stand the sight of being reminded that nobody wants us, I think it is a great idea to exchange gifts with friends and here my thought about the gifts that you could give to friends.

Gifts idea

1. Body and bath gift sets. There are many types of brands out there so there are many choices. I think most people like receiving bath products as it practically and everyone use it?

2. Shopping vouchers. Hahaha, this is generally what people would gift so that they person could get what they want rather than making us choosing something they might not like.

3. A nice dinner. I mean it is the experience that most people will enjoy being in rather than the lavish gifts that one might not like.

4. Chocolates. This is one gift that most people would enjoy. Check if the person prefers milk or the dark chocolates as many only goes for the dark cocoa. You could also DIY it yourself or make one =) . Just make sure it is really tasty.

5. Gadgets/Tools- This is men’s favourite. From shaving tools, fishing rods, electronic games, smart phones or others electronics things There are so many to choose from and many love those it.

6. Wallet- I think many would find it useful and there are types of wallet ranging from expensive ones to affordable one. Many love it because it is practical and useful

Worst gift

I think generally many would not like to get this kind of gift. The list doesn’t follow any particular order

1. Photo frames. Usually people would buy it themselves if they want it.

2. Fashion accessories. Unless you are very sure of that person’s fashion sense, don’t get for them.

3. Shoes or clothes. It is hard to know their styles and to know their shoes fit. Some shoes don’t fit that well with certain feet build so you might buying the wrong one.

4. Things for display. I find many told me that they do not like getting unpractical things that are only for display purposes and they can’t do anything about it.

5. Cosmetics- If you do not know your friends’ like, skin types or preference, please try not to get this because if might just make her unhappy.

So, what other gifts or not so great gift that you have received?

How are you celebrating your Valentine this year?

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  1. Haha photo frames are the winning ones!!! I thought they are only for birthdays when we were in primary school but as it seems it is still given and I completely agree it is on f the worst and non creative gift!!! :)

    Check out my lists of ideas: :)

  2. Thanks! I thought I am the only one not liking photo frames and it turns you are the same too Tijana! *high five* .


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