Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Hi gorgeous,

Facial oil has been out for already some time. If not mistaken, the proponent of this facial would from the west where using facial oil has become common during winter. I personally have tried some facial oil and I think they are great regardless of what type of skin you have. There are many type of facial out there but some still think that facial oil can cause outbreak. So, let us debunk some issues regarding facial oil.


Facial oil cause clogged pores and breakouts
Well, yes if you are using hair oil on the face. Of course facial oil will not cause breakout. Facial oils are made for the face and it is not the same oil made for body or hair. I have personally tried quite an amount of facial oil there and there are many which does not cause breakout. In fact, some facial oil such as Marula the leakey collection and argan oil is really great to soothe the allergy of the skin. It can help with the absorption of other ingredients and provide relief to dry skin or acne prone red skin. Just two drops will be enough for the whole face.

Facial oil is only for dry skin
This is not true. Facial oil actually balance the production of oil cheating the skin thinking that it has enough oil. Using it in long run will cause the skin to produce less oil and in turn more balance matte skin. Our skin produce more oil because we strip it of oil so applying two drops of oil over the face helps to reduce the amount of oil our skin thinks it need to produce. So, oily skin can or should use facial oil. Choose one for oily skin or help to balance skin conditions.

We do not need moisturizer when using facial oil
Well, it is not true that facial oil can replace the moisturizer that we need to use. One or two drops of oil are not enough to provide everything for the skin. You still need serum, moisturizer and toner (optional). Facial oil help with the penetration of skin products and protecting your skin from free radical so it is good to apply it as the last option of skin care routine. I am not a fan of layering too many skincare products but applying facial on its own is not going to help your skin. If you are afraid of clogged pores, warm one drop of oil and pat it on the face after cleansing, toning and moisturizer will be good.

There is only one type of facial oil
It is wrong as there are many facial oils out there so find the one for your skin type. Not all facial oils are the same because they are not. Using the wrong one can cause problems to your skin or not helping with your skin but using the right one sure help the skin to recover fast into a healthy state. There are tea tree oil for acne oily skin, Marula oil for sensitive skin, Argan oil for acne prone skin, rose hip oil for dry ageing skin, regen oil for bodily scars , dry oil such as Nuxe which doesn’t have dry feeling at all , Clarins lotus oil and many more. I have personally tried some of them and do like it for the different effects it has on the skin.

Overall, I think it is a matter of preference, your skin type and concern when you are going to add facial oil into your skin care regime. I think facial oil is good in balancing the oil production on my skin and with the moisture of the skin. Do not be scared just because it is oil because there are many products especially retinol which has oil base but it works wonderful on the skin. Besides, even acne prone skin like me has benefited from using facial oil and so would you.

Do you like facial like I do? Do tell what is your favourite?

The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.