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500 years ago Leonardo Da Vinci commented that when drawing portraits, the facial shape was the most important indicator of youthful attractiveness. He favored the proportions of the V-shaped face, as seen in his renowned painting of the Mona Lisa. Da Vinci`s aesthetic preference has since been reinforced by researchers who have concluded that the v-shaped facial contours, typically seen on famous celebrities such as Kate Moss or Madonna, are the most beautiful.

Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to have been born with the picture-perfect V-shaped jawline, and even if we were, aging can cause the skin to sag, giving the face the appearance of a broader base. But, no need to worry, Swiss line`s newest, highly innovative skincare product, Cell Shock Overnight “V” Mask, can help you rectify the situation. Comprised of the Sculpting Patch-Mask and Lifting Infusion-Mask, the two-part Overnight “V” Mask addresses facial architecture and volume like no other anti-aging product. It acts not only as a shape transforming facial mask, lifting the facial contours where needed and sculpting where puffiness or sagging has compromised the oval shape of the face, but also as a night cream. Welcome to the new era of facial architecture!

Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask
Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask


Swiss line, a revolutionary, anti-aging Swiss skincare brand with both a consumer and professional range, combines a proud heritage in the field of cellular therapy, a paramedical approach to beauty and a penchant for innovation. The Overnight “V” Mask is the newest product to join the Cell Shock collection, a results-oriented, cellular skincare collection launched in 1995 to combat the visible signs of aging.

Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask
Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask

Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask
Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask


As we all know, one`s facial shape, contours and proportions impact our perception of beauty. While you cannot alter your bone structure, unless you opt for invasive surgery, you can impact the shape of your face by sculpting the contours and lifting the skin with Swiss line`s Cell Shock Overnight “V” Mask, a two-part system including The Sculpting Patch-Mask and Lifting Infusion-Mask.

Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask  The Sculpting Patch-Mask and Lifting Infusion-Mask
From the left: The Sculpting Patch-Mask and Lifting Infusion-Mask


Formulated to drain and “slim” the facial contour areas, the roll-on, amber-colored Sculpting Patch-Mask is easily applied as you gently roll the applicator along the jaw line and under-chin areas.

Cellactel 2 Complex, Swiss line’s signature ingredient, maximizes cellular turnover.

V-Slimming Complex: This powerful toning and slimming complex, comprised of two synergistic botanical extracts: gingko (Gingko biloba) and butcher broom (Ruscus aculeatus), activates microcirculation, helps stimulate tissue oxygenation and fight free-radicals, soothes the skin, and drains it to fight water retention.

Swiss Snow Algae extract:
 This rejuvenating and protective active ingredient utilizes the latest anti-aging strategy of caloric restriction. Various studies have established a link between lower calorie intake and lifespan extension. By mimicking the effects of a “diet” on the skin, the extract of Swiss snow algae offers the benefits without the discomfort! This extract activates the longevity gene, klotho, and thus increases antioxidant defenses and cell repair.

Collagen Chrono-Protector The point of this polypeptide system is to preserve the integrity of collagen fibers by limiting the degree to which they become rigid. This is due to an anti-glycation effect that in turn preserves the elasticity and compactness of the tissues along the jaw line and under the chin. 


Acting like a “second-skin,” the Lifting Infusion Mask delivers facial transforming benefits throughout the night.

Cellactel 2 Complex, Swiss line’s signature ingredient, maximizes cellular turnover.

Cell Longevity Booster Slowing down the expression of the senescence factors and limiting dermal degeneration, the Cell Longevity Booster has been shown to favor the synthesis of SIRT-1 proteins, involved in cell longevity. It operates on a molecular level, effectively reducing the total number, surface, and length of wrinkles.

Oligo Catalyst Complex Uniquely designed to respond to the nutritional needs of overtired, stressed skin, the Oligo-Catalyst Complex has the ability to stimulate cellular metabolism, boost the synthesis of intracellular ATP, and increase cell growth. It is an optimized association between a physiological vector (“transporter”) and molecules of sodium, magnesium, zinc and manganese.

Hyaluron-Skin Film Comprised of sodium hyaluronate and liquid crystals, this film helps preserve the most important characteristics of youthful, healthy skin, such as suppleness, elasticity and tone. The multi-layer liquid crystals network, which is formed around each oil droplet, replicates the structure of the human skin and contains similar components, including phospholipids, fatty acids and triglycerides.

The Overnight “V” Mask may be applied two to three times per week, or for an intensive cure it can be used every night for as long as needed.  Cleanse and tone the skin as usual, and then follow with serums and/or ampoules, eye care and neck care.

1. Use the Sculpting Patch-Mask roll-on applicator to dispense the product along the jaw line and under-chin areas, while applying gentle pressure to the tube. Only a small amount of the product is needed as the gel forms a “patch”. Smooth the gel with the fingertips as needed to even-out the application.

2. Apply the Lifting Infusion-Mask over the entire face, neck and décolleté. When removing the mask from the jar use circular movements with your finger so as to “melt” and activate the “second-skin” film texture, making the application of the mask even more enjoyable. 

The Overnight “V” Mask belongs to a new generation of masks which work while you sleep… it should not be tissued-off or rinsed-off like a common mask.

If you feel the need to apply your usual night cream on top of the mask you can do it, but this should only be done in the case of very dry skin conditions.

I know many have already underwent some sort of surgery to get the V shaped face but I don't have the gut nor the money to undergo such kind of procedure.  Jaw line trimming is one of the TOP 10 most dangerous procedures in the world.  Now that I going to be 30 years old soon, I am getting worried about my sagging face and fine lines because that is sure not something that I don't think any women would be proud of parading it to anyone.  I was extremely ecstatic when I got this and can't wait to share the result with beloved readers.

Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask ingredients
Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask

Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask ingredients
Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask

 Here is the list of ingredients.
I noticed that there is Arginine which is a critical building block of skin collagen and hair keratin, synthetic versions of this wound-healing amino acid are found in anti-aging topicals.  This is super good for my skin!

Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask
Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask

 The products need to be finished within 6 months.

Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask sculpting patch mask
Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask The Sculpting Patch-Mask 

Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask sculpting patch mask
Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask The Sculpting Patch-Mask

The Sculpting Patch-Mask has amber like liquid in tube.

Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Masksculpting patch mask
The Sculpting Patch-Mask
 There is the ON and OFF which you need to turn (anti clockwise / turn to the right) when you are going to use it. You can hear two clicks.

One only needs a small amount of the sculpting patch mask. Press enough amount and apply on the jaw line using the roller.  The scent is nice but since you only apply it on the jaw, you won't be able to detect any scent at all. The sculpting patch goes on the jaw line without feeling heavy at all.  In fact, I can't even detect the anything but it is there helping to lift the jaw line without the discomfort.

Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask Lifting Infusion-Mask
Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask Lifting Infusion-Mask

Lifting Infusion-Mask is in an elegant frosted jar because we need to activate it by using the heat from the fingers.  Love the packaging as the golden mirror alike which doesn't fade and remains in the same beautiful state shows how much of effort are put into their packaging and their effectiveness of the products.  The frosted glass also feels heavy and luxurious. The soft light cream has a heavenly soothing relaxing scent  that lulls me to sleep.  Every session with the lifting infusion mask just makes my heart flutters =) .

After using it for a month, my face feels more lifted and there is this beautiful glow on my face.  Even many were asking what I am using because my face has a healthy glow but it is not oil.  My skin is also soft to the touch.  I am really pleased with the results and of course can't wait for the launch soon.

Here is the results after using it for a month.

Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask
Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask
Can you see the glow?  My face is not oily and I already bloat all the oil away so what you see here is really my skin. =)

Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V” Mask
Swiss Line Cell Shock  Overnight “V”

Love the results? I sure do!  =)

Feel free to read more Here to know about the range of products offer by Swiss Line.

Launch Date: End of March/Beginning of April 2015

Suggested retail price at 195 CHF (RM768 ).
You can buy it at ShopSwissline for world wide order. Do check if it is delivered to your country.
As for Malaysia, Swiss line is available at Deftness Professional Beauty Centre (03 2698 5008 / 012 378 2684)at 3rd Floor, Pertama Complex (Jalan TAR)

For more information, please visit Swiss line official website , Swiss Line Facebook and Swiss line twitter. Only the products are provided for my consideration.  However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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  1. Wow! After reading your review, I'm tempted to give this a try. But considering the price, I need to be sure if it works for me since I have eczema once. Thus now a bit careful in choosing skincare. Does it give you that burning sensation when you put in on? Years ago, I tried a cream from Bio-essence that claim to give you a v-shape face but I don''t like that burning sensation on my skin after application. Thus, did not use the full bottle.

  2. Thank you for your comment =) . No, it doesn't give any burning sensation at all. In fact, it feels very much like a soft light cream on my face. Doesn't stick to my pillow case too.

  3. OMG, is that really your bare skin??? Your skin looks like a luminous pearl! It really made your skin even and smooth. Is the cream and gel light in texture, is it gentle on the skin? I have extremely oily skin that is sensitive and breaks out easily, and I can't stand thick, sticky creams. You make this a very tempting product to try. How many times a week did you use it? How long did the product last for you? Did you use it along with (as an additional step/product) with your regular routine/products? Sorry for so many questions, but I'm really impressed with the results you got!

  4. Hi Luscious, thanks for your compliment =) . Yeap, that is my bare skin. The cream and gel are really light in texture much like soft tofu and it did not break me out for sure. I was using it like 3-4 times per week for a month. The products can last about 5months depending on your usage. If you use it daily, then maybe only 2months. I am using it as additional products with my regular night routine. cleanser> toner > eye cream > swiss line v mask . Unless the skin is super dry, the mask work out fine as night cream and mask =).

    The one thing is this is expensive and I would say it is a splurge item much like La Mer soft cream.

    Nah, not many questions at all and I am glad that you leave comments here =)

  5. You are welcome Luscious. Totally agree with you Luscious that it is cheaper than paying for facials, surgery or dermatologist. It an luxurious brands much like Clarisonic, La Mer and La Prairie.

  6. The difference is so huge! and your skin is so glowing. It's that good but the price is quite expensive T.T

  7. Hi @Jennifer Hew Thanks =) Agree that it is really good. Well, splurge products.


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