Friday, 13 February 2015


I put up a few places for the choices of food here if you are coming to Tioman Island because Mersing is the station to Tioman Island and sorry to say that there is not much choices especially if you are looking for liquor such as beers or even halal food.

Here is the non-halal one where you can get beers and pork.

MERSING SEAFOOD RESTAURANT- a affordable Chinese restaurant that you can order beer.  It is always full on weekends or when there are tourist from Singapore. Quality wise is not bad.

EE LO RESTAURANT 一而海鲜烧腊饭店- this is another restaurant that I do visit for their food but the time to wait for food is quite slow.  So, there early by 30minutes or else you will have to wait long for food. Price is not that expensive but higher a bit than Mersing Seafood restaurant. The lady boss can understand English so no problem in communication.

Here is the halal ones which means no pork or beers.

AL-ARIP RESTAURANT- This one is located opposite the Giant and serves Mamak food.  Service is quite slow but food is not bad.

SYED ALI RESTAURANT- This restaurant is always full with people and patronised by Malays and Indians for their mamak food.  Looks clean but not much choice

RESTORAN AL-HAMID MERSING- Their cendol is really nice but too bad the boss is lazy making that the restaurant isn't hygienic enough. Hard to communicate with the workers too as they are generally not local and so can't understand even Bahasa Melayu nevermind English.

XIANG GUO- This is a cake house next to Ee Lo but there is no beer or pork.  They sell mostly cakes and bread.  There is some other food but generally the price is high and portion is small so if you are looking for local food this is not a recommend place.  It is fully air conditioned.

This is not a sponsored review.  The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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