Thursday, 1 May 2014



Hi everyone, I shared few Korean skincare tips and I am back for second post. Everyone wants a good skin =) . So this is what I had gathered after watching their famous beauty show up to now.

1. Using soda water to clean skin
This is quite expensive if you plan to use carbonated water every day. One can of soda water cost about RM1.60.  It is such a rave in Korea now.  There is even carbonated products in the market already.  I saw one bottle of Spritzer carbonated bottle is selling for RM3.90 in Malaysia.  It is said to deep clean the skin from dust.

2. Using spinach water to clean skin
Seriously people like me would never do this because I will usually end up eating the spinach than using the water on my skin. It is said to deep clean the skin.

3.Using sea kelp/algae to clean skin
This is know for cleaning and calming the skin. Just blend the kelp with water. Put a paper mask on the face and put the kelp on the face.  It is very hard to find algae in Peninsular but it is common in Sabah.  So, next time do buy some when you are there.
Again, I am too lazy to do it.

4.Using yogurt to clean the skin

Yogurt is good for skin but again it will just go into my stomach. OMG, so many things go into my stomach and I sound like a serious glutton.  Yogurt is good for acne prone skin because it has lactic acid. However, sorry I love food so much that it is better to go into my stomach.

5. Using watermelon to cool the skin
I know this from the Korean beauty show Get it Beauty. They use watermelon as mask. Ermm, again I rather eat this.  Into my stomach it goes. Too lazy to DIY.
Watermelon is known to cool down the body by cooling the skin by 3 degree which is the highest among other fruits =) .

6. Use CC cushion for more moisture
According to the test the beauty show did, CC cushion contains more moisture than BB cushion so it is recommended to use CC cushion for the moisture benefit.
I tried CC cream and BB cream and I found that CC cream does contain more moisture than BB cream.

7. Using Epsom salt with cleanser
I tried using Epsom salt with cleanser and it does help to clean the skin as well to calm the skin down. It doesn’t get rid of acne totally but it is antibacterial. I think some people use it as mask too.

8. Drink 2litre of plain water everyday
This is a no brainer for a beautiful skincare. There is even an article by Daily Mail of the miracle of drinking 3litres of water everyday and the skin look younger 10 years! Just make sure that your food plus your water intake reach about 2 litre. Yes, of course it works. =) So drink up. No pun intended.

Opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.