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This is not the first time I came to this Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant but that was before I started blogging.  I brought some of my friends here before and they immediately fell in love with Korean food.  This is the third time I brought few friends to this restaurant again.  This restaurant never fail to impress my friends.  It is perhaps of the Korean fever?

This is a non-halal Korean food restaurant in Midvalley.  They are most famous for the barbecue but because we wanted somthing filling that we had decided to just order this whole set of kimchi hot pot, the rice, a plate of beef and also the side dishes.  You can actually refill the side dishes but too bad that all of us are too full to be able to asked for refill at the end of the dinner.

The workers are mostly non Malaysian but they can understand and speak English. =) Just speak clearly.  They are very polite and bow to us the moment we entered the restaurant.

beef-i didn't ask what it is called
 It is a little salty but nice.  The meat is soft and tasty.

the side dishes
 The six side dishes are delicious on its own and one can for refill but it would be little troublesome since we have to either to go to the counter or shout waiter which I find rude for me.  The place is a little crowded since it is quite small and everyone can see what the other tables are eating.  Some even asked us what is the name of the hot pot we are having since we probably look like we enjoyed ourselves very much.

 The rice is the famous Bibimbap is korean type of "mixed rice". Bibimbap is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with namul(sautéed and seasoned vegetables) and gochujang (chili pepper paste), soy sauce , or doenjang. A raw or fried egg and sliced beef are common additions.  We are supposed to mix it all together and eat it.  I only ate a bit because I don't really like cucumber especially fresh one.

The kimchi hot pot. Sorry finish eating by then XP
The kimchi hot pot contains seafood (two prawns, two la la, squid, some crystal looking vermicelli and lots of kimchi vegetables).  The kimchi is the common type which is the cabbage kimchi.  I like the kimchi soup very much but we couldn't finish the soup because we were so full.  Everyone enjoyed the hot pot very much although we wanted to order the barbecue plate if we could.  I am really sorry for the missing ingredients in the hot plate.  We finish eating it already and then only I realised I have not taken any photo of it. XP  So sorry.

So, between the barbecue pork and kimchi we decided on the kimchi hot pot since it is a must to try kimchi when one is in a Korean restaurant.  It is the same when one goes to Korea.  Kimchi is a must buy souvenir since it is what the country is most famous for other than their skincare products =).

Korean Green Tea RM3.80 (refillable if it is warm green tea since you are given tea bag)
Korean Citron Honey Tea RM6.80
Strawberry Shake RM7.80
Ice Water RM 0.50
Special Set RM98.80

Food are not sponsored by anyone.  So, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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