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One need to line up and know the number of the table so it is better to get a seat first before lining up to make the order. They will send the order to the table later. The nasi lemak is wrapped with the banana leaves and it will be heat up for the customer unless you requested that you want to eat it cold. It is quite small but it is really tasty considering that a common food such as nasi lemak is also well-made. The rice smell of fresh coconut milk and the sambal is just nice. It is not too spicy or salty. The rice comes with half hard-boiled egg, anchovies and groundnuts. RM2.50

ABC is cooling especially on hot weather such as Malaysia.  There are generous of amount of cendol, jelly and also groundnut.  The cendol jelly is not fragrant but it soft.  The ice cream is really soft and melt quickly. Overall, this is average.

Pulut Panggang
Mini Green Ku - Mung Bean Fill

Pulut Panggang was not bad. The filling is not much but it is okay. The ‘pulut’ is a little hard but okay. Not that delicious but okay.

On the other hand, the mini green ku is actually tasteless. If not for the filling, it wouldn’t be edible. It is soft and quite bouncy. Just that I don’t find it particularly delicious.

The talam is sticky, tasteless and hard. I don’t enjoy this kueh the most. The green comes from colouring and not from real pandan leaves.

Mee Jawa

Mee jawa gravy is thick and a little salty but it goes well with the plain ingredients. The yellow mee is cooked perfectly that it is not too soft or hard and it goes so well with the jawa gravy. The portion is of medium size and I think that the prawn cracker that comes with is okay. Too bad that there is no prawn on the crackers or else it will be better.


 There is a 6% government tax

Food is not sponsored.  However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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