Saturday, 31 May 2014


Al-Arip Restaurant
No. 44, Jalan Ismail, Mersing Kechil, Mersing Town, 86800

Anyone who comes to Tioman may pass by this restaurant if you are going to the Hotel Sri Malaysia or Giant.  Mersing town is pretty small.  I will write about it if I get enough 'push' to write about Mersing aka the place for tourist to disembark to go to Tioman Island if anyone request for it.  Many would envy me looking at the sea but currently this is the only place that is still with NO water.  I have to eat outside most of the time but let me save the ramble for another day.

dhal and mutton curry

 Most people would like to seat outside since it is less hot and there is a LCD TV outside. I prefer to seat inside actually since I dislike noise. Taking order was really fast but slow in sending my food. I wonder why did I need to repeat my order few times. This place is just opposite the Giant store which is quite convenient.  They have all sort of drink except liquor because it is a HALAL place.

The roti canai is crispy and not burn. I really like it plus the nice curry actually but again stingy. I have to ask for a refill for the dhal. Overall, not expensive since it is RM0.90 for one piece of roti canai but one is never enough for me.

roti canai


Looking at their array of food which is very clean because it is totally covered up, I took a risk and took rice. The eggplants is really tasty-not too soft or hard. I like the level of the spiciness too and I think RM5 for eggplants, egg and also longbeans is really worth it. It is just that there is not much of rice. I wonder if it is because I look too thin to be able to eat a lot.

Overall, I think the food is great and yes I would come again.

Roti canai RM0.90
Rice RM5 depending on what you take

Food are not sponsored.  However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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