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Of course, sometimes we do not realize what do to our skin and later on gets shocked by the amount of pimples or acne on our skin later. Then, we have to go crying to dermatologist or google up every day on how to cure acne. I had been through that phase before except the part of going to see dermatologist.


1. Keep trying and changing skincare products
This is a habit that really cause havoc on your skin. I didn’t realize that I was committing this mistake until some time ago.

I was having full blown acne and yet I keep changing skincare products within a short amount of time like 2 weeks. Used a new sets of skincare products, then change to another set after two weeks. Seriously, this can just destroy your skin since there are too much chemicals reaction going on your skin and your skin balance is thrown out of the window.

Sign of your skin is out of tune will be red skin, more acne or pimples popping out on your skin. Don’t try to use whole set of newly bought dermatologist claimed products to calm down your skin now. It won’t work.

You would have calm down your skin by either going to see the dermatologist, skin clinic or use real products such as seaweed, kelp, egg white or aloe vera. Do not try any skincare products at that moment except very gentle skin cleanser (no whitening, brightening, acne or deep clean cleanser).

I heard that one can use seaweed powder or seaweed to calm the skin. However, I couldn’t find it in Malaysia unless you ask your friend to get it from Sabah. The closest I can get for seaweed is the La Belle mud powder mask.

2. Trying skincare products that are not suitable to your skin type

This is another common mistake. We normally wanted the best for our skin but then we are easily blinded by so many skincare products, reviews and we usually wanted if possible fast result.  Thus it is easy to make the wrong choice.

Acne prone skin shouldn’t use skincare products meant for dry sensitive skin because it can clogged the pores and more pimples popping up.

That is why some would go and see a good dermatologist to know the products suitable for their skin type. So, understand your skin type and your skin condition.

3. Not knowing ingredients that can cause you reaction/ sensitivity

This is a no brainer. As we grow older, the skin reacted to different type of simulation. No everyone has the same reaction to the ingredients in the skincare products. So, only try one products at one time to know if you are allergic to it.

Next, avoid that ingredients that next time.

4. Too enthusiastic or too lazy to take care of your skin

This is of course a no brainer. No one would have a beautiful skin like a baby after 20 years old without taking care of it. Don’ trust your friend if she tells you that she only use that one cleanser and she have super smooth skin. They might be going to see the skin doctor or use special active products or tons of products behind your back. After all, most women in Malaysia do not like people to know that they are going through so much effort and money to have fabulous skin. They might even tell you they wake up looking that great. How I wish that is true.

On the other hand, if you are too enthusiastic on using too many products on your skin can cause disruption to your skin. Don’t over exfoliate your skin with scrubs, deep clean mask or cleanser. Nothing good comes out from being overboard so be moderate but don’t be lazy! If your skin is already fabulous, don't try to suddenly add some ingredients that said to fabulous into your skincare regime.  You might break out from it.

5. Not monitoring your food intake

You should know they type of food that can cause you allergy and food that can cause you acne. Of course you could eat them sometime but not everday no matter how much you like to eat them. I wrote about food that cause acne some time ago.

6. Not sleeping on time

I don’t know if this is true since I find that people who do not sleep on time tend to have bad skin. However, it is one of the factor that cause the skin to be bad and some dermatologist said sleep deprivation has nothing to do with acne. Well, I don’t know if that is true now but I am sure my skin look so much better when I have a good night sleep.

So, it is up to you to not believe it but it sure can cause trigger the skin to age faster.

So, now do you commit any of the skincare habits?

The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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