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I know we can help but pick the pimples when it is just staring right at our face. Actually squeezing it is bad for the skin but I understand because I had been through that experience before. I don’t think I need to keep telling that if you squeeze and pick that It will leave scars and heal extremely slow. Moreover, there will the more pimples coming out from that area where you pick.

If you really can’t stand it and still want to pick, here is some tips. However, it doesn't guarantee that there is no scars left. I have been there and just like you, I can't help picking it.  I know our fingers will go and touch that bumps XP  .

1. Make sure the one pimples you want to pick is not those underground one or else it would hurt so much and it won't heal at for more than a week.  Yeah, it will be bloody bluish red or some purple and you it is painful when you use your finger to touch it but even if you press it to bloody death, there won't be anything coming out of it.  That is the type to avoid picking at.

You can get those underground to come to a head faster by using a warm compressed and keep applying on that are until it come out or disappeared.

Pick one with whitish head.

2. Wash your face before that. A normal cleanser will do.  Do not use scrub or you will be redder than the magma coming from the volcanoes.

3.   Use a lancer to poke a small hole.  Becareful when you are using lancer because you can scar it .  Then cover your fingers with the cotton pads and squeeze everything out.  Make sure you get all the gunk out. This procedure actually hurt your skin up to the dermis layer.  The pain is from your second layer of skin.

4.    Now, that your pimples has already erupted, apply antibiotic(clindamycin) and hydro colloid gel (NEXCARE 3M-acne patch, Duo Derm or Dr.Check).  I just use plaster because Nexcare doesn't really work for me. I couldn't find Duo derm from the local pharmacies so I just use plaster or most people call it band aid .  It does works too and I do feel it heal faster than I just let it alone.  Oh, make sure you are not allergic to zinc if you want to use the plasters. Another one that you can use if you are from Malaysia would be The Dr.Check (buy the big one sheet which you can cut)

That is pretty much how I treat it when if I pop those pimples.  Yes, it heals slower compare to if you just leave it alone.  Well, what to do when we just can't stand looking at the ugly bumps on the face.

Products you need:
Duo Derm hyrocolloid gel, hydrocolloid dressing or Non stick plasters
cotton pad
antibiotic (clindamycin) (T3 Hoe mycin)

Product are not sponsored.  The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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