Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Mother's Day is coming and I am sure many people are thinking of what to give to their mother. =)

Have you got something for your mum?  Or you are out of idea on what to get your mum?  The list should be endless since many brands will come out with sets of skincare, makeup, bath sets and restaurant would have special sets for Mother's Day.

As for me, mother's day is everyday if it is possible but with making my mum fuming in between XP  .  I am not a perfect daughter hahahahaha.

Mother's Day is a day that we will avoid eating out, going out or shopping outside.  I don't mind paying the extra but the thought of waiting hours for food annoys my mum.  So, we usually celebrate few weeks before or weeks after.  Just going for dinner or something nice.  It only started few years ago so it is not a every year thing.  I don't get my mum flowers because she hates something that is not practical.lol

I wrote this for a competition but I don't even think that I will win or anything but well just sharing it here.


I envy my friends for being close with their mum,

My mum and I were just like cats and dogs,

I listen to Katty Perry but my mum listen to some Chinese opera song

I read The Star newspaper but my mum can’t

I like spaghetti but my mum only eats Chinese food

I am fond of fried chicken but my mum cooks me fishes

I watch English drama but my mum watch Hong Kong drama

I love dark blue but my mum hates it

In many ways we are not connected

But One thing for sure- We are connected by LOVE

My mum loves me unconditionally

She rushed me to clinic in the middle of the night

She stayed with me the whole night when I was having fever,

Learn to ride the motorcycle just to send me to school which is 1hour away,

Stayed firm that we must finish our school when financial crisis hit my family,

And trained us to be independent.

My mum is not perfect or educated

But I would not trade her for someone else.

So, what do you do for Mother's Day?

This is a personal poem. Copy right reserved.

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