Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Actually I like writing short stories and poems but I had never put them up in my blog because am ‘shy’. So, I have been writing only and not sharing it.  Don't read it if it is going to give you nightmare.  I hope that it is not as scary as horror movies.

1.Person that appears in my nightmare

The hair unruly,

The ugliness of appearance,

Behind the annoying conduct

The darkness around,

Invading my dream,

Choking me to infinite suffering,

Of mental disturbance,

Woke with cold sweats,

What happened just now?


The smirk

Hiding behind a veil of angelic face,

A friendly conduct that kills

Air that suffocates,

Perfume that is choking my nose,

Sounds of footsteps that is poisoning me to no end

An aura of dangers lurking behind the greed,

Giving never ending bitter dreams

The works expressed here are my own and have nothing to do with anyone.  It is just my writing.

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