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La Belle is are made famous for their Fair Makeup Ampoules that have 2 in 1 function- as a base before putting make ups and as a hydration ampoules to our skin. Normally we use the makeup to make it long lasting. Other types of ampoules are catered for skincare benefits and it works way faster because of more concentrated. I was excited because the ampoules are specially customized for my skin type. I wouldn't know what to choose looking at so many choices around.

Cheryl from is very kind and veryX10 friendly =). She customised the ampoules according to my skin, provide specific instruction on how to use the ampoules and provide me with eye luxe ampoules for my eye bags =) .

There are two major skin problems in my life! One is my dearie puffy eyes which I already gave up and also my pimples - although it is not really serious but seriously who like it, right?

Here is a little about La Belle.

La Belle Product is mainly extracted from natural ingredients, the delicate blend of ingredients are so fine that allow for fast and effective absorption into the deeper layers of the skin.

Age, environment, and lifestyle are all factors that can affect the tone, texture, and resiliency of the skin, these treatment based products target skin's ever-changing needs with highly effective botanically-based formulas. Enriched with vitamins, plant emollients, and natural protestants, these formulas can be incorporated into skin's daily regimen-or used as needed to supplement any skin care routine to achieve better Effect.


Voila! These are my customized ampoules by Sweet Ampoules which literally for my skin type for I have sensitive, acne prone + combination skin (where oily on T-zone and normal on others) and also not to mention- my eye bags.

-2 Vials of La Belle Acnex Ampoule
- 1 Vial of Pore Minimizing Ampoules
-1 Vial of Eye Luxe Ampoules
- 2 Vials of La Belle Hydra Essences
- 2 Vials of Gold Essences
- 1 Packet of Grey Mud Masks

La Belle Acnex Ampoule Soothes irritates area. Contain antiseptic effect on acne and pimples skin. Excellent in control breakouts.

La Belle Pore Minimizing Ampoules- It has purifying, antiseptic and astringent properties. Helps to unclog and tightens pores, assist to balances sebum productions, control excess oil and helps to redefine your skin by reducing whiteheads & blackheads

Eye Luxe Ampoules Increase hydration, minimizes dark circles, reduces puffiness and wrinkles around eye contour area

LA Belle Hydra Essence- Hydra Essence contains high concentration of H20 &HA as well as blended with natural herbal extract is perfect combination to hydrate and & rejuvenate skin. It locks moisture and restore elasticity of the skin, hence minimize wrinkle and give the skin a youthful appearance.

La belle Gold Essence use 24K Pure gold leaf helps to slow collagen depletion and prevent sagging skin. It also assists in protection against pollution effects & damaging UV rays. Gold speeds up cellular processes and active regeneration to regenerate healthy, firm skin cells and reduce fine line & wrinkle.

Here is the instructions for my skin type:
Day time
Cleanser > toner >acnex/ pore minimising ampoules > day cream

Night time
Cleanser>toner > hydra> night cream> right before bed,  treatment essence (La belle Gold Essence, La Belle Eye Luxe

Cleanser >  Toner > Powder mask > treatment ampoule/essence

The ampoules, essence comes in 3.5ml or 0.12 fl.oz. The bottles are really cute but one need to be careful when opening.  You won't need to use a lot of ampoules to see the results.  Besides, ampoule is very concentrated so a little is enough.

Visit this link to know the differences between ampoules and essence.  Essence and ampoule is not the same.

How to use/open Ampoule/ Essence
1. Firstly, peel off from the area which show an arrow on the aluminium cap . Throw away the aluminium cap after peel off.
2. If you plan to use the essence for few days, you may pour into a small bottle
3. Then you pour the remaining amount into you palm, and then slowly spread it evenly on your face
4. Lastly, massage upward , to ensure every part of your face is able to absorb.

Ampoules are basically scent-less except for Acnex because it is formulated with liquorice and herb extracts and with antiseptic effects but it is nothing unpleasant and the smell will disappear immediately once applied to skin. The ampoule gives a cooling sensation and it absorbs quickly into the skin cells. Essences absorbs way slower because it is slightly heavier in texture compare to the ampoules. I would suggest one to incorporate ampoule into their skin regime for a faster results especially for a special events. I had been using La Belle ampoule and it improves my skin so much. You may want to know My favorite ampoule that helped my skin? Of course the Acnex ampoule that works really fast to reduce those acne and pimples, Pore Minimizing and La Belle Gold Essence.

Here is the results for using the special customised ampoules for 19 days.

can you notice the amazing results?

The pimples reduce its redness by day 7 and my pores were much smaller. I love how my skin was reacting on day 19. In case if anyone wondering why it stop at Day 19 , it is because I went for camping on the next day...Sigh, Just when my skin starts to look fabulous and it's camping time! My skin turned bad after the three days of camping due to lack of sleep, not drinking enough of water and NO Skincare products!! I will put that up as second part since it is not fair to show you the skin that went extreme harsh treatment for few days.

Results for using eye Luxe Ampoules

Here is the results for my eye area.  No editing done to it. If you notice my eye area are really brighten up.  I was really surprise after looking at the photos.  My eyes is lifted.  Of course my eye bags won't disappeared like magic since I have only been using it for 19 days.

La Belle Grey mud powder mask
La Belle Grey mud powder mask
La Belle Grey mud powder mask

Function: Rich in mineral to help calm down uncomfortable skin conditions, stabilize
skin pH. Helps clear skin pores & cleanses skin deeply.

Ingredients list: Diatomaceous earth, sodium alginate,algae

Procedures for the use of powder mask:
Mix 1 packet of powder mask with approximately 60ml of mineral water or 30ml of La Belle Rose Toner with 30ml mineral water (until it become a smooth paste).
Apply a thin layer of 1-3mm mask on face. After 15-30minutes drying, gently peel off the mask.

I actually divided the packet into two times usage.  Add 30ml water with 15ml La Belle Rose Toner.  Blend them and apply them quickly or else it will become gooey.  If look at the picture, yes it has become quite gooey on my face because I am slow in applying.  My face sure has become brighter and less red after using the mask =).

La Belle Grey mud powder mask

Now, are you convince that ampoule is good for your skin? Head over to Super Sweet Ampoules .  You would be turned into a sweet person too =) .  Cheryl can gives you advice on the type of ampoules you could use base on your skin condition.

All Ampoules are sold in a box of 10 vials of the same type:
Purchase First 4 Boxes @ RM 38.00 per box
For 5 boxes and above @ RM 35.00 per box

They have special package from RM78 to Rm158 for different skin types . Check the link here

Essence range are from RM58 to RM70 per box depending on the type of essence.  There is even a special bridal ampoules that is very affordable =).  Do go to and check them out.

For more information, please visits the links below: The do ship internationally too =)

Facebook Page:
Instagram: @sweetampoules
Cherylc email: or
Whatsapp her at : +6012-2091068

Product are sponsored by La Belle Skin Care, Paris.
However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.


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  2. Wow! Just wow! The healing effect it delivered is amazing! Great move on trying this product out!

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