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If there is one beauty product that I can’t leave the house is deodorant no matter how busy or lazy I am. I don’t know about you but I have been trying to get rid of the body odour problem since like forever. I have tried type ranging from deodorant and perfume but still it doesn't help with getting rid of the smell.  I still smell bad! I get very caution when someone is near me in case they can smell my horrible body odour since I perspire easily compare to others.

Of course it is humiliating even if they don’t want to mention it at all. The first thing that I get to know about beauty products was actually deodorant because my kind aunt bought this for me. Being presentable is not just looking nice with makeup but also not to smell bad. It is torturing to keep smelling bad air but we can’t them to back off!

So, today I am introducing to you this Total Image Smelly No More.

Banish odours once and for all in underarms, behind the knees, neck and feet with a deodorant made from natural ingredients, and take on the world with renewed confidence.


Total Image Smelly No More is a crystal stone deodorant that is derived from pure natural mineral salts that effectively gets rid of strong body odour by inhibiting the growth of odour causing bacteria to produce a longer lasting refreshing feeling.

Unique Features of Smelly No More
300% more effective than commercial deodorant
Alcohol free
Non sticky

Natural mineral salt.

Usage Instruction:
After showering, wet the top surface of Smelly No More and apply to areas which needs protection


Smelly no More is a straightforward name and I was surprised that I can actually use it on my foot and arms area. There is actually no smell at all no matter how you try to sniff at it so I can use it with my perfume without clashes of different type of perfume.

TOTAL IMAGE SMELLY NO MORE Bottom of the deodorant. can you see the small holes?

It is easy to carry the mineral salt around since it is small and compact. It is a little heavy.  On the base of the deodorant, there is a hole for the extra water to flow out.  So, don't wet the whole deodorant or be prepare to find a lot of crystallise mineral salt around it the next day.Just use a little water to wet the top part will do.

However, I find that the mineral salt can be easily broken when trying to screw especially when I am in the hurry. Most of the time, I just leave it like that because it is better not for me to broke it. I would prefer if it is in form of twist up.  Other than that, everything is great =) .

I have been using it for about few weeks and yes, I don't smell bad even when I am sweating like crazy.  It is also very smooth and you won't feel anything on your before applying or applying.  The skin area is just normal =)  .

It is safe since there is not alcohol, fragrance and it is not even anti antiperspirant.  I would recommend this for those looking for natural way of banishing smell =).  It really works =)  .

Thanks to Total Image again for providing this products for review.

Products retails at RM16.90 for 60g RM24.90 for 120g
For more information, please visit official website of Total Image .
Product are sponsored by Total Image Malaysia . However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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