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I was nominated by Nindya Retnasatiti from
Actually, I am lazy and that is why I took so long to answer this question. I don't know how to play this verstaile blogger tag thing so I think I will just answer question here.

Here are the questions:

1. Why did you start to blog about beauty?
It was actually 1 year ago when someone suggested that I should start blogging since I buy a lot of skincare to try because of my horrible skincare condition. I was pimply, acne prone and looked so much like an erupting volcanoes.  I kept on trying which wasted a lot of money and finally found some products suitable for my skin.  So, I was just sharing what works for my skin and what I notice from the current skincare products.

2. If you could do some famous celebrity's makeup, who'd you pick?
I am actually am really horrible at makeup. I can't never get the eyeliner, foundation colour, eyeshadow colour right. Even lipstick take me 10minutes to get it correct. I think the makeup would end up not looking at all like those celebrity flawless makeup if I do one.

3. How do you store your makeup collection?
I actually do not have much makeup and definitely not a collection at all. I put all my skincare and makeup into a huge box and that that also make my family members make a fuss about me using so much of skincare and makeup.

4. Who is your favorite beauty guru?
None actually because I don't like to makeup and couldn't get it right =(. I think makeup hates me.

5. Who is your girl crush celebrity?
Not sure actually.  I don't know many celebrities.

6. What is your favorite makeup brand and why?
MAC because their colour are so pigmented and beautiful. Quite pricey for my pocket tough. Drugstore products would be something Maybelline and recently try a made in Malaysia products.  Korean brand would be Tony Moly since the brands has so many cheap and good base makeup such as bb and cc cream.  I am basically a person who looks for affordable makeup.

7. What's your favorite animal?
I actually like most animal but it would be a tiger I guess but I can never keep one.

8. What's your favorite food?
  I have a lot of food that I like to eat.  Mainly I don't like food that are too sweet but I like dessert very much especially ice cream which can contribute to bad skin. XP  I still eat them but only on weekly basis.  Most food that are like are all very bad for the waist and skin XP.  Can't help it right?  Who doesn't like chocolates, cakes, pies, macaroons, ice cream, coffee and blended drinks?  I don't like cucumber and no matter how I force myself to eat them, I just can't accept the smell.

9. If you could be a superhero, what kind of super power you wish to have?
Superpower well, if only it can come true but well it fine to dream =) .  I would like if it has something to do with water. =)

10. Lipstick or eyeliner?
I prefer lipstick as it can change my appearance from day to night in a flash. I am better in using lipstick than eyeliner that would take me 1hour to just draw a crooked line.  Why everyone can do it so easily while I can't although I have been practising every week?

11. Fuchsia or Peach?
Fuchsia as I am a person who love bright colour this year.

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