Sunday, 1 December 2013


dolly look

I am not good in makeup and that is the reason I don’t makeup.  Yeah, I can just go bare face.  Make up need skills and it seems I haven’t improved one bit even after so long =( .

This is pretty easy to do and it only takes less than the normal time to put a full doll makeup.


1. After basic skincare, wear circle lens.  I am wearing ColourVue Big Eyes Dolly Black.
2. . Draw your eyebrow.  I am using brown since my hair is dark brown.
3. Apply eyeliner close to eyelashes.  I start drawing from the outer corner of the eyes to inside.
4. Apply the silver eye shadow all over the eyes up to creases. Apply fake eyelashes.  Wait for the glue to half dry first.  I normally apply the eyelashes starting from the outer corner using the eyeliner as guide otherwise I  won’t get balance eyelashes for both eyes.


5. Use the eyeshadow brush to just tap the silver eyeshadow on the waterline.  Don't tug *you don't want wrinkles*. Apply on inner corner too. 
6.  Since I am a novice I usually apply eyes makeup first. A doll face is supposed to be flawless, just apply cream concealer or bb cream all over the face.  If you are using bb cream, wait until it dry and apply two layers of BB cream.  I find it easier to use the sponge to just cover it all over.
7. Apply sheer colour lipbalm many times over if you do not have any red lipstick.
8.. Apply some blusher on the apple of cheeks.
9. Lastly, just pat on the powder.  You can just use talc if you are the types that only do one thick makeup once a year. Make sure you are not allergic to it.
10. I use a bit of the silver eyeshadow to tap a bit on the nose bridge.  You can just use the silver eyeshadow as highlighter but use little or else one would look like a disco ball.

No point of wasting too much of money for makeup.  Ermm, I am not willing to spend too much on expensive makeup since I don’t use them everyday.  Called me plain lazy, I am just not good in makeup.

ColourVue Dolly Black RM90 from Mr.Lens (the best comfortable colour contact lens)
Maybelline concealer Rm19.90
Maybelline BB cream Rm19.90
Maybelline mascara RM19.90
Elianto silver eyeshadow Rm10
Fake eyelashes Rm0.50
Maybelline lipbalm RM12.90
Black eyeliner RM10 / Or you can even use wet black eyeshadow/mascara
Etude House cupcake Blueberry Cheese cake All Over / can just use any pink blusher or even pink lipbalm
eyeshadow blush

This is not a sponsored review.  Thanks to Butterfly Project and Mr.Lens for the colour contact lens.
This is just sharing my novice way of doing a dolly makeup.  Seriously I am lousy and not the best person in giving makeup advice.
However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.


  1. You look really dolly :) I’ve chose dolly black colourvue lens as well :)

    Awesome tutorial :) Followed your blog!

    Lizzie (

  2. Thanks for the compliment =) . The dolly black lens sure will make you look like a doll too =P. I followed you back too. Again thanks =)

  3. I must say that Naturelle Pure Black
    features provide a unique gradation pattern that blends seamlessly with the eyes’ natural colour to enhance it.


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