Actually this is not the first time I come to this restaurant.  The restaurant is always full with tourist or with families that comes for vacations considering that there are hotels at the same row.  It is not air conditioned but is clean and well maintained.  One won't see flies flying around their restaurant even if it is not equipped with air-conditioner.  There is one toilet but it is clean too =).  They have a open kitchen where you can see them actually cooking your food.  Lunch is buffet style where one choose the food and wait for the owner to come to you and write down the price in a piece of paper.  It is definitely a place for families to have a simple dinner or tea.  It also one out of two restaurants that open 24 hours 7days in a row.

 There is a TV with Astro for the customer to watch.  However, there will charges of RM0.50 per hour for usage of the electricity plug considering some people comes and just charge their phone for free without ordering anything.  There is Wi Fi but it is with password.

As for dinner, you can opt for the same food serve during lunch or order ala carte but it depends if the cook can make it.  Normally, customers would order mee goreng, nasi goreng, roti canai or tosai.  They used to have chappati and naan but it is no longer available now.

Service is quite fast but if there are many peoples around, it will be slow since they only have one cook.

The food is cheap and reasonable.  I like their roti canai because the bread is cook perfectly and I couldn't find any sign of blackish dots on my roti canai.  The portion is reasonable and quite filling with the tasty dahl added with a little sambal.  The roti canai is tasty and soft with few layers inside the roti canai.  I do like their dahl but since it always comes in small portion, I would always have to ask for extras.  No extra charges for extra dahl and I find that they would give more dalh if I order a takeaway.

The roti telur or the direct English translation is called 'egg bread' is equally delicious and well made.  The egg is cooked properly and soft.  I like it very much as I don't like burnt roti canai.  It goes well with the dalh.  However, the size is of course not that big and so one will always need two pieces to be satisfied.

The tosai comes in a big portion and wrap so it is really filling and ordering one is enough.  Unlike other tosai that i had tasted, this doesn't have any sour taste in it.  The tosai will come with dahl, curry and chili paste.  The tosai is cooked with no sign of any burn so this is really healthy for a health conscious person like me.

Roti canai : RM0.80
Roti canai telur: RM 1.50
Tosai: RM1.20
Plain water: Free

Went there on 17/11/2013 for dinner

Location: No.72-73, Jalan Sulaiman, Bandar Tepian Sungai, Mersing Kechil, Mersing Town, 86800
Phone: 016-716 3124
Spending: RM10 and below

Food is not sponsored. However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.