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It is actually pretty easy to move around Malacca if it is the town.  Oh, I don’t mean Alor Gajah or Jasin.  I was actually pretty lost since I was backpacking and because I didn’t well do any virtual visits, I was clueless which bus to take.

One just needs to take bus number 17 to Jonker Street or Dataran Pahlawan.  RM1.50 per trip.  I do not dare to take taxi as it can be expensive.

Pretty much, there are many hotels in Dataran Pahlawan and Jonker Street.  You can book earlier but I am a terrible last minutes person so still I manage to get hotels and service was pretty good.  I stayed in Mawardah Inn.  There is no lift so if you are a lazy person, chance is you would be extremely tired in climbing the stairs.  I don’t mind anything as long as I can get a comfortable and cheap room.  The room was big, comfortable and cozy.  The toilet is the most comfortable one considering it is not even a 3stars hotel.

They are generous with the water as they do not control the amount of water coming out and I had a comfortable moment of having water massage in the room.  This is so much unlike all the common hotels that I stayed before.  Of course that one does not include a 5 stars hotel that I stayed before.
Jonker Street and Dataran Pahlawan was very near each other and it will only take 20minutes to walk from each other.  There is the Taming Sari in Dataran Pahlawan.  I used this is as my landmarks since I can get lost pretty easily.  If you are using the zebra crossing, make sure to be careful as I almost get knocked down by a irresponsible driver who keep driving even when the light turns red!  DO NOT TRUST ZEBRA CROSSING!

Besides, the famous Kota A Famosa is also nearby. There is also a ship where one can take picture of it.  I think you need to pay to get up on the ship.  It is actually on the same road to Jonker Street.   One can pay about RM20 for a round of river cruise on the Malacca River but I wasn’t interested in it. There are two huge malls(Mahkhota Parade&Melaka Megamall).

this is opposite Taming Sari.  Behind this building, there are many hotels or even backpacker's hotel.

Use the Taming Sari as a guide to walk.  I am a hopeless person when it comes to reading maps so I usually use landmark to guide me.  In Malacca(Melaka), it is the Taming Sari.
this is the end of Jonker street

I walked to Jonker Street for snacks at night.  You can check the other post on review forfood.  I only manage to try a few since it was only a  “two days and one night” trip.

On the day I wanted to go back, I took a bus from where I get down which is in front the Melaka Megamall (opposite the Mahkota Parade). It is Rm1.50 per trip.   Just ask the bus driver if they are going to Melaka Sentral.  Pretty much every bus that passed by will go back to Melaka Sentral (the bus station).
Then, from there you can take any bus to KL or to Penang.  There are many buses to KL in Melaka.  I took KKKL  bus since there is a bus for every hour.

Overall, I think it is pretty much easier to go around Melaka compare to coming to Tioman Island.

This is not a sponsored review.  However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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