Wednesday, 25 December 2013


This year theme for Christmas is Environmentally friendly or the 3R I think.  I was told that Midvalley in Kl has the most beautiful Christmas decorations.  So, here is all the photos taken for it =)  .  As usual many are taking photos but since I am alone, I am 'shy' to be taking my own photos aka selfie.

I personally don't really like to take photos of myself unless for reviews or something.  So, how is your Christmas?  Mine is just busy typing reviews  and editing my blog template.  It is so hard when i don't have the money to ask someone to do it.  Do you like the new template?


  1. Yesterday someone told me that Sunway Pyramid's decorations are the best but I haven't been there since they put it up. I think your new template's very cute!

  2. Hi, thanks Corrine. =) You are so kind. Your template is more amazing than mine! i am still trying to design a new logo for my blog page and also made some exchange to the blog but need to take a break first. Looking at all the coding had made my head spin like there is no tomorrow. At first i messed up too many codes too. I think something is wrong with the discuss platform. It doesn't show many of the comment so temporarily I am still using this.


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