Thursday, 26 December 2013


I reached Malacca quite sometime in the afternoon and so I ate at the Melaka Sentral which inside the bus station.


Thai Tomyam&Nasi Ayam (MW Ocean Sdn.Bhd) Terminal Melaka Sentral

The environment is okay inside. It looks clean but the arrangement is not really that comfortable since all the chairs are very near to each other. I can basically listen to what the others behind me are talking about. There isn’t many people there so I think service was okay. The waiter is quite slow in taking my orders and sending my orders. I have to go to the counters to pay later considering that the counters is just so near where I sit and there isn’t hardly anyone at all.

I ordered the nasi pattaya. The rice is not that tasty since they use ordinary rice. Normally, the rice would be wrapped inside the egg but this is just half of the egg and the egg is really thin. The egg only covered the top of the rice. Portion was not very big and there isn’t much inside the rice. There is hardly any chicken and there is an only bit of eggs. Overall it was just okay. I had to order something else to eat.

The chicken rice was okay since it is not hard but not soft either. Chicken is quite hard and it is not that fresh anymore since. The portion is quite small considering the price. There is no chicken sauce and it is just soya sauce on it. The soup was quite salty and it is not to my liking. Overall, I don’t really like the chicken rice.

The Nasi Goreng Cina is just the same as the nasi pattaya, minus the egg that cover the rice. They use the ordinary rice for it. There is hardly any chicken or seafood inside so the taste only comes from the monosodium glutamate and also the ready-made seasoning. I only get tiny bits of eggs, peas and fishcakes from the rice. The taste is just okay and there is nothing to rave about. Overall, I am not satisfied with the food. It is just okay and not really tasty to my taste buds.

Nasi Pattaya RM5.90
Nasi Goreng Cina RM5.90
Nasi Ayam Stemed RM5.90
Air Kosong RM0.30
The O Limau RM2.00

For dinner, I was roaming like crazy for food and decided to just try the food in Newton Culture Food Village PT499, Jalan Merdeka, Kaw.Bandar XLII 7500 Melaka, Malaysia.

It is not air conditioned of course and there is halal and non halal section. It is owned by the same person I think since we can just order anywhere we want. I don’t know how things work here but since there are people eating so I just decided to try them.

Al-Nyoya Cendol RM5.60

Laksa Mee RM4.50

Mee Rebus

Mee Rebus RM4.50
Asam Fish Set RM6.50 (the rice and the one next to mee rebus)

Rojak Big RM5.00

Chick Rice Set RM4.50

I kind of regretted ordering this as the sting ray look so appetizing from the picture. I was proof wrong when the dishes was send to my table. Well, I should just believed the saying don’t judge the books from its cover’. The dish is cold when it reach my table. I don’t like my dishes to be cold. The flesh of the sting ray is hard since they had chosen the big sting ray. The flesh is cooked with a lot of herbs but still it doesn’t cover the fact that it is a cold dishes and so there is stingray smell. It comes with white rice, salted egg and stingray. This dish is a major disappointment for me since I like eating stingray.  The only thing nice that i can is that the fish is fresh.

The Rojak is consisted of pineapple, guava, galangal (lengkuas) and a lot of cucumber. Although the portion is quite small considering I order BIG rojak, there is plenty of groundnut on top. There is some crunchy cracker in it. The sauce is quite thick and tasty. There is also sesame seeds which make it quite delicious apart from the cucumber which I do not like much. The fruits are fresh and so it is not bad.

Laksa Mee was okay but again when it comes to our table it is almost cold to the touch. There are fresh beansprout , two fishballs and some fishcakes. The laksa is more like the curry types and so the gravy tend more towards the curry type. It is quite okay but smell more towards curry than the asam laksa I expect from Penang.

Chicken Rice Set was okay and the portion is quite big. The chicken is quite soft and fresh. Besides, it is not too salty to my liking.  The rice is acceptable since the rice is added with ginger and it is not too salty.  The only thing that I don’t really like is that again it comes cold. There is not soup for this chicken rice. I wonder why does everything comes so cold when people prefer food that are warm.

The Al-Nyoya Cendol comes with coconut milk topping and some brown sugar. There are some red beans inside but the red beans are quite hard and I don’t particularly like it. The cendol is okay but doesn’t smell of fresh pandan. Other than that, I think there is some natta de coco inside. The ice is soft and melt quite fast. Overall, it is just okay for me and I don’t particularly like it or hate this cendol. It is just not anything amazing to me.

Mee Rebus was also only okay.  I don't really like the sauce because it smell too much of curry powder.  The sauce is not sweet but not spicy either.  The egg and the dry tofu was not bad.  However I couldn't say the same about the prawn crackers .  It soggy and not crunchy at all.  I couldn't taste any prawn in the cracker and probably the cracker is cooked with too much of oil.  Overall, this is not a dish I would order again.

Asam Fish Set RM6.50
Rojak Big RM5.00
Laksa Mee RM4.50
Mee Rebus RM4.50
Chick Rice Set RM4.50
Al-Nyoya Cendol RM5.60

At night, I went to find the road to Jonker Street as I wanted to try their local food and the recommended Durian Cendol. Unfortunately when I reach there, I was overwhelmed with the amount of crowds and I dislike waiting for food so I just wandered around and just bought anything I like to try. It is hard to even walked around in the Jonker Street.

I walked until the end of the street and bought this ice cream from Durian Cottage.

Durian Cottage 榴莲密语
Location: 11c, Jalan Tokong, Malacca Town, 75250

The shop is really quiet and only an old woman is taking care of the shop. Most people would wonder if there is anything nice since it is at the end of the streets. It is no wonder no one would come inside this shop. I am a person who is quite adventurous so I prefer to try food people haven’t rave about yet. The ice cream only cost RM3. The smell of fresh Durian is really good and all I could say that is really the best Durian ice cream I have ever tasted. The taste could rival those famous ice cream shops. The cream is so smooth and creamy. I bet the owner really use high quality durian to make this. The cone is of those expensive crunchy ones and the ice cream is filled until the bottom of the cone. I felt that RM3 is really worth it as I feel that I have eaten few Musang King Durian. If it is not because the shop is at the end of the street, I would really have make a U turn around and go for the second round.

I guess this is the only thing I find delicious in Jonker Streets that night. Others were just so so and I do not have the time to try every single food that night. I wasn't’t interested to try the famous chicken rice balls as they use hands to make it and the famous satay celup was just so so. There are two famous chicken rice balls and the most famous one is extremely arrogant so it is not a wonder I wouldn’t want to go for such shops. I don’t usually ask for great service but at least ‘serve’ me.

portuguese tart 

This is among other street food that I tried that night and since being a picky person, I wasn't impressed by the food at all.  The pork dumpling meat is not bad since it is infused with ba kut teh but the rice is way too soft for my liking. Portuguese tarts wasn't that nice since the vanilla essence is too strong and the crust was not crunchy at all.  Edible though.

For lunch on 7/12/2013, I went to eat at McDonald in Melaka Sentral.  The weird thing about the counter is that there is a waiting line and I lined up at the wrong one so I had to line up again.  Lucky there wasn’t many people or I think I would just give up and go eat something else.  I sure don’t have patience to wait or line up  1hour for food.  I dislike queuing up no matter how tasty people said.

It haven’t ate burger for quite some time.  I ordered Spicy Chicken McDeluxe.  It cost Rm13.75 for medium and large is RM14.75.  There is no receipt just like some fast food outlets.  The burger set comes with French fries and carbonated drink.  You can choose between coke, sprite or strawberry Miranda.  The bread is soft and it was quite tasty.  The chicken is spicy, crunchy and filling.  There is lettuce and it taste quite good.  I don’t realize if there is special sauce other than the usual mayonnaise which I will scrap off since I don’t like mayo.  Overall, the burger is not bad and when in doubt during travelling, always turn to fast food although it is not really that healthy to keep eating fast food everyday.

Overall, that is what i eat during my travel in Malacca since it was ad-hoc kind of trip and so no particular research was done before hand.

This is not a sponsored reviews.  However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.