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Christmas came early since this is the first time I receive a package from Bloop and HiShop .Thanks to HiShop for choosing me for this Bloop Buddyz. I received three things from the package-Bloop nail it strip for toes, Bloop nail it strip for fingers and a bottle of nail polish in H184. As usual, their package arrive in a beautiful pink package.

I understand that some company has strict dressing code and that include not nail polish on the fingers.  Still, I am sure women do love to adorn their fingernails with colourful cute prints especially with this coming Christmas season.  So, one option is to use nail strips.  One can remove it easily to avoid the boss frowning and nail strips also shorten the drying time.  There are so many beautiful nail strips offer by Bloop and well it is so much cheaper than going to the salon to do manicure.  The cheapest manicure already cost RM35 and well with nail strips, you can do it three times!  If you are a fan of nail strips, then this is for you =).

Here is the direct link to the products

*Each pack of the party nails comes with a mini cute nail file!


- No Drying Time
- Super Thin
- Fast & Easy to use
- Made with environmental-friendly materials
- Allows air to penetrate through nails
- Lasts 5-7 days

1. Make sure the nails are clean before using nail it! Use bloop nail polish remover for effective cleaning.
2. Choose the best strip size for each nail.  Cut it to fit your nails.
3. Remove the transparent protective layer.
4. Align & place the nail strip onto the nail. (Note: the rounded end should be facing the cuticle)
5. Rub strip over nail starting from the center working out to the sides.
6. Press the excess nail strip over the edges of the nail.
7. Using a nail file, file off the excess nail strip in a downward motion
8. Smooth nails to remove any excess air bubbles
9. For longer wear, seal with a layer of bloop top coat nail polish.

1. Remove the top coat with a nail polish remover
2. Dip nails into warm water for 5-10 minutes. Then, gently peel off nail strips
3. Remove any excess glue with bloop nail polish remover

See more at:

Here is the results of me using the nail strips.  Isn't it beautiful?  I love the colourful and love shape of the nail strips pattern.   It is also easily to remove =) .

To readers, you will get RM20 rebate for purchases above RM99 from HiShop!
Just key in the discount code: BLOOPNAILS (Code expires on 31 January 2013).

Bloop Nail It Strip - Set A (3packs) RM38.00
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