Wednesday, 4 December 2013


the few minutes i saw the water overflow from the drain behind the house.

inside the house when i went back to clean up

the floor in my room, so 'clean'

Next time if anything please trust your instinct when you look at small insects.  A month earlier, I already saw the ants carrying their eggs and moving from their favourite place behind my house to 'somewhere'.  I should have head the signals these little creatures gives and flight back to my hometown but thanks to my job, I have to stay.  Now, I am stuck in this place.  All the roads out of this town are already flooded and  I wonder if food supplies runs out too, everyone will turn into some savage human beings.

It rained for a week and there are thunderstorms everyday.  Yeah, it might sound like the end of the world or a part from the Sci Fi movie about the end of the world but well IT  WILL when things are getting worse. The place I rented had never flooded before but out of sudden the water from the drain behind overflow and so I was alerted.  I only manage to throw everything on few high tables and run away from that house to some higher places saving my IC, laptop, phone and myself.

I went to report my name in case it flood again so that we will have a place to stay but I can say staying inside the house is better than staying in the station because it is really uncomfortable.  There are quite many family staying there already but sorry I don't think I wanted to take photos of others misery.  Of course, not everyone is nice there and people will just 'poo' on the floor and demanded for things even though they are the victims.  Children will be crying and demanded for food.

You could say I was lucky that it only flooded inside the house to my knee length until the next day and I got to clean the whole house.  It was so tiring that my bones feel like breaking into parts.  Well, lucky I could say again that the water only flooded up to my knee inside my house and not all were destroyed but yet it is work for me.  I am still broke now that I need to spend money to replace or buy again.  So, no time for luxury.  I am glad that I am not the type to buy and keep too many beauty products inside the house or maybe i just foresee that the day will comes for this.  I love my things and it is heartbreaking that I couldn't save all of them.

I can't sleep like log or the water can just flood inside anytime and I might just die without knowing it.  Sleepless night, haggard looking face and worried about my next meal.  I don't have time to look fabulous.

I wonder how would I survive in a war?  I am quite a pessimistic person and sorry to say I am upset that i am stuck here and can't leave.  I will have to wait again for a few days to see if i can leave this place.

I am not sure if I can post much about but I think I wouldn't really have the mood to post much this month unless things is getting better.  I think everyone on the East coast of peninsular Malaysia is just more worried about having to survive through this disaster and wouldn't have the time to enjoy The End Year Sales of 2013.  Maybe not me- survival comes first.  So always be prepare at all times because nothing is impossible.  Well, we can't predict nature.

1.  Always stock up on can food, bread and instant food like noodles.      Don't eat them the moment you buy them.Make sure that the portion can last you a week.  You might not know when you need them.

2.  Have a plastic bag or the ice-cream box to keep things that can easily get wet like handphones, IC, money and some clothes.  You sure need them while waiting to be rescued or when you want to run away.

3.  Make sure items like IC, MONEY and your handphone is near you ALL THE TIME.  The water moves really fast.  No time for your slow packing.  It is just grab and run in an emergency situation like this,

4.  Make sure you know which place has higher grounds because that is the place that you should go for temporary relief while waiting for the water to recede or to save yourself.  Even if you can swim, it is still dangerous.  Just the chance of survival is better.

This is not an article to defame anybody or related to any particular party.  This is also not a paid article or such. The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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