Sunday, 11 August 2013


While the westerner loves their skin tan, we Asian prefer fair. Well, at least not darker than our natural skin tone right? Well, I haven't found anyone who wants to get any darker than they already are in Malaysia.

The common question of people asking me would be how did I stay fair in such a weather although I think I am just normal. Surprisingly, someone asked me to get "tan" to add some colour to my pale skin as I looked like a vampire when I was in my secondary school. Others will ask me the secret to my fair skin and I joked that I "bleached" my skin with Klorox. Once upon a time, I was clueless about sunscreen or sunblock and thus have some freckles that has yet to disappeared as I am still “fixing” the skin problem one by one.

We usually find whitening, brightening skincare in Asia. Well, it would definitely get attention here in Asian rather than "tanning products". No one wants to be tan here even if one is born with tan skin =p. Everyone wanted to be a bit fairer or just stay the same skin colour that they are.  At least i have not hear anyone saying that they want to be as dark as the charcoal yet.

I do believe that diet do plays a big role in having fair skin. Who doesn't want porcelain skin and be fair right? Well, beauty needs effort. It is not magic .  I would say maintaining something is much harder than getting it. How much time and effort you have for your skin does show. Food and lifestyle do play a role even when you have the best skincare in the whole world.  So, i am going to share my secret for fair skin.  I  "bleach" my skin everyday.

1, 2, 3 ... oranges or food containing high vitamin C everyday! I don't know about the vitamin C tablets cause i prefer fresh fruits.

Of course we have heard a lot about the benefits of Vitamin C from fresh fruits such as lemon, oranges, kiwi and papayas provides you with fair and beautiful skin. However, vitamin C is usually easily destroyed by heat so cooked food do not contain as much benefits as they do in fresh fruits.

Skin whitening products are also usually made from Citrus fruits and are thus acidic. So, if you have acne problems or sensitivity, I would suggest you to avoid using any whitening products first. They could worsen your acne! Treat your acne first before trying any whitening products. That include kiwi skincare products. Much that I do love to eat them, I usually avoid Kiwi if I got break out or my skin will never heal from those annoying scars.

As for food intake, fruits high in Vitamin C is good for your skin as it actually whiten your skin in long run. It will not only make you fairer but also brighter after some time. I notice that i am much fairer if I consume more oranges everyday. An orange a day will make you fairer and prettier too. Well, if you don't like oranges, maybe go for Lemon and honey? They taste really great. Food intake and skin products will have to go together to target your skin and what you want to achieve. Their effect would be much faster ^^.

This is just my personal experience and unprofessional view on certain things.

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