Sunday, 18 August 2013


Welcome to my blog. I hope you do like my new layout and some new features in this blog. I know my previous one was really ugly and not user friendly at all =( Anyway, thanks everyone. I really appreciate your comments and they really mean so much to me.

Today I am going to share with you about HiShop.

HiShop is actually an online shopping website that offers original products. They keep increasing the number of brands offer inside their shop which I think is good. Most of the brands are usually not available in Malaysia for examples Jelly Pong Pong and Candydoll. Well, if you are living in the jungle like me, then you will definitely appreciate online shopping since these are the places where I can feast my eyes on and buy things.

(click on the picture if they are too small)

They offer free shipping with RM50 purchases and you will get two samples that you can choose for every purchase! They changed the samples quite often and there are usually full size samples such as TT mask and the famous Twistband. There is even Cash On Delivery where you only pay when the products arrive on your door step but that applied only for those living in Klang Valley.

They have loyalty rewards, customer reviews and blog reviews where you can use the points to buy things inside the website. They also always have many competitions at the their HiShop Facebook page to rewards their customer. 

To log in their website is really simple. Just log in with your Facebook account or you can choose the difficult way that is by emails. It is easy to navigate inside the website. What I like about the upgrade HiShop website is that their instructions come with photo which is very much easy to follow. Well, I don’t like to read a lot of words and having pictures are really helpful.

Sales!  Who doesn't like sales? So you can buy them much cheaper. Their customer service is really good. I was only asking some stupid questions and they replied me in just two days. I thought it would take 2 weeks for someone to reply to my questions.

Oh, about the box. You don’t have to worry about products leaking as they wrap it so securely that you even think it is too much for just a small package. Your products will come in the super girly pink box =).

See they wrap it even if it is so small and tiny.  You can trust that your products will arrive securely!

Lastly, you can have a look at the products reviews =) .

Check out HiShop today =).  You can check out Hishop Malaysia Facebook Page and Hishop Website
Happy shopping =)

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