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When it comes to being thin, most would say being thin is because of good genes. Well, just as having good genes for skin, one would blame it all on the build of what our ancestor had given to us. One might have given good genes but if you do not take care or maintain it, of course the good genes will just go to waste.

I may not be the best person to tell you the right way to go on a diet since I am not even a medical student but I will share with you my way of diet. I wouldn’t say it is the best but this is what I normally eat. My waist is 23inches and I can tell you I rather have a bigger waist because it so hard to buy pants and skirts in Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate shopping for pants or skirts as those that fits me is those low cut pants. I used to have a bloating stomach but I don’t have it now.
So, here goes the list of my ant waist diet. I hope it doesn’t scare you.


A small bowl of lentils ( red kidney beans/mung beans) with sandwiches (two slices of whole meal bread with cheddar cheese+ ½ tomato(skin removed) )
tea/ black coffee with Taiwan pancake ( flour + onions leaves)
tea/ black coffee with a bowl of vermicelli (only with cabbage+carrots)
tea/ black coffee with 1 slices of homemade pizza ( topping with different colour peppers+ onions+ mozarrella cheese+ tomatoes+ pizza sauce)

I don’t take milk, mayonnaise, salad sauce or Nescafe.
I am not sure about the goodness of salad as I don’t eat salad.

Morning tea
(To have after 1 hour after breakfast)

Fruits-oranges, grapes, kiwi, raisins, apples, watermelon, green apples (favourite fruits for those on diet)


A bowl of rice, soup (ABC or lotus roots or old cucumber + lean meat),steamed fish with lady fingers (green vegetables for ex asparagus, long beans, spinach)
A bowl of rice, water tofu (topping with slices mushroom) ,steamed fish with cabbages (any green vegetables)
A bowl of rice, pumpkin (with little garlic) , eggplants + steamed chicken eggs (mushroom+minced meat)
A bowl of rice, fried dumpling (green peas+minced meat+ carrots) ,steamed fish a lot of zucchini with spinach
Vinegar sushi rice, nori , eggs, zucchini , carrots , steamed fish with hot green tea

I don’t sauté the ingredients for soup. Don’t use bones to cook the soup as there would be more uric acid.(uric acid is harmful to our body)
I don’t eat the intestines of animals.
I don’t like cucumber actually but I will force myself to eat it if I am eating fried food.

(To have after 1 hour after lunch)

Fruits-oranges, grapes, kiwi, raisins, apples, watermelon, green apples (favourite fruits for those on diet)


Green tea with three pieces of high fibre biscuits


A handful of nuts like macadamia, almond or hazelnut. NO peanuts. Pistachio can be taken more than one handful as it will cause toxic inside the body.
Sweet potatoes soup (no sugar) / steamed tapioca
A small bowl of winter fungus
A small bar of dark chocolates

Tea is a must in my life. It is bad if I don’t get to eat.
I don’t eat anything with peanut butter now as they give me bad skin.


Pan mee with cabbages, a little of anchovies


chappati / Tosei with dhal and plain water


spaghetti with spaghetti sauce & some vegetables


rice with vegetables soup

At night, I eat like a pauper but it does not mean you can skip having dinner! If you don’t want to look old, make sure you have your dinner.

Of course I love sweet food such as New York cheesecake, macaroon and everything sweet but I will only eat that once a month for tea or dessert.

The same goes for ice cream. I will only have it once per month because I tend to finish the whole box of 1L once I start eating them. I can’t control myself when it comes to ice cream.

If you notice, I don’t eat chicken. It is not that I hate them. In fact I love fried chicken but I only eat them once a month. Besides, I only eat maximum two pieces of them.

Other than that, I will sure that I had eaten all the colours of vegetables and fruits.
I wouldn’t eat more than 3 eggs per week.
Not more than a handful of anchovies too.
I don’t eat sweets. Even if I do, it will only be two or three sweets per month.

What a long entry… I hope that it doesn’t bore you. Do you have a diet like me?


  1. Vegetables proportion is high!I wish I can obtain those fresh vegetables easily but since I'm in college now so it's hard for me :(

    I see that you only eat small meals with less fried food. Soups and rice..I wonder if i can ever do that..(my soup should be included with chicken!)haha..

    well.. i do had a friend who still eat rice but she doesn't take fried food at all and only eat steamed fish..something boiled..and she lost a lot of weight..

    anyway, nice sure had an ideal waist that i wanted without bloating stomach..

    1. Thanks =) . Yeah, i heard some like to go one food diet like watermelon diet or the oats diet to be slim fast. I guess you would have to take more fresh fruits then or kimchi perhaps????

  2. No, my diet is nothing like yours. It is far more unhealthy! I must stay away frm the fried stuff.

  3. Hahaha. It is never to late to start being healthy =). Have a day to eat all fried food and the rest just eat healthy =) . I love fried chicken and fried food toooooo. Who don't right?

  4. its a great trips. but greedy me will never follow it! cant stand those temptation :(

  5. Hi HerYuan. hahaha. I do give in to temptation too. Once in a month =) . Try to make the changes slowly. You don't want to shock your body =)


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