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Melvita's Brightening Cream and Brightening Essence are Melvita new organic brightening range, Nectar Bright. This range uses the five exceptional white flowers for an even-toned luminous complexion.  The Nectar Bright range utilizes active ingredients to help tackle pigmentation, dark spots and premature aging that can result from exposure to environmental elements and harsh UV radiation.

I went to a skin consultation and the beautician was horrific that i have pigmentation on my right side of my face.  Well, beautician will always overly act out on our skin when it is not even that serious to begin with.  Over with that, i managed to claim the Melvita cream and essence after searching my phone for the photo after 15 minutes.  I become nervous and was wondering why can't they just let me have it?  It is just 5 packets of 2ml cream and 5 packets of 2ml essence.  They claimed it to worth Rm130.  Well, i saw a lot of people were complaining that is 10 packets of 2ml does not even look like it is worth RM130.  Well, if according to maths, the cream 10ml would worth RM53 and the 10ml essence would worth RM70.So, RM53+RM76= RM129
For that kind of price, i would expect that it really does the job in getting rid of my pigmentation.
The samples comes in sachets.  Personally, it would be a better idea if it could come in a 10ml in a bottle.

I got it after some hassle =(.  It wasn't a good day for me to collect samples as i had trouble in two counters but lets not dwell on it already.

The Brightening essence is quite watery with a nice flowery smell.  The cream also smell the same except that it is more creamy.  Sorry, the picture is not clear and i didn't use it.  I don't use cream cause cream cause me clogged pores.  My pores clogged too easily.

Here is my photo of the pigmentation, actually it is my freckles.  I had freckles over my cheeks when i was young but they disappeared when i accidentally discovered the "secret" to get rid of them.  Now, i am too lazy so the right side came back again.  Yeah, more skin trouble =(  .  All because i am so lazy to use sunblock.

I think it does help with my dark spots but it doesn't get rid of it completely since my dark spots are those consider extreme stubborn.  It really take a long of time to get rid of it completely.  Since i only 5 packets that lasted me about a week, so that is all i could see.  The bright brightening essence doesn't irritate and dry the skin out.  So, i think this is suitable for those who are looking for natural, organic products after solving acne problems if you don't mind the price tag.

I don't really like to use brightening or whitening cream since they usually doesn't help me much but irritate my acne prone and sensitive skin.  I usually don't advocate using whitening or brightening products for those with acne prone skin since i went through those problems before myself.  I want to be fairer but the pimples just won't go away when i am on whitening products.  (seems like Asian are obsessed about having fair skin)

Brightening Cream RM215/40ml

Brightening Essence RM230/30ml30ml RM230

The samples are from a sampling event conducted by Melvita Malaysia in May 2013.  However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always. Read full policy retails at Product are sponsored by

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