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For the past many years I had been trying so many products mainly from drugstore.  Yeah, Watsons and Guardian is my favourite places to shop for them.   I will never fail to buy each time I got into Watsons and my wallet will just cry each time.  Well, I had bad skin and so I keep on looking for the “magic potion” to cure them.  Recently, I tone down the amount of products I use as I finally have found some of my favourites.

To share, I have combination (normal on cheeks + oily on T-zone), acne prone and sensitivity.  Most people misunderstand that sensitivity means sensitive to certain chemical ingredients.  My sensitivity is hereditary.  Not only do i breakout or flushed because of certain chemicals, i also turned red easily when i am shy or feeling hot.  My skin is naturally thinner than normal people and this can't be fix.  Even some natural and organic products can make me flare up with redness all over.

Normally, if I go for facial analysis, the beautician will either ignore the fact that I have sensitive skin or ignore that I have acne prone skin and not see my skin as overall.  That is one reason I avoid “facial” now.  By right, I wanted to see a good dermatologist but I took matters into my own hands and luckily nothing bad happened to me.  I wouldn't say my skin is super duper fantastic but it is the best I have after this 10 years of battling acne.

My morning/day skincare routine

1.Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
I raved about this a few times.  It calms down my sensitive skin and doesn’t dry out my cheeks.  Just that it is not enough for my t-zone.  I find that I couldn't use cleanser meant for combination or oily skin as they tend to dry my skin too much. However, don’t expect this to clear up the acne or pimples you have.  Since it moisturize my skin, I can even skip on moisturiser.  I heard that not everyone suits this cleanser but it works on me. Review here

2.La Roche Posay Anthelios 60
It is super ultra light sunscreen that is really just like the light lotion.  It is expensive but worth the money spend.  I bought mine from the  and it is my most expensive sunscreen ever.  This is my daily sunscreen because this doesn’t contain physical blocker( zinc ozide or titanium oxide) which clogged my pores.  I prefer chemical sunscreen as they don't have the white residue that make me white. However, i do use physical blocker type of sunscreen if i am going out swimming at the sea.  Review here

3.*Mycin clindamycin (optional)
Opps, i forgot the mycin picture but you can check the photo from my review on it.  This is the antibiotic I use when I have breakout.  I am not suppose to use this everyday as the bacteria may just get immune to it and it won’t work anymore.  Make sure that the skin is dry before applying too. Just spot treat it.  As I am aging into my late 20s, my skin couldn’t handle the benzoyl peroxide.  Benzoyl peroxide dry my skin and left big painful marks on me and the acne still wouldn't disappear. Review here

4.Lipbalm/Mentholatum lip ice sheer colour/Kose Q10 pure medicated UV cut
Lipbalm is a must as my lips will chap like crazy since it is always so dry.  I tried quite a few and still find mentholatum one of the best.  Some leave a weird taste on my tongue and i don't like it.  The Kose Q10 i bought it in my sasa haul last year and it was quite cheap. About RM3 and it is scent free and taste free.  Just that it is not so moisturising.

Since my skin is sensitive, i can't use too many skincare products or do the fantastic skincare 'layering' on my skin.  My skin will just flare up or get clogged easily.  Besides, applying those serum will just get "wasted" on my skin since sensitive skin like mine would not be able to absorb anything or they might worsen my current skin state.  I have to wait until the skin calm down.

Night skincare routine

1.Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
I use this too at night. Sometimes, I use the Tebe lavish soap when I am bathing and forget about carrying the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser into the bathroom.  I don't makeup and i use sunscreen which is not waterproof.  So, no worries about not cleansing enough.

2.*Mycin clindamycin (optional)
Only on areas with break out.

3.Senka Hoshitsu Lotion S
This is all in one moisturizer and it is really light and provides enough moisture to my skin. I am using the one for combination to oily skin.  I applied this all over my face but avoided the area with breakouts. Review here

4. Vaseline
To moisturise my dry lips.  I didn't review this though.  Maybe next time.

My night routine is really simple and I am only using my own bare hand to wash my face. It actually works fine although I want to try the Clarisonic too > <   .  For the mean time, I couldn't do the layering for fearing that my skin would have ‘angry’ acne popping up again.

My acne is mostly at my cheeks and a friend told me that it is due to hormone imbalance. I guess it can’t be help and what I can do is try to ‘tune’ it by sleeping enough, eat balance food and exercise.

Besides the daily skincare I usually use aspirin mask, mud mask, blemish mask and natural DIY mask (tomato mask and lemon mask) twice weekly. I don’t really like the egg mask since it is smelly and sticky. I am not really a fan of sheet masks for the reason they are always too big on my face. I don’t use scrub, whitening and ageing products temporarily. Yeah, of course I wanted to brighten my face that has freckles but unfortunately I can't. I will venture into anti ageing products soon as I am already in my late 20s.  I avoided eye cream since the last serious allergic I had last year. I am kind of paranoid to try eye cream and may have to go through the "pain" again. Let's just say my eye bags is there but i can't do anything about it for the moment.

My bare face before going to sleep.  This is my current skin now. Not edited.  Hopefully it doesn't creep you out. > <

My skincare products will change again in a few months time since I like to stray. I am still tweaking and trying the Biotherm Pure.fect.

Mind sharing your skincare day and night skincare products with me?  Who knows i might find some gems hidden.


  1. I used to use Cetaphil too last time cos I had acne prone skin. What I did to combat it was I actually went to the skin doctor (Ting Skin Specialist) in Jalan Pudu. He gave me some tablets to eat over a period of six months, and now my skin is no longer breaking out in acne, it's just oily in T-zone area :) Maybe you can try it?

    1. i heard a lot about the Ting Skin Specialist. May i know the name of tablets that you eat if you still remember it? I heard many mixed review about going to skin specialist. I heard that some specialist need to wait for them for a long time since they are so famous and always fully booked. Now, you are using brand meant for combination skin?

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