The packet is enough to apply on my face.  The mask smell of green apple which i do love.  I can still smell the green apple when i applied it on my face.  Smell yummy.   Besides, the smell is really relaxing and soothing.  The mask dried up quite fast and it will turn into greyish white from the original colour of light green.  So, i will wash once it turn white.  Don't leave any longer on your skin or it will be very drying on your skin.  My face was feeling clean and refresh.  It is quite easy to remove it with water.  The mask doesn't stain my towel or leave residue too.  After washing the mask off, one can follow up with serum or sheet mask.  I just prefer the refreshing feeling and the smell of the wonderful green apple of clay mask and it soak up the oil on my oily t-zone.

As my skin is combination, acne prone and sensitive, i do use clay mask to clean my face to avoid clogged pores.  I don't go for facial so this is how i normally do my pampering session at home.

OMG, ugly bare skin > <

RM6.90(6mlX2) .  Made in USA
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