Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Actually i did a Sasa haul last year before i started blogging.  I bought quite many products and it was difficult as my products only arrived  6 weeks later due to the problem of getting approval from the bank.  Gosh, i regretted and will think twice now unless i can't get it from somewhere else.  They have so many cheap things and i bought quite a number and throw out many products that i found unsuitable later.

Among products that i bought was this C+M oil Control Serum Blemish Defence Serum made in Korea due to many fantastic review inside.  I keep trying and trying this product a few time because i can't believe that it  just doesn't work for me but now i have finally to just review this.

The bottle is actually made from plastic and it doesn't come with a box.  It comes inside a plastic bag and with a card containing the details.  There is nothing at the back.  Sorry for no picture as I threw the card into the bin long ago.  The white cap is hard while the greenish is actually transparent so that you can see what is inside.

If you open the cap, then you will actually see the "round" head and just cut the "round" head off and you will get this.  That is to be able to dispense the products out and so that the cap can fit properly.  You will hear the sound of the 'click' when you close the cap.

The details at the bottle read that it is suitable for oily, mixed and acne prone skin and it is made in Korea.  The serum last really long.  It is transparent and blend with the face.

The absorption is medium.  I have to massage it to get the absorption rate  it higher.  It is scented but the smell disappear after few hours.  Still, i don't really like scent that is like those cough syrup.  Overall, it was only okay for me.  It didn't manage to rid of my acne or is it oil control.  It doesn't break me out though.

I think this product doesn't work for me.  I guess it is because i am living in such humid and hot weather that this product doesn't work as it does for others.  Most of the rave are from weather that is different from me and i didn't take that into consideration before buying it.

I guess i will just stick with my aspirin and clindamycin that works better than this serum for me.  My skin is just stubborn.

Products retails at USD 5.40 (10ml )at Sasa Hong Kong website.
Product are not sponsored.  However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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