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Once upon a time, I do not have any skin allergy since I can eat crabs, prawns and even eat squid without getting the itchiness or red itchy bumps later on the skin unlike all my other family members. Yes, everyone in family has skin allergy and their symptoms + causes are different too.  I thought I am the special one blessed with no skin allergy other than the terrible breakout i had for 10 years.  Heck, NOW I got it too *sob sob*.   My family “welcome” me with open arms into the “group with skin allergies”.  Yes, it turned out my late bloomer skin allergy is bad too.

I do not consider having acne a type of skin allergy unless it got to do with using the wrong skincare or cosmetics products.  I broke out big time lasting for 10 years starting from secondary schools as a results of deprive sleeping and not using the correct products.  Once your flawless skin is “destroyed”, basically it will take double the amount of time for it to get better.   I made 180 degree changes to my life style, diet and skincare products.  I invested money, time and a lot of effort too.  That is why my mum said that I am “vain” cause since then I am always in search for skincare products.  So believe me it is hard work on my part and I am of course I envy everyone with perfect flawless skin especially when they tell you the secret to their skin is  “I just drink enough water everyday”.

Sorry for straying, allergy can be cause by many factors such as using the wrong products and there are many types of allergy reaction.  To name few of them are seborrheic dermatitis,  atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis and diaper rashes.  Overall, all allergies have one common thing is that there is changes to the current skin into something else.  For examples, it become red, swell, itch or even changes structures of the skin like weeping or redness.


So sorry for this photo.  This is the only photo with the only broken phone with me at the that time.  My arm look i got involved with some sort of car accident.  This only the second day and it already look like this =(  .

What I wanted to share with you today is the products for the two serious allergies that I had.
The first time i had an allergy with dust and eaten the wrong food i guess.  My arms become itchy.  I went to see the doctor after three days and he gave the strongest ointment for allergy (clobetasol).  He told to only apply it only once after bathing in warm water and discontinued it the moment the allergy subsided (maximum usage is for two days) or my skin will become too thin later.  If it is too thin, i will even develop more skin problem that is eczema and with more scars later.  Lucky i listen to his advice.  The reason for the allergy was because i ate some seafood plus dirty dust.

i still keep the boxes although they expire already.

The second was last year somewhere end of October.  I didn't take any photo because it was really too ugly and too much in pain that all i can think is just sleep all the time to avoid the pain.  As the second allergy I had was on my eyes, i couldn't use anything on my eyes at all.  Everyone was so shocked with my bulging bleeding and bloodshot eyes.  I looked like a monster!   The first normal doctor prescribed me the strongest antihistamine medicine but it doesn't help with the swelling.  I went to the second eyes specialist located 3 hours drive away and was in so much of pain until I couldn’t see well at all even with my glasses on.  I got a lot of stares from others but I couldn't be bothered at all.  The Eyes Surgeon gave me two eyes medicine for me.  One is the antibiotic as he said one of my eyes is already infected with bacteria and both of my both of eyes already have sign or cuts inside.  The second is to reduce the swelling.  He said I don’t need any tablets to eat as it won’t help my eyes.  Believe me, only then my eyes swelling reduces by a lot even from the moment i put them into my eyes!  My mum was so worried that i might even go blind.

 By the 2 days, the pain disappeared.  It is just the peeling red skin take some to heal.  By the end of the 3rd weeks my eyes allergy were gone but my face was not even looking good since I don’t use anything on my face for one whole month.(yeah, horror) and i look ugly but i couldn't be bothered.  I only wash my face with plain water and Cetaphil(even Simple aggravate my skin).

You can find simple products like the Calamine lotion in the local pharmacy to temporary relief the itch.  Unless the allergies is as bad as mine, then only asked for the strongest ointment and antihistamine which I got.  Those ointment for allergies contains steroid and will actually thin your skin if you use too much and leave you with more scars when heal.  I have a little scars left because of the allergies as i waited for two days before i really get treatment.

Temporary relief: Calamine lotion, green tea, coconut water and yogurt drink.  Bath in warm water (not hot or cold).  Avoid anything with alcohol including aloe vera.  Aloe vera doesn’t work for my skin allergies but it work wonderful for sunburn.

Things to avoid: dust, meat, dairy, milk and scratching the allergies not matter how itchy it is.  

The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.


  1. Thanks, I have some severe skin allergies so I have to be extra careful on the types of products I use on my skin. It's been extremely frustrating at times but after trial and error I have finally found some products that helped me. I am particularly impressed with Omnifix adhesive tapes. They are great for my sensitive skin and haven't caused any allergic reactions. I am not a milk drinker so that's easy to avoid. Meat, on the contrary, will be much harder for me!

    1. Agree with you, sensitive skin is troublesome to handle. Wow, will get and stuff up the Omnifix adhesive tapes. Just try to avoid meat when you have the allergy since it makes the healing slowly. In my case, worsen the allergy. Besides, knowing the type of allergy helps too.


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