Thursday, 18 July 2013


I am very happy that i was sent some of Montagne Jeunesse products to use.  I would say that their mask is one of the best drugstore mask around.  For only RM6.90 one can reuse the products few times and also because they are natural and really works.  Their blemish mask always finish whenever i wanted to buy them.

There is pictures instruction on the back of the packet.  Good for people who doesn't like to read too much.

Instruction to apply the mask: Apply to a cleaned face and leave to dry for 10-15 minutes. Wash face when the colour turned light blue.

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask is made from natural ingredients and you will get two sachets for the price of one.  It is one of the range under Face Food.  Yeah, they actually have few range. ^ ^  You will be spoilt with all the choices.

The dead sea mineral mud mask clean the skin with seaweed, aloe vera, kaolin, glycerin, dead sea salt, latic acid and bentonite clay which i think are all good ingredients for oily or combination skin.  I wouldn't suggest one to use it for dry skin.  The instruction is in form of picture which it easy to read.  Even lazy bump like me can understand the simple instruction.  Don't leave a mud or clay mask on the face more than the suggested time or it will be super drying.  The skin might even peel later.

The packet comes in two packet which is easy since mud can dry fast if you don't use all at once.  One packet is enough for one usage on my face.  It is also for travelling.  One don't have to carry one big jar during travelling ^^.

The Dead sea mineral Mud mask is actually blue and smell like those blue hair cream that our father or brother would put on their hair.  It is fine with me but some may not like it.  The texture is mud like and so it is easy to apply and wash off.  It doesn't stain the towel too.  There is also the cooling feeling once you apply it on the face and it is more cooling when you wash it of.  I do love the feeling very much.  The clay does absorb all the oil and made my pores smaller.  The mask isn't that drying too(make sure you wash off after 15minutes) .  Although that it doesn't aggravate my sensitive skin, I don't find that the redness of my acne get reduced.  So, if you are looking to reduce pimples, i still think that the Blemish mud mask work the best ^ ^.

RM6.90(6mlX2) Made in UK.
For more information, please visit official website
Product are sponsored by Montagne Jeunesse Malaysia
However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.  


  1. the mud mask's color looks interesting! but too bad i have dry skin , thanks for reviewing.

    following you:)

    1. Yup, mud mask is usually for those with oily or combination skin. Since you have dry skin better to use hydrating sheet masks ^^ or sleeping mask.


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