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Thanks to HiShop, i was selected to review the Heaven On Earth Minature Vials.  This is an online shop that sell various item that are originals plus their customer service is really fast and they ship worldwide.  Their products comes securely even if it is just a small vial.

I got my Heaven on Earth Miniature Vials comes in a secure rose pink box.  The box is hard and it really protect the products inside.

Ermm, the box is quite big compare to the small content inside the box.  The necklaces is wrapped securely inside the box.  Three layers- a hard box, a bubbles wrap and also the plastic wrap. =)  There is the symbol of Heaven On Earth on the plastic wrap along with sticker written (with sweet orange oil ).

here is the cute miniature vials

This are the details from the website
Polymer Clay Miniature Vial:
- Can be worn as a necklace or hung in the car, home or office
- Holds up to 0.5ml of essential oils
- Necklace length: maximum 32" (adjustable)
- Allows diffusion of aromatherapy oils and unique fragrance throughout the day
- Best worn as necklace to get the effects of the essential oils as it evaporates throughout the day. -

See more at:

the vials come with the sweet orange essential oil.the vial allows the diffusing of the essential oil
Pretty right?  It can be a fashion statement.  Why wear the same as your friend right?

Adjust the beads to lengthen or shorten the string according to your liking

The string are tied securely and i would say it is pretty.  One can adjust the strings to make it longer or shorter by pulling at the two beads.  It is easy to adjust it without help.  I was wondering how to adjust it since most necklaces has clasp.

Love using this as necklace very much.  Pretty, cute, fashion statement, goodness of essential oil and most important smelling like my favourite fruit =)  . Love love love.

the vial that look like bottle is about 2 x 1cm

There are some people who hates the smell of oranges but i love them very much.  Most children happens to like the citrusy smell too because it calming and familiar.

Sweet Orange essential oils offer a lot of health benefits and therapeutic properties.  For examples, relieve stress, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, improves digestion increase the absorption of vitamin C, anti-Cancer, promotes detoxification and also help in skin treatment for soothing dry, irritated skin as well as acne prone skin.  With so much benefits of orange essential oil, no wonder it is one of children favourite scent as it is the smell of happiness and joy.

I love the smell of oranges and also the fruit itself.  The smell of sweet orange oil is also the same the real orange itself just that it is more concentrate.  One can smell citrusy and sweet smell of orange but it is not that overpowering until you feel dizzy.  The pendant itself which is made of polymer clay is really pretty & colourful.  I wore it as necklace to test the ability and it does help to chase away mosquitoes.  Mosquitoes just love my blood too much and their bites stay on forever. >  <

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, it is not really a skincare company so that why it is not famous i guess. I only know about it when they send the products to review > <


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