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The Simunovich Olive Estate in the Bombay Hills, 50 kilometres from Auckland City, produces premium quality extra virgin olive oil and an extensive range of olive oil skin care and beauty products.  Their Olive & Tebe skin care offer natural, safe skin care, perfect for the whole family.

Their products are:
 Ph Balanced
 Made with natural ingredients
 Made with pure spring water from the estate
 Fast absorbing, non-greasy formulations
 Nutrient-rich, concentrated formulations
 Recyclable and reusable packaging
 Not tested on animals
 Gentle and Suitable for all skin types
 Formulated in small amounts for greater quality
 Pleasantly scented using natural hypoallergenic fragrances

The soap came with a nice paper environmental paper box.  I can smell the soap even before taking out the soap.  It just smell so good.

The soap is wrap up with a logo of the manufactured, Simunovich Olive Estate.  Even the papers is full with the logo.

The lavish soap bar is white oval one.

I had stop using soap since years ago after getting allergic with some soap.  However, i was quite interested with this soap that can be use daily on the face and body that i decided to buy it.  It is suitable for sensitive skin like mine.  Another reason was this soap smell so amazing that i just want to eat it up ^^.  So, the moment i got a soap tray, i use it up.  You can actually use it for face and body-perfect as a 2 in 1 soap.  People in the olden days used soap for their face and body.  ^^  However, most soaps now are really harsh but Tebe Lavish soap is a special soap that can bring you back to those time.

The soap offers brightening, softening,purifying and antioxidant properties.  They are free from mineral oils,parabens, artificail colourants&fragrance, silicones and animal products.  So it totally safe for our skin. Even children can use them as their bathing soap as children have unpolluted soft skin.  I have breakout from before so my skin is still sensitive. Currently i have acne prone+ sensitivity.  Not really a good combination for a fair skin.

I had use for a few weeks on my face.  It does clean my face plus my makeup. It doesn't break me out or cause my skin to turn red.  I am still in the healing process recovering from acne so my skin is still quite sensitive and a little pink. i don't find my skin becomes any softer but it is excellent in cleansing the oil on my t-zone.  Oiler skin would benefits from this cleanser more than i do.  I used the cleanser once per day after that and find it better in reducing the oil on my t-zone.  It may not be suitable for dry skin (on the face).  I tried it on my dry body and find that it doesn't dry my skin but it is not that moisturising either.  So, i think it is okay.

I love the smell of the soap very much.  It is really soothing and the smell is still the same even after using it for 1 month.  It doesn't turn rancid or smell weird even after weeks.

Overall, this is an expensive soap bar but since you can use it for face and body(last for 3months) and that make it worth the price.  It can last one for 6 months if use on face alone.  Don't leave the soap wet or let it soak with a lot of water as it may breed  bacteria.

TEBE LAVISH SOAP BAR retails at 170G, RM68  .  Made in Simunovich Olive Estate, New Zealand

Olive & Tebe are available exclusively at the following locations in Malaysia:
theSkintopic, Level 5, P5.12.00, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Tel: 03-2142 9988
theSkintopic, Lower Ground Floor, Lot LGC01, Subang Parade, Tel: 03-5638 2988
theSkintopic, PF3 First Floor, Hartamas Shopping Centre, Tel: 03-6205 8828
Olive & Tebe counter, Metrojaya Mid Valley Megamall
Olive & Tebe counter, Metrojaya The Curve

For more information, visit or follow them on Facebook

This is not a sponsored review.  Bought it with a voucher and top up on my own.  So, i don't know how to put this?  The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.


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