Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Looking at the cute smurfs, i just do want to open it but i really chapped lips and this just arrived on the right time since i am in need of lipbalm.  If Korean like to bring mist around, i am the type that need many lip balms.  I just can't stand my chapped and ugly lips.

Smurfs is one of the cartoon i had watched when i was a kid and had read their comics although i couldn't really comprehend much of their jokes cause my English was so bad then.  Nevertheless the cartoon is really cute and they are blue.  Blue is my favourite colour since it is the colour of the ocean and sky.

There is clear direction on the back for those first time user.  I am totally clueless what is a lipbalm when i was in secondary school.  The first three ingredients are oleyl alcohol, petrolatum,microcrystalline wax.  These ingredients are very moisturizing for the lips but can clogged if you accidentally apply on the side of the lips.

You will need to twist the cap and break the seal.  Then remove the seal which actually the sticker written with "sealed for protection".  The content of the lip balm is baby pink.  It smell of those bubblegum strawberry too.  If you lick it (which is not recommended) , you will notice that it is sweet.  However, it left me with an uncomfortable feeling at my tongue.

Overall, it is much moisturising than the Kose Pure Medicated Moisture Lip UV cut which i haul in my Sasa shopping last year.  I just don't like strawberry flavour much and the after taste it will leave inside my mouth.

It is disributed by Lotta Luv.  The products are made in Taiwan.

RM32 for 4.2g.  You can get it from Supermodel Secrets

I got the product through an event organized by Supermodel Secrets  However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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