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If you a person who is paranoid about having something chemical on your lips, then maybe you should try Burt's Bees Lip range.  Their products are 100% natural.  Lips shimmer provides lipbalm effect on the lips plus colour and shimmering effect on the lips.  They have a lot flavour to choose from. Strawberry is one of their newest range.

The colour of Burt's bees Lip Shimmer Strawberry-pale strawberry

As i got it from the post, i think the heat from the process of delivering had cause some defect to the lip balm.
T_T  .  I couldn't put it back inside the stick.  So, i had to put the lip balm into the container.  Luckily nothing else happened.  The name Strawberry is based on the colour of the lip shimmer and not the taste.  It is natural pink and the shimmer is just nice.  It won't make one look like a having a diamond on the lips.  It would suits everyone and is a daily colour.  One can layer it to achieve more shimmer and colour.

I love the minty and cooling feeling of the lip shimmer that lasted for about 30 minutes.  It is also moisturising on the lips.  Just that the colour doesn't last long.  Well, i don't expect that from any lipbalm unless they really put in some permanent colour that may stain or be dangerous to our health.  If you lick it, there is some sweet taste but i don't like the aftertaste of the lip shimmer on my tongue.

Here is some photos of me with the lip shimmer-strawberry.

Overall, i think that the colour is not that amazing but it suitable for nude makeup or to pair up with smokey eyes or even daily use.  Sorry cause i do not put up any makeup(not even bb cream) so i think i just look "normal" with this lip shimmer.

RM34.80 for 2.6g

For more information, please visit Burt's Bees website.   This is not a sponsored review.  I got this from a giveaway.  Thanks to Juniper Journal for the giveaway. However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.


  1. I had this in another shade, but it wasn't my favourite. ;n; Thanks for the review!~

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    1. Thanks for dropping by. Mind to share few of your favourite lip balm? My favourite is still the Mentholatum lavender water lip balm but that it is already discontinued.

  2. hi babe, Burt's Bees lip shimmer is one of the soft type, they cant be inserted back into the container. There should be a warning/instruction on the tube label for users not to twist out the lip balm in excess. We should only twist out small amount of it. Hope it helps ^_^

    1. Thanks for telling me this^^. Too bad, i had destroyed them T_T because of my itchy hand. I can't even twist the small amount back. Now, the are inside the jar. Yeah, they should have a warning somewhere so that people like me(itchy hands) won't twist them out too much.

  3. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
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    1. Thanks =) for the lovely comment. Sure. Can you share your link here?

  4. I have this in another shade but haven't tried it yet. After reading your review I'm glad that it didn't shimmer a lot when used ;) So thanks a lot for the review.

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    1. You are welcome and thanks for visiting ^^. Although it said it is shimmer basically only a little glitter unless you put 10 layers?? More like a little of lipgloss and am sure it won't make anyone look like a disco ball ^^ .


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