Sunday, 29 June 2014


I am so excited to share a new brand that just came to Malaysia and that brand is Kahina Giving Beauty. This is brand from US and it is VERY VERY famous in the western country for the argan infused products.

If you are a person who love everything organic and natural, I am sure you have heard of Kahina already, but if not get to know about their really amazing products and give them a try! Out of all of so many organic products, this is one of my new found favourite.


About Kahina

Founded by Katherine L’Heureux in 2008, Kahina Giving Beauty was fueled by a personal experience she had while traveling through the Moroccan desert. After experiencing the healing powers of argan oil that have been utilized by Moroccan women for centuries, she brought the oil home to share with friends and family. Having been deeply touched by the connection she was able to forge between women across the world through this ancient beauty ingredient, Katherine ventured back to Morocco to meet with the women who extract this lovely beauty oil: the Berber women. Struck at once by a need to share this beautiful oil with women around the world, she also sought a way to improve the lives of the Berber women who made it all possible. Since starting her company, Katherine has made many trips to Morocco to ensure the ethical treatment of the women who extract the oil. As a testament to their artisan skills, the signatures of the women who extract this oil grace all the packaging of the Kahina Giving Beauty products. 

"Kahina Giving Beauty is a holistic line of organic skin care named for a Berber Queen and prophetess, a symbol of empowerment and a heroine for the Berber women. Kahina Giving Beauty donates a percentage of profits to support programs that improve the lives of these women."

Kahina Facial Cleanser- This is the cleanser that is recommended for acne prone skin as it calms the redness on the skin and does not cause irritation. I personally tried it and I think it really does make my skin smooth without feeling tight at all. It contains willowbark and papaya extracts that exfoliate and eliminate toxic from the skin. I think it is super great because acne prone skin is usually very sensitive to friction but it also need exfoliation to remove at those clogged up pores. If you are the type that are looking for organic cleanser, then this is the one to go.

Kahina Toning Mist
Kahina Toning Mist

 Kahina Toning Mist: This mist sure smell subtle and lovely. The mist contains aloe barbadensis and Morrocan desert rose that really tone up my skin with it. I can act as a light day moisturiser especially in weather that is super hot and I just love the smell of the mist very much. I find that it absorb fast into the skin too.

Kahina Brightening Serum:
Kahina Brightening Serum:
Kahina Brightening Serum: This is another wonder product from Kahina, this serum smells subtle and pleasant. Formulated with a blend of argan, green tea, Japanese wakame seaweed, organic white lily, and maritime pine, this serum works to visibly refine skin texture, reduce discoloration, hyper-pigmentation, acne scarring and spots, and other uneven tone. This is a brightening serum that is suitable even for sensitive skin.

KAHINA100% Argan Oil:

100% Argan Oil: This is their first product and their standard of gold. This oil is sure very unique. Ethically sourced by the Berber women, this oil is just soooooooo pure and soothing. It glides on like a dream and it absorbs into the skin almost instantly. It's perfect for a number of uses including use as a facial oil for hydration and fighting fine lines and wrinkles, cleansing oil, body oil, hydrate hair, soothe irritations (including eczema). You can even mixed in with your body lotion or your sunscreen to help fight free radical damage and protect the skin from outside irritants. It is really an awesome product! Not only it is a versatile product, it is very good for sensitive skin. It is a multipurpose oils you'll want because it is just so useful. It has a pleasant and subtle nutty scent. Believe me, I was blown away by the results. I will sure pick up the full size of it soon. One only need two to three drops so the whole bottle can last you for a very long time.

Kahina Antioxidant Mask
Kahina Antioxidant Mask- the mask sure smell heavenly with eucalptus and mint. This superb mask contains argan oil and silica-rich rhassoul clay to get rid of the toxic from the skin, it also works as eye mask to brighten up the dark eyes circles. Seriously, my skin is brighten up and softer with just ONE use! It might sound expensive for a mask but one only needs to apply very thin layer on the face to see the results. This is another amazing product from Kahina. 

Kahina Eye cream  12ML
 Kahina Eye Serum 15ML

Facial lotion 30ML

soap bar

Kahina Serum 

 Travel kit (argan oil, cleanser, lotion) are 30ml each 

Overall, that are few of the products that I tried and I am really blown away by the results. Their products comes protected in a very elegant black glass that just screamed BEAUTY!  Personally, Kahina Giving Beauty is one of brands that is not just ordinary like but loved. Now, I can understand what is the rave about and why all the products work so effectively. Kahina Giving beauty products is organic, natural and ethically made.  Their products are made for all type of skin that I am sure many would fell in love with it the moment they try. I also like the fact that Kahina are constantly donating to non-profits to help plant trees and also helping to improve and support the lives of the Berber women who source the argan oil in Morocco. Donating for a cause and enjoying your beauty products knowing it comes from reputable source. Do check out this brand; you won't regret it.

You can learn more about Kahina and their wonderful world initiatives here.

Here is the photos of the before and after just after one use of cleanser, mist , brightening serum and argan oil.  seriously, I didn't do anything to my camera and it has the same lighting.
results of just Kahina calming properties

Products' prices are between RM100 to RM350 and purchase could be done at Charis Naturals at Robinsons at Midvalley Gardens.(was told the counter is no longer available)  You can purchase their entire line straight from this site Charis Naturals 

For more information, please visit Charis Naturals and their facebook page. The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.