Monday, 2 June 2014


This is the mixed rice but beware it is spicy for those who are not use to Malaysian Chillies.

Here is the price for everything

tosai telur

Tosai telur

The food here had deteriorated in taste.  I wonder why.  The tosai telur came with a little of water as you can see from the plate.  I guess probably it is because now that they are too busy since there is  a lot of customer patronising this restaurant that the quality has drop.  If you are seated at the back of the restaurant, then you will get the view of the restaurant and it is nicer than sitting inside the restaurant.

Tioman is currently beautiful with very green water.  There are a lot of tourist visiting too now.  =)  Anyway, becareful with your belonging and things since it has become dangerous.

I wrote about this restaurant some time ago so if you want to know more then check this out Here  .

Tosai Telur at RM 2.30.

Food is not sponsored.  The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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